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The Best Spanish Costas: Expats Guide on Where to Live

If you want to know the best Spanish Costas because you dream of expat living in the sun, get ready for an avalanche of choices. Naturally, with most of Spain surrounded by sea and including the few odd island, the Costas, which means coastline, are in abundance, and each boasts something spectacular from sunshine to […]

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What Does an International Real Estate Agent Do?

If you are looking for an international real estate agent, we can put our services forward. But before searching for property, it is essential to know what a real estate agent can do for you and what to expect. Overseas property is a wonderful addition to your real estate portfolio, especially for diversification. Additionally, if […]

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Is it Safe to Buy a House in Turkey? How to Protect Your Property Investment

Many people ask Google if it is safe to buy a house in Turkey, and we think, as real estate agents, we are qualified to answer this question. Yes, it is safe and, in most cases, a healthy real estate investment; however, property buyers must follow the guidelines. You might have heard of horror stories […]

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What Do I Need to Buy a House in Turkey? Property Guide for Foreigners

So, if you are asking what do I need to buy a house in Turkey, the good news is just a few things. The property buying process for foreigners is not long and drawn out like in other countries. Homebuyers do not need to form a company, nor need to endure a drawn-out land register […]

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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Property in Murcia

Murcia, on the Costa Calida, is a great choice for anyone looking for Spanish property! If you’re wondering why you should buy a property in Murcia, just look at the estimated 3,000 hours of sunshine a year you can enjoy! Murcia sits between two seas. Between the pretty Spanish City of the same name and […]

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Can Foreigners Buy a House in Turkey? Property Market Guide

If you are asking can foreigners buy a house in Turkey, the answer is yes. Out of all nationalities globally, only five cannot buy property: Syrians, North Koreans, Cubans, Nigerians, and Armenians. In fact, since 2013, when Turkey dropped their reciprocal causes for foreigners buying property, the country has soared in popularity with many investors, […]

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The Best Places to Buy a House in Spain: Getting to Know Andalusia

From the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the golden Costa del Sol, Andalusia is home to some of Spain’s most striking scenery. It’s one of the reasons so many people think that Andalusia is one of the best places to buy a house in Spain.  From Bullfighting to Flamenco, Andalusia is the home of many of […]

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Should I Buy a Holiday Home in Turkey?

To answer the question of should I buy a holiday home in Turkey, our answer is always going to be yes. Of course, you might accuse us of biases, which is natural considering we are an estate agent. But we can also point to any of the holiday and touristic resorts to show thousands of […]

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Can I Buy a Home in Turkey? Foreigner’s Guide to the Property Market

Overseas property buyers who ask can I buy a home in Turkey will be delighted to find out they can. There is only a splattering of nationalities that can’t, and they are Syrians, Armenians, North Koreans, Cubans, Nigerians, and those from Yemen. The lure of owning a second home in Turkey is understandable. Affordability of […]

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Where to Buy Property in Antalya : 5 of the Best Places

Deciding where to buy property in Antalya, Turkey boils down to two factors. Your lifestyle preferences and budget, but one thing is for sure. You have masses of places to choose from. Fronted by the Mediterranean Sea and backed by the tranquil Taurus mountains, Antalya offers copious amounts of sunshine and an ideal place on […]

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