What are the property buying costs on Turkish properties ?

Posted on 16 April 2012


Buying costs vary from region to region, and deal to deal, but these are the generally accepted minimum charges & costs involved (Please note that prices are FROM in each case)


-Independent Legal Fees from £500 (Turkey Based, more if UK based and subject to the work completed)
-Notary Costs (including Power of Attorney ) – from £200
-Property Purchase tax /stamp duty – 3% total of the declared & registered purchase price – the split of the purchase tax between seller and buyer is subject to agreement in each purchase. (Increased from 3.3% to 4% September 2012, decreased to 3% (from 4%) March 2017)
-Military approval cost – from £125 per purchaser
-Land registry – £125
-Utility transfer fees from £150 per utility.

If the property is a resale property there is a 3% agency fee on the purchase price.


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