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Is International Real Estate a Good Investment?

Many interested buyers ask us, is international real estate a good investment? And our answer is always the same. Owning property overseas can be an excellent addition to your portfolio, but at the same time, rush purchases without knowledge and research are the worst financial investment to make. Spotting a bargain property and buying it […]

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Living in Marbella: The Best Place to Retire in Spain

If you are yet to make a move, the dream of living in Marbella can become a reality. This place is one of the best retirement locations in the Costa del Sol of Spain. Marbella, a Mediterranean haven, offers everything a Spanish destination should, including a coastline of beautiful beaches, Andalusian vibes, the marina lifestyle, […]

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7 Good Reasons to Retire in Alicante : Expat Living in Spain

If you are looking for reasons to retire in Alicante, get ready for an avalanche. This expat destination is a great place to live. To be clear, we are talking about the province and not just the big city. Do not just take our word, though, that it is an ideal haven to relocate to. […]

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Ways To Attract House Buyers Who Pay Cash

Finding cash buyers is the dream of every house owner who desires to sell their property. Yet, the truth is that in most instances you’ll find buyers who require financing. Dealing with buyers who require financing can be a stressful experience. From negotiating to drawing contracts and even the duration it takes to close a […]

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Lockdown easing sets up Spanish market for foreign bounceback

The Spanish Costas are looking forward to a surge in foreign property-buyers following the country’s easing of border restrictions, said Spot Blue International Property in June, adding that lockdown has produced a backlog of enquiries from Europe and the UK, with the latter group benefiting from a strengthening pound and no requirement to show proof […]

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Is Moving to Spain a Good Idea? Expat Living Series

Some clients ask, is moving to Spain a good idea? However, the answer is not a simple case of yes or no. The answer depends on your current lifestyle circumstances, if you are a family, or need to work. Everyone’s reasons for moving to Spain are different. However, we can say many expats living in […]

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9 Beautiful Towns in Majorca: Places to Live and Call Home

When it comes to towns in Majorca, this Mediterranean delight, belonging to the Balearic Islands of Spain, is about much more than coastal resorts geared up for tourism. Although the sandy beaches are a vast lifestyle lure, quaint villages and small towns also make ideal places to retire. No matter where you choose to live […]

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Working in Turkey and What Every Foreigner Needs to Know

Ah, many foreigners dream of working in Turkey, and we understand the lure. The climate, people, food, and gorgeous beaches beat the nine to five grind of an office job every time. However, gone are the days when foreigners can fly overseas to Turkey, work off the books, never pay tax, and do not have […]

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Is Mijas a Good Place to Live? 7 Of the Best Reasons Expats Move There

Sometimes, our clients ask us, is Mijas a good place to live? Without a doubt, we think it is one of the best places to live in Spain. Please don’t take our word for it either. For many decades, this popular holiday resort attracted masses of holidaying foreigners, but word spread and now significant expat […]

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Where to Live in Costa Del Sol? Best Places to Choose

If you are deciding where to live in Costa del Sol, Spain get ready for an avalanche of choices. Over many decades, this popular tourist destination has become home to many expats who choose Spain to retire. Belonging to the Andalucía region of Southern Spain in the Malaga province, the reasons why they move to […]

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