Properties for sale in Barbados

If you love the Caribbean and are searching for the perfect holiday home look no further than property for sale in Barbados. Can you imagine waking up to clear blue skies every day, pristine beaches with white silky soft sand and clear azure waters? Barbados property can make your dreams come true with a range of stunning property in Barbados in the most perfect locations.

Palm fringed beaches and lush greenery are just what is needed to make you feel as though you are in heaven and indeed you are. Properties in Barbados will give you the exotic lifestyle you deserve

How envious will all your friends and family be once they know you are investing in Barbados real estate? This is where the movie stars take their holidays, in the jewel that is the Caribbean. Firstly they visited then they bought their own real estate in Barbados and they couldn’t get enough of this glorious island. Now, as the world becomes a smaller place to discover, how easy it is to fly long haul to see these beautiful islands for ourselves, it’s no longer just the wealthy and famous that can buy a holiday home there, we can too!

Why does Barbados lure visitors and holiday home buyers? Well, it’s an exotic island in the Caribbean for a start, of course the way of life will appeal to most, relaxed and almost carefree. This tropical island is located in the eastern Caribbean group of islands with Bridgetown as its capital. A pretty island which is a port for cruise ships and is noted for its colonial buildings plus its home to Nidhe Israel Synagogue which was built in 1654. It is also a National Trust (in Barbados) building, it is a museum now holding historical artefacts, plus it is one of the oldest synagogues in the western hemisphere. The island features picturesque palm fringed beaches and botanical gardens and plantation houses. It is part of the British Commonwealth and the British traditions of cricket is the national sport of Barbados along with afternoon tea. Barbados property for sale is a delightful investment to make.

Barbados is split in to 11 different Parishes called Christ Church, Saint Philip, Saint Michael, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Thomas, Saint Joseph, Saint James, Saint Andrew, Saint Peter and Saint Lucy. The capital of Bridgetown is in the Parish of Saint Michael but perhaps the prettiest and most upmarket Parish is Saint James which is located on the west coast of the island. In Saint James you will find pristine white sandy beaches with chic resorts dotted all along this coast of the Caribbean Sea. The picturesque bays of Payne’s Bay and Sandy Lane are along the coast of Saint James and the first British settlement in the 17th century was in Saint James in an area called Holetown. The name doesn’t do it justice, however it has ancient small churches built from stone and again colonial style buildings everywhere. Nightlife in Holetown is lively and has plenty of designer shops for the keen shopper.

In Saint James are the most stylish real estate for sale in Barbados with views you would sell your soul for. Property for sale in Barbados offers luxury like no other properties, whether it’s an apartment or a villa they are not only beautifully designed they are built to the highest possible standards. The developments are set on large sprawling estates giving a feeling of space and freedom in a naturally lush and exquisite environment. The colonial style is prevalent once again with regal white buildings immaculately maintained, offer the buyer of Barbados properties a retreat where they can go to, when the fast paced world we live in today becomes too much for them. If the owner is lucky enough to live there full time, what an envious lifestyle they have.

Real estate in Barbados for sale start from 1 and 2 bedroom apartments up to 3 bedrooms penthouses, usually with a large living space outside on balconies and terraces. It’s ideal as owners would prefer to sit in the comfort of shade away from the midday sun, whilst they admire the extensive views of the richly coloured Caribbean Sea. These apartments are colonial style in small blocks of buildings and the estate will have a large communal pool, landscaped gardens with seating areas where one could spend a very pleasant afternoon reading or chatting to other owners. The facilities are fantastic offering a fully equipped gym and fitness area, tennis courts, spa and they have their own private beach. A luxury championship golf course which was designed by Robert Trent Jones Junior is also on the estate for you to take advantage of, or if you prefer to shop, designer labels and well-known brand names are waiting for you.

Paradise is no longer lost, it’s been found here in Barbados and that is why property for sale in Barbados offers exclusivity and an enriched lifestyle for anyone lucky enough to own one of these outstanding properties. The apartments and penthouses are stunning, however the villas are simply out of this world. This is luxury at its best, these gorgeous villas are splashed across the covers of elite magazines and we think we can only guess what it would be like to own one of them. Guess no more, of course they come at a price but they are more affordable than you may think. If you want luxury in paradise its worth paying the price for it. Property for sale in Barbados offers the wow factor to prospective buyers for sure, once seen they completely blow one’s mind for the idyllic and paradise setting plus the sheer elegance of these highly desirable homes.

Semi-detached villas offer affordability and privacy, if you want more space than an apartment can give you take a look at this option. Again set on the same type of estate as the apartments you have all the facilities already mentioned. These semi-detached villas are modern in design and add a contemporary mix to the estate other than the colonial style. There are 3 spacious bedrooms with 3 en-suite bathrooms and all the fixtures and fittings are first rate. The setting of the villas are discreet and are set around the championship golf course with fabulous views of the fairways, at the 12th hole and of the Caribbean Sea. Many of the villas boast their own private pools and are all set in leafy mature gardens. The windows are floor to ceiling, glass sliding doors bringing the outside in to your home giving every opportunity to look at the panoramic views. There are options to add extras such as car ports or further roof terraces. Luxury is paramount with these properties whether apartments, penthouses or villas and we have yet to discover the bespoke villas which offer an enchanting home in truly breath-taking surroundings.

Stunning, lavish and superior bespoke villas offer a tremendous lifestyle on one of the world’s most exclusive resorts offering buyers a high class residential resort to live in on a full time basis if they so wish – and why wouldn’t they? This offers an idyllic lifestyle to anyone who can call this part of Barbados home, to put it bluntly, this is paradise! In this tropical climate you can have a bespoke villa built for you and there are a choice of five designs. Each one is spacious, bright and airy and they start from a modest 4 and 5 bedrooms to a palatial size offering 7 bedrooms and each bespoke villa has a luxury swimming pool and sundecks. These villas are built throughout the estate offering the investor different views, some have golf course views, some sea views and others have views of both.

Buying a bespoke villa gives you the chance to choose your own plot, depending on what views you would prefer to have. The beauty of buying bespoke means you can put your own stamp on it by creating along with the architects what your dream villa would look like. At your disposal are architects, interior designers and only the very best craftsmen who will, with your help create your ideal home. All the amenities are there for your pleasure in this beautiful part of the world in Barbados.

Flights to Barbados are long haul but if you want that idyllic retreat it is well worth the flight. From London, UK to Bridgetown in Barbados it is a non-stop 8 hour flight. The year round climate is at its highest from May to October at 31°C and drops to just 29°C in January. Barbados is a year round location that means if you live there full time you don’t need to feel the winter chill anymore. If you can only visit at certain times of the year, it doesn’t matter with the year round climate.

If you are an investor the rental potential is extremely lucrative. Not only are holidays to the Caribbean popular, holiday makers to this resort will clamber to rent one of the properties here. This type of holiday is suitable for everyone from families to friends and of course the keen golfer will be in seventh heaven with the championship golf course on the estate. These villas have from 4 bedrooms up to 7 and as golfers usually arrive in groups, this is a perfect villa for them to rent. For those of you who are interested in buying as a holiday home you could consider to rent your property out when not using it yourself maybe to friends and family. By renting it out, the income received will help to pay for the upkeep of the property and go towards your flights when you want to visit. Of course these properties on estates such as these attract a certain type of clientele so you do not need to worry about the people staying in your beloved home. If you are concerned possibly just rent to people you know or who come highly recommended, but it is an option and one well worth considering, it could mean you can visit more often, now there’s a thought!

Are you planning for your retirement? This would make the perfect property to either live in full time or to use whenever you want to. Estates with premium homes in Barbados offers a lifestyle that not everyone can afford, they are basically the crème de le crème in terms of location, resort and property and your money is well spent investing here. If you think it’s a little above your budget why not consider buying with family or friends? The villas are more than big enough to accommodate a large group of people especially if you choose the 7 bedroom villa. If you then add up the wonderful array of amenities available for you it will enrich your days with the range of sports and fitness on offer on the estate and there is the championship golf course too. Let’s not forget the landscaped gardens and the private beach, doesn’t it sound like paradise? That’s because it is!

Owning one of these beautiful properties will allow you the chance to retreat away from the rest of the world to your own piece of heaven. Even if you are buying for a holiday home and at the moment, you can only use a few times a year for now. This could be your retirement home in the future and that is certainly something to look forward to. The colonial style of properties across Barbados are stylish and grand and you could be the proud owner on this exclusive estate.

Whether you are investing in an apartment a penthouse or a villa you are buying a prime piece of real estate that can be in your family for years to come, it’s not just an investment in bricks and mortar, this is an investment in luxury homes in one of the prime locations the world has to offer.