Do you have other properties for sale, other than those shown on the Spot Blue website?

Posted on 12 October 2011

Yes we do.

The Turkish property market changes on a daily basis.

There are always new sellers submitting their property details to Spot Blue, such as developers, private resellers, land owners and business owners, all of whom Spot Blue will vet carefully before adding them to our books and listing them on our website.

Properties continue to come on and off our list as situations change – for example, someone might make an offer on one of the properties in our current portfolio so we would take the property off the market, but if the offer is withdrawn, it will be available for sale again.

As time passes, situations change.  If a sale has been confirmed and the contract is signed, a property will be removed from our website.  If it comes back up for sale after a few years, you may see that property again.

Also, don’t forget that a property on our website may well have more than one agent selling it, so sometimes we won’t hear immediately if a property has been sold by another agent.  However, the Spot Blue portfolio and website is updated on a daily basis and we do try to ensure that all our property listings are as up to date as possible.

There are also times when the local agent will know of properties which are not currently on the market, such as the owners debating whether to rent or sell, and they may wish to meet people face to face before making a decision.

We try not to list too many of the same looking developments on our website, but make sure we have a good cross-section of options for our clients. So even though we may only have a picture of one property at your price range, do call us as we may have many more.

If you meet our Spot Blue representative face to face, he/she can talk to you about all your options and will work their hardest to find the right property for you.

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