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The Best Place to Live in Spain : An Expat Guide

When deciding where the best place to live in Spain, forget about the tourist lifestyle because living abroad, means affordability and lifestyle preferences will drive your decision. Remember this is about more than a two-week holiday. At the same time, as indulging in beaches, Flamenco dancing, golf, sunshine, paella, tapas, and nightlife, you still need […]

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Moving to Spain: Guide to a Life Abroad in the Sun

If you are considering moving to Spain, we wholeheartedly encourage the idea. Deciding to live overseas permanently, and set up a new home where the culture, traditions, history, and cuisine is different can be challenging but at the same time rewarding. Relocation to Spain means to indulge in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle. Get ready for […]

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Moving to Turkey : Guide for Foreigners Relocating Overseas

If you dream of a new home and life abroad, consider moving to Turkey. Many expats of foreign nationalities have already left their home country to live overseas in Turkish style. We understand moving overseas is not an easy lifestyle decision. The stress of adapting to an unknown country of abode throws out various challenges […]

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Real estate in Antalya: Property Investment Guide

Real estate in Antalya wears a gold crown as a top hotspot for property buyers and investors. Sitting on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, the province stretches from Alanya to Kas. Comprising a bustling city centre, and smaller coastal resorts, it always surprises newcomers, both foreigners and Turks alike, and offers the ideal opportunity […]

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Property Investment in Turkey: A House Buyer’s Guide

Around the world, home buyers are looking at overseas property investment in Turkey. A wide range of apartments, penthouses, and villas for sale across the country are tempting Brits, Germans, Russians, Asian and Middle-Eastern nationalities to invest in the country. This is not a newfound fad either, because, in 2018, foreigners buying property hit record […]

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How To Buy Property in Turkey

If you are researching how to buy property in Turkey as a foreigner, the good news is that it is straightforward, easy, and quick. Of course, as international property agents, all clients have our expertise, experience, and help at every step of the way, whether looking at apartments or villas for sale. Experts say buying […]

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Area Guide to Bodrum in Turkey and Why it is a Major Tourist Hub

Cosmopolitan Bodrum in Turkey sits on the west coast and is a thriving destination for both holidaymakers and ex-pats looking to move and live abroad permanently. Having long promoted a hedonistic lifestyle, it attracts all levels of society from budget backpackers to world-renowned millionaires. Known for windmills, and whitewashed houses dotted over the hillside, the […]

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Why The Mediterranean Coast of Turkey Attracts Everyone

Forming the main bulk of the Turkish Riviera, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a delightful collection of small villages, quaint towns, and cosmopolitan cities. Backed in parts by the scenic Taurus mountains, sandy beaches stretch for miles and hold the crown of most beautiful in the entire country. Anyone choosing to holiday there will […]

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Overseas Property Investors Guide: Invest in Real Estate

Many people look to being overseas property investors as a way of diversifying their real estate portfolio. And why not? Looking abroad means tapping into hundreds of new markets and much potential. However, this is not the time to be diving straight in at the deep end. Careful research and homework are needed to ensure […]

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Investing in Luxury International Real Estate: A Home Buyers Guide

The luxury international real estate market stands in a league of its own. Such is its diversity, from oceanfront mansions for sale to ranches to a prestigious condominium, anyone looking to invest should do research first. Whether it is a Mediterranean townhouse or a highlands cottage, this is not the time to make financial mistakes, […]

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