Turkish Ministry of Transport

The Turkish Ministry of Transports Head Office is in Ankara the capital of Turkey. It is a government ministry office which is responsible for transport, infrastructure, information and communication services in Turkey. It was founded in May 1939 and after the 2nd World War numerous improvements were made to the systems and activites of transportation giving the Turkish Ministry of Transport scope to improve its services and the organisation expanded in June 1945.
During November 1986 the Turkish Ministry of Transport expanded yet again and took under its wing Railways, Harbours and Airports Construction. They used to be under the Ministry of Public Work and Settlement but it was thought a wise move to include Railways, Harbours and Airports Construction within the Ministry of Transport. It was during April 1987 that the Ministry of Transport improved conditions and the central department increased its responsibilities once again.
In August 1993 The Undersecretaries for Maritime Affairs was attached to the Ministry of Transport and in November 2002 the General Management of Coastal Safety & Salvage Administration, which was formally a Public Economy Enterprise, became part of the Ministry of Transport. In March 2007 the name was changed to the Directorate General of Coastal Safety.
In June 2004 Turksat Satellite Communication and Operation Inc. was established and it too became affiliated to the Ministry of Transport.
By November 2005 The General Directorate of Civil Aviation was reconstituted as an affiliated institution of the Ministry of Transport. Also in November 2005 the Department of Research and Planning Board was closed down as did an array of other ministries and became the Department of Strategy Development.
The aim was to unite all the public institutions in the Turkish Ministry of Transport and in August 2007, the General Directorate of Highways was affiliated to the Ministry.

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