Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment Just Got Cheaper: Now $250,000

An announcement in the official Gazette of Turkey reports revised changes for gaining Turkish citizenship by investment. Financial criteria has been massively reduced in an aim to attract more foreign investment into the country. Previously the required financial outlay for gaining citizenship through real estate acquisition was 1 million USD. The revised figure is just […]

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4 Luxury Homes in Alicante That Ooze Elegance and Style

Alicante dominates the Costa Blanca coastline, not only for tourism but also for foreign property sales and expat living. Anyone who has cash to indulge in the upscale sector of the Spanish real estate market can be assured that luxury homes in Alicante deliver elegance and style in abundance. Architects understand upmarket buyers want the […]

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3 Charming Luxury Homes in Paris for a Millionaire Lifestyle

Luxury homes in Paris are the crème de la crème of the world’s upscale real estate market. The city oozes je ne sais quoi in every corner, from the arts and culture scene to fashion and food, and even its vibrant history. Indeed, Paris is the perfect city for anyone wants to indulge in round-the-clock […]

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Turkish Airports Served 140 Million Passengers in First 8 Months of 2018

Data released by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority reveal Turkish airports handled 140 million passengers from January to August 2018 of which 45.7% of trips were on flights to and from other countries.  Including international and domestic flights, this was an increase of 12.7% year-on-year. The stats are no surprise because Turkey has […]

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Real estate in Antalya: Introduction Guide for Property Buyers

The Antalya province of Turkey, a marvellous collection of a bustling city centre, and smaller coastal resorts always surprises newcomers, both foreigners and Turks alike. Backed by the green Taurus mountain range and fronted by sandy beaches and the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, it is the second most popular holiday destination in Turkey. However, real […]

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Regions of Turkey: Seven Geographical Areas Showcasing its Diversity

Whether you plan to just travel, or buy property and live here, the seven geographical regions of Turkey are a perfect introduction to the country’s diversity. The world stereotypes the country, yet it cannot be labelled, nor packaged into a tidy cliché, and for good reasons. A quick look at its geographical facts explains why. […]

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Turkish Lira Crisis Boosts Foreign Tourism to All-Time High

Over 2018 as the Turkish lira edged into an official economic crisis, many wondered how this would affect business in Turkey, but one sector gaining from the disaster is foreign tourism. Since January 2018, the lira has depreciated by a staggering 46%, and in August briefly touched 9 lira to the pound. However, tourism stats […]

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About Bodrum: Three Fun Facts to Know

Any personal quest to learn about Bodrum reveals quirky and interesting facts that make it more appealing than ever before. Unravelling complex layers of misunderstood beliefs gets to the spiritual essence that locals are proud of. It’s not an overstatement to say everyone falls in love with Bodrum. Turks adore the large peninsula offering a […]

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Turkish Airlines Breaks Daily Passenger Record

Turkish Airlines have announced they broke their own record on Saturday the 18th of August by carrying 253,000 passengers on 1,547 flights to destinations all over the world. Achieving a 75% on-time departure rate, this breaks the company’s earlier record of daily passenger numbers. Part of the record was 6000 Malian pilgrims, that they transported […]

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Chinese Tourism in Turkey Reports Record Numbers

Anadolu News Agency is reporting record figures for Chinese tourism in Turkey. During the first half of 2018, 191,000 Chinese tourists came to Turkey, an increase year-on-year of 91%. The growth has been credited towards China’s promotion for the country in a targetted “2018 The Year of Turkish Tourism” campaign. Singer Xiao Zhang who penned […]

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