apartments for sale in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

The city of Birmingham in the UK, is highly desirable for a number of reasons. It’s the second largest city in the UK after London, it’s an enviable location in central England and it’s fast becoming the place to invest in property. Apartments for sale in Birmingham, UK are currently the most sought after types of property in this location. Why buy Birmingham, UK flats for sale? That’s an easy one to answer, working and living in the city centre or close to it makes your life easier, in the sense of no long commutes which eats into your free time away from work.

    Our free time is to be enjoyed and we need as much down time as possible. Increasingly we are leading busier lives and we work hard, why bother commuting for an hour or more a day if you don’t have too? Investing in Birmingham, UK flats offers you a superb lifestyle choice, close to work and all the amenities you could possibly wish for. Probably, the most important decision you could ever make is to get yourself on the property ladder by investing in apartments in Birmingham, UK for sale.

    The economy in Birmingham is positively thriving, with many large companies opting to relocate there from London. Obviously relocation means some of the staff will also relocate and this where we are seeing young professionals opting to move with the company to continue their career. The knock on effect from this means these young professionals can finally invest in flats for sale in Birmingham, UK and own their first property. If they have previously been caught up in renting and not able to afford to buy, they can in Birmingham in the UK.

    Property prices in Birmingham are lower than in London and start from one bedroom apartments upwards. A one bedroom apartment for sale in Birmingham, UK allows a singleton to be able to afford their dream home. If a family decide to invest they can opt to buy a two bedroom flat which is large enough for a family or indeed a couple.

    Luxury flats in Birmingham, UK for sale offer well-built apartments with a luxurious finish with spacious rooms and modern fitted kitchens. High speed internet is an added bonus and close to public transport, plus a range of shops, bars and restaurants it’s an ideal location to invest. Capital appreciation is good with some new apartments expecting a yield of around 6%, this is wonderful news for the home buyer and even better news for property investors of Birmingham, UK apartments for sale.

    Generally, property investors will buy several flats for sale in Birmingham, UK and will steadily build their property portfolio. When a good development comes along they invest quickly and snap up several properties at once, eager not to miss out on a solid investment. They rent for short and long term rentals and to students if in an area close to a university. Birmingham has five universities throughout the city with some 73,000 students from the UK and overseas, whilst it’s true some families buy accommodation for their offspring, many students rent. Student rentals are not cheap and this is where investors can make lucrative rental income year in year out. Real estate apartments in Birmingham, UK for sale offers good investment opportunities, especially on brand new blocks of apartments, built to modern standards and offering a comfortable living space.

    Birmingham as we have already said, is the second largest city in the UK and owning a property within the city gives buyers a great lifestyle. Everything is on your doorstep including, leisure, shopping, transportation and socialising. Buying Birmingham, UK real estate flats for sale serves up amazing views across the city and offer spacious homes which are light, bright and airy.

    Luxury apartments are sleek, stylish and spacious, they are well designed and very attractive to look at with many added extras. They start from 1 bedroom and offer 2 bedrooms, up to 3 bedrooms are available. These homes are ideal for a single person, a couple or a family to live in. The apartments are set in a great central location close to a superb range of amenities.

    Stylish bathrooms with clean lines are light and bright with high quality finishes. Lounges have high ceilings and some have beautiful large arch shaped windows. Sleek kitchens are open plan and have everything you need with contrasting units complement each other and there is more than enough room for a dining table. These apartments are within walking distance to shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and public transportation.

    Business men and women who work in Birmingham have the advantage of being close to Birmingham International Airport which is conveniently situated just 5 miles from the city centre. Excellent road and rail network links means Birmingham is linked to other cities up and down the country. Companies are relocating to Birmingham now for a reason, Birmingham is becoming one of the fastest growing financial centres outside of London. Its economy is flourishing with a regional economy of £90 billion and with a young population in Birmingham, the potential for economic development is a positive sign for the future.

    Big named companies such as HSBC and Deutsche Bank have relocated to Birmingham and they have enticed young professionals to make the move with them. These young men and women will find that their money spreads much further in Birmingham and that includes socialising and property. They will also find that living in Birmingham means they don’t necessarily need a car because the transport links are excellent.

    This city appeals too many because the amenities and facilities are so good. Workers can catch a bus or tram and walk the rest of their journey to work. Many businesses are located in the city centre and some workers use this time as part of their exercise work out and why not! Young city workers settle well here due to the superb selection of amenities they can enjoy throughout the week, after work and especially so at weekends. Live music gigs and concerts, great bars and restaurants and plenty of nightclubs means they can let their hair down and relax. The weekly gym session is available at various sports centres dotted around the city and sports venues offer swimming, badminton and tennis.

    The transport links in Birmingham are extremely efficient and the West Midlands Metro service offers rail and tram lines around the Birmingham area and its neighbouring towns. The local bus service runs through a network of routes linking all roads in the centre of the city. These buses are modern and are designed with low floors for easy access, which is ideal for families with children and provides much needed aid for the disabled.

    Families settle in Birmingham and enjoy an active family life. There are great schools in good catchment areas and plenty of sports arenas where children can take part in a variety of sports. Parks are a huge draw for families, it’s where you can take the children and they can run off excess energy and get some fresh air. There are plenty of parks in Birmingham even in the centre, with playground rides and climbing frames perfect for young children. The National Sea Life Centre is a must for a day out, children can learn about its aquatic animals there. A famous theme park is close to Birmingham and for older children this is the ideal family outing where they can enjoy the excitement of rides and attractions. Younger members of the family can enjoy this park too with rides suitable for their age plus there is a zoo.

    Luxury apartments for sale in Birmingham, UK gives the whole family a unique living experience not only where they live but with all city living can offer. Vibrant cities cater for families as well as working professionals and there is nowhere like the buzz of a city especially in Birmingham. It’s proving to be a hot spot for investment due to its excellent economic growth and many are being pulled to the area.

    Investing in luxury flats for sale in Birmingham, UK are an ideal way of taking that first step onto the property ladder. Prices are affordable and suit a wide range of budgets. Buying an apartment means it’s always easier to sell if you decide to buy something bigger at a later stage. Each property size sells well, from a 1 bedroom upwards and 1 bedroom apartments make ideal starter homes. They are easy to maintain and keep clean which is important when you are busy working all day.

    Many office workers don’t head straight home after a gruelling day at the office. They go out with friends and colleagues for a much needed “chill out time” to one of the many bars or restaurants in the city. The choice is immense and nobody needs to worry about getting home afterwards. The transport in the city is reliable, or maybe an evening stroll home is called for.

    Weekends are ideal where you can meet friends at one of the many cafes that line the canals, which run throughout Birmingham. Enjoy a morning coffee and a catch up before you head to the shops for the dreaded weekly food shop. However, shopping in the city can be a pleasurable experience with a wonderful assortment of shops ranging from well-known brand name shops to designer boutiques. It’s all on your doorstep which put simply, makes life easier.

    Living and working in Birmingham means you have the benefit of city life, plus you can venture into the countryside too. Just a 30 minute drive in any direction from Birmingham you can be in a pretty village or quaint town where you can relax and take in your new surroundings. Some of these locations are the best in England and many tourists visit these areas. This is where you can escape if you feel the need too and enjoy some outside spaces. Beautiful locations such as Stratford –upon –Avon are just 22 miles from the centre of Birmingham and makes for a delightful day out. If you enjoy rummaging around Antique shops there are plenty of lovely shops in this neck of the woods.

    The gorgeous Cotswold’s are a little further afield around 70 miles and will take you less than 90 minutes to be in one for the prettiest locations in the world. The Cotswold’s are in southern central England, medieval villages, stately homes and lush green countryside awaits you. This is a truly delightful part of rural England and beautiful to visit. If you invest in Birmingham, UK property for sale you will get a great deal for money and the advantage of buying in Birmingham is it covers all budgets. Stratford and the Cotswold’s are exclusive areas and not everyone can afford to buy there, however you are close enough to visit and can do so wherever you choose to!

    Flats for sale in Birmingham, UK offers the buyer a wonderful opportunity to live and work in close harmony. There won’t be any stressful commutes to work and you will have more time to yourself outside of working hours. This type of lifestyle appeals more to the young professional but increasingly we are seeing families opting to live a city lifestyle.

    Luxury apartments in Birmingham, UK for sale are designed to make your life as comfortable as possible with luxury designs and fabulous interiors. One of the main advantages of investing in this type of property is, you don’t have to worry about gardening or maintenance to the outside of your home. Your weekends or free time can be spent doing something you enjoy, like meeting with friends or going to the cinema, spending the afternoon at the museum or Botanical Gardens.

    At the end of the day, it’s about achieving a balanced quality of life and this is where you can enrich your lifestyle by investing in Birmingham property.