Properties for sale in Turkey

For those wanting a beautifully well-presented holiday home, property for sale in Turkey has got to be on top of your list. Affordable Turkish property whether they are apartments or villas can be found throughout the Turkish resorts along the stunning Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.

Upmarket apartments in cities such as Istanbul and Antalya offer a city vibe, if you want to be in the heart of everything and everything is on your doorstep. Luxury property in Turkey will have you swooning with fabulous villas and infinity pools that will simply take your breath away with its magical vistas. Begin your Turkey search for the ideal location and property, you won’t be disappointed!

Where are the popular resorts to buy in Turkey?

Real estate for sale in Turkey gives you the chance to own your own holiday home in the popular resorts of Alanya, Altinkum, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kalkan and Kusadasi. Kusadasi is where you will find the well-preserved ruins of Ephesus nearby. Each resort offers a range of property type for your holiday home. Turkey has a mix of expats from around the world who have decided to invest in this lovely country for various reasons. One is the Mediterranean climate and the easy pace of life in Turkey, and the other is the affordability factor of investing in an apartment, duplex, penthouse or villa. There is also the option of buying land and having your own house built to your own specifications.

Why buy a property in Turkey?

Luxury real estate in Turkey will give you the type of home you never imagined you could own, maybe a modern penthouse or detached villa standing in its own grounds. How does an infinity pool grab you with picture postcard sea views over the Med or Aegean? Homes like these are often pictured in the very latest magazines depicting the life of the wealthy and yes, they are exclusive and you can pay a lot, but, the beauty of prices in Turkey is they are more affordable than most other European countries, and your hard earned money goes a lot further, enabling you to invest in the luxury market.

What is property like in Turkey?

When investing in properties in Turkey you have many property types to choose from, apartments start at one bedroom up to three. If you want something bigger, opt for a duplex which are usually three beds to four, if you want a larger living space then pick a penthouse which are from four beds upwards. These types of properties will have balconies and terraces and the bigger the property means the bigger the balconies and terraces will be. Duplexes and penthouse will have superb sea views and surrounding areas such as mountains, fishing villages or countryside depending where your property is located.

Real estate in Turkey for sale has amazing villas if you want something larger and more private, they usually start from three bedrooms upwards and they can be semi-detached or detached. If they are semi-detached they will possibly share a pool and have some private areas. The whole plot size will span around 700sqm for two villas and one pool, but this can vary. Both villas will pay equally for the upkeep of the pool so this keeps costs down for each villa.

If the villa is detached they are often in plot sizes ranging from 500sqm to 1000sqm and this villa will have around four bedrooms and normally a private swimming pool. The larger the plot the bigger the villa as Turkish properties are built on a percentage of the land bought.

Investing in land and then building your own villa, is something many buyers prefer to do especially if they are relocating full time to Turkey. Once the desired location has been bought they can set about planning and designing it, they usually opt for a plot size of at least 1000sqm which will give a large four/five bedroom villa with a spacious living room and dining area plus modern kitchen. If you choose you can have a private swimming pool, bbq area, sunbathing terraces, garden and garage. You can pay a pool company to look after your pool for you if you don’t want to do it yourself and also pay someone local to tend your grounds as well. In your own villa, in its own grounds you do not have to pay any maintenance fees as you live privately. One handy tip, if you are a thinking of moving full time to Turkey invest in a villa if you want to be near a beach or countryside location. You will need the extra space, especially if you are moving from a house with a garden from the country you reside now.

A one or two bedroom property, are great for holidays but if you decide to live full time in one it may become a tad cramped. However, if you like the apartment living environment, you have the option to move to a duplex or penthouse which will give you a lot more living space and extra bedrooms.

What are the complexes like?

Apartments, duplexes and penthouses are usually on complexes which provide a communal swimming pool and sunbathing terraces plus communal seating areas, landscaped gardens and bbq areas. They may also have other facilities such as a gym and maybe even a café bar and small market if it’s a large complex. A complex is ideal for those who don’t want to look after a garden or swimming pool themselves and it’s all covered in the maintenance fee that you can pay monthly or yearly.

Turkish property for sale in cities such as Istanbul offer apartments, duplexes and penthouses plus houses and villas. In the city centre you are most likely to find apartments and these are great if you want to be in the hub of city life where everything you need is on your doorstep. If you prefer to live outside the city centre, just thirty minutes away in the suburbs the complexes offer a fabulous lifestyle. These complexes are close to airports, schools and hospitals. There are shops and markets, cinemas, sports courts, a social club, cafes and restaurants, gym, wellness centre with an indoor swimming pool and outdoor pools, sauna, hammam and Jacuzzi, underground parking, executive lounges, concierge services and 24 hour security.

They often have wonderful panoramic sea or marina views from the spacious balconies or terraces and offer a truly luxurious lifestyle, away from the bustling city centres serving up a peaceful and calm environment in relaxed and picturesque surroundings. Internal features of these wonderful homes offer a large living room and dining area with fitted kitchen. Modern bathrooms with high quality fixtures and fittings, double glazing, air conditioning (giving both cold and hot air for summer and winter months) smart home technology, satellite TV systems and high speed internet in each apartment.

Is buying a property in Turkey a good investment?

Why do you want to buy Turkiye real estate? Is it for a holiday home, an investment, to retire to or are you looking to make a permanent move to Turkey imminently? Buyers on a budget and those who don’t really know Turkey well will initially buy an apartment; sometimes they are a little cautious so opt for a two bedroom apartment. Obviously they need to know the location they have chosen, is the right one for them, so they test the water for a while. Once they have holidayed in Turkey several times a year (an advantage of owning your own place) most opt for something bigger and buy a villa.

Are you buying a property in Turkey as an investment? If so, wise choice, although I think it’s fair to say that investors who know their stuff invested in Turkey way back, when Turkey first allowed foreigners to buy property in Turkey in 2003. Turkey attracts more than 40 million tourists annually whether they are visiting the cities such as Istanbul for long sightseeing weekends or they visit for their two week annual holiday. Guaranteed sunshine is in plentiful supply to any one of the fabulous resorts along the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline of which there is 8000km of it. Which location will you start your Turkey search for a holiday home?

40 million tourists annually go to Turkey and they all need some where to stay for the length of their sightseeing break or holiday and not all of them want to stay in a hotel. I’m not suggesting the hotels in Turkey are not good, they are, but some tourists prefer to stay in a private apartment or villa for various reasons. This is where the buyer of property for sale in Turkey can make their money work for them, as the yields offer a very nice income. Groups of friends or families can either stay in a large penthouse or villa and they are more likely to stay longer because of the affordability without paying the costs associated with a hotel.

Some tourists prefer more space than a hotel room allows for and they enjoy freedom of movement. Privacy is an important factor and you will have plenty of this, more so if you stay in a villa with a private pool. One thing that won’t be missed by staying in a private villa for a holiday, is the early morning fight for a sunbed. Yes it still exists at the hotels, and is becoming more stressful apparently; don’t people go on holiday to relax? If that isn’t an incentive to buy your own Turkish property I don’t know what is!

Where are the most popular locations in Turkey?

Properties for sale in Turkey are in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, such as Bodrum, Kalkan, Fethiye and Olu Deniz. Olu Deniz has some of the most picturesque beaches including the Blue Lagoon and they can be seen in most travel books showcasing exotic locations. Obviously if you want exclusive and upmarket areas you would expect to pay more and you will, but it’s worth every penny. We all would live in areas such as these and as long as you have the funds then why not! The downside of these stylish areas is that not many properties go on the market for sale and building is limited to some degree.

Where are the golf courses in Turkey?

Turkey is becoming a leading country with championship golf courses in areas such as Belek, Bodrum and Antalya. Most are found in Belek and it’s the premier location for superb golf courses in Turkey. It’s another reason as to why Turkey is a leading holiday destination.

How do you get to Turkey?

Once you have sought out your property for sale in Turkey you will find direct flights throughout the season to all the major resorts. International flights from the UK and European countries fly regularly to areas such as Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Izmir and Dalaman. Transfers are usually within an hour and they can be booked from your home.

Talking about buses, in Turkey they offer an excellent bus service called a Dolmus and they stop to pick you up anywhere. They are cheap and reliable and one of the best things about investing in Turkish property is the fact you don’t need to have a car. You will find most amenities such as shops, restaurants and the beach are within walking distance to your property.

Quality real estate in Turkey suits every budget, if your budget is on the low side you can easily pick up a lovely two bedroom apartment to begin your love affair with Turkey. If you prefer something bigger, you don’t need to increase your budget by that much. If your heart is set on a villa why not consider buying with a family member or a friend?

Invest in this fabulous lifestyle; it will be the best investment you ever make. Turkey appeals to most due to the sunshine, great beaches and wonderful lifestyle.