What are the running costs of living in Turkey

Posted on 24 July 2018

Running costs of living in Turkey
If you find yourself at that stage in life where you’re about to retire but you don’t want to stay in the UK, perhaps you should consider relocating to Turkey. Why? Because it’s much more affordable to live and there are 300 days of sunshine per year, not to mention stunning coastlines, friendly people and a feeling of wellbeing.

You will find your money will stretch further in Turkey as property prices offer excellent value for money.

Apartments can be bought in beautiful locations on a complex from less than £35,000 and semi detached villas start from just £64,950, with a shared pool.

The chances are if you sell your home in the UK, you can buy in Turkey AND have money left over. This money will give you a good interest rate and you can withdraw it monthly if you need to.

Once you have bought your property in Turkey your outgoings could look like this:


Maintenance Charges
If you reside in a complex, there will be yearly maintenance fees for the communal pool (if there is one) and the gardens. These can be anything from around £30 to £50 per month.

If you own a private villa, you won’t have any fees to pay, and if you have a swimming pool you can choose to maintain it yourself or pay a company to look after it for you during the summer months. They will visit daily to clean the pool, add chemicals and test the pH levels.  You can choose to have them once a month – from 400tl (£64.00) or twice a week – from 200tl (£32.00).


Electric Bills
These will obviously differ depending on the season – two people in an apartment can expect to pay around 100tl (£16.00) per month in the summer. In the summer you don’t need to put the immersion on as the water is hot enough for a shower. If you use Air Con units you may have higher bills but ceiling fans and stand up fans are ideal and very cheap to run all through the day and night.

In the winter, it is more likely to be around 200tl (£32.00) per month (as you will be using heating and a boiler).

Generally, most properties have solar panels and immersion heaters if they don’t have a boiler and this costs considerably less.


Water Bills
Most owners have water metres installed and the bills are from 35tl (£5.60) per month.


Cooking gas is delivered in bottles which last around six to nine months (depending how often you cook), costing around 85tl (£13.62).


Health Insurance
Any foreigner under the age of 65 who resides full time in Turkey must have private health insurance. This is not expensive but you will pay a higher premium if you smoke or drink heavily. Any pre existing conditions are not covered.


You can pay from 1000tl (£160) per year and if you don’t make a claim, there is a reduction each year. If you have a family, you can pay through the government health insurance called SGK which costs from 600tl (£96) per month for a married couple, and any children under the age of 18 are included. The SGK premium rises each year.


The average WiFi provider costs from 40tl (£6.41) per month for unlimited internet service.


Mobile phone
You can buy a decent Smartphone from around 800tl (£128.00) or less and monthly packages range from 50tl (£8.00) upwards.  However, you can bring a phone from the UK  but bear in mind it will have to be unlocked in Turkey and you have a minimum amount of time to do this.


Council Tax
Expect to pay from 180tl (£28.85) per year for an apartment, and from 561tl for a villa.


Refuse Tax
Expect to pay from 80tl (£12.82) per year for an apartment, and 160TL for a villa.


Building Insurance and contents
Expect to pay from around 300tl (£48.07) per year.


Earthquake Insurance (Dask)
This insurance is compulsory and costs from 250tl (£40) per year for an apartment, and 400tl for a villa.



  • Cars can be expensive to buy in Turkey but they do hold their value. If you are retired, you are allowed to bring a car in to Turkey from the EU. A foreigner will have a different number plate to distinguish them from Turks and Turks are not allowed to drive foreign plate cars.
  • Used cars (from two years old) start from around 50,000TL (£8,000).
  • Car Insurance is from 900tl (£145) per year – it is the car that is insured not the driver so it can be a lot cheaper than the UK.
  • Car Tax is from 1000tl (£160) per year.
  • Foreign number plates are a one off payment from 250tl (£40).


  • A litre of petrol costs from 6.33tl (£1.00).
  • A litre of diesel costs from 5.90tl (95p).

So, if you are thinking of moving abroad and want a cost effective option in idyllic surroundings, why not move to Turkey? What’s not to love?

(The rate used as of July 2018 is 6.24)

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