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Your Helpful Guide to Buying UK Property

Real estate investors looking at buying UK property will be pleasantly surprised with what is on the housing market and how quick you can invest in this niche of real estate. Whether you want to become a landlord with a decent rental yield by renting out to tenants or only looking for a second home […]

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The 39 Districts of Istanbul: Showcasing Turkey’s Best City

The districts of Istanbul form one large city that is Turkey’s beating heart. Sitting on both the Asian and European continents, they highlight Istanbul past and present. From the historical districts like Fatih to the new, modern suburbs on the outskirts. Some earn fame for their Bosphorus location while others excel in something special, like […]

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Buying a House in Turkey: Advice for Foreigners who Want to Own Property

If you are thinking of buying a house in Turkey, but unsure whether it is the right move to make, we can assure it is, and also give helpful advice for a smooth purchase. Proof of Turkey’s popularity as a destination for holiday homes or permanent dwellings is in the stats. In 2019, foreigners bought […]

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International Schools in Turkey: Primary and Secondary Education

No matter whether you want primary or upper-secondary education, the massive amount of international schools in Turkey, provide families relocating to the country with a wide choice to choose from. In this current day and age, with increasingly more workers moving for their career, or basing themselves as a home business, international education for all […]

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The Barbados Visa 12-Month Welcome Stamp Scheme

Last month, in the world of remote working, people sat up and took notice of the launch of the Barbados visa 12-month scheme. Known as the welcome stamp, the country is taking advantage of the new trend of working from home, and this is one of the few overseas visas that stands out. Indeed, instead […]

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Property Investment in Manchester: Why the City Leads the Real Estate Market

For both domestic and international real estate buffs, property investment in Manchester is the latest buzzword. Once leading behind popularity trails and beaten by London, now, the centre and outskirt boroughs look set to overtake the capital as the UK’s leading destination for business, residential properties, rents, economy, and education. Whether you want invest in […]

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Property for Sale in Turkey by Owners: Resale Market Guide

If you are looking at property for sale in Turkey by owners, research this market carefully before signing on the dotted line. Known as the resale niche, there are some fantastic villas and apartments for sale in many different areas, but likewise, home buyers should avoid other properties for good reasons. To receive a portfolio […]

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Student Property Investment in Cardiff –Buy-to-let Accommodation Guide

If you are looking at student property investment in Cardiff, the key to making this type of real estate endeavour work for you is to do your homework. There is certainly a lucrative market there. Research surveys say students make up 20% of the population in Cardiff, averaging 65,000 people. They attend universities like Cardiff, […]

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Your Guide to Beach Property in Turkey: Buying Power for Apartments and Villas

When buying beach property in Turkey, it helps to have the market knowledge to make a wise investment. Whether you are looking at apartments or villas for sale, individual districts fair better than others for amenities, prices per square meter and those fantastic sea views. Beach properties in Turkey are a popular real estate niche, […]

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Can Foreigners Buy Property in Istanbul?

Many people ask can foreigners buy property in Istanbul? The excellent news is that all nationalities apart from 4 can purchase an apartment or villa, in Istanbul, and many other areas of Turkey. They are Syrians, Armenians, North Korean, and Cubans. Some nationalities like Greeks, Georgians and Russians have restrictions in place, mainly because these […]

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