Istanbul New Airport reflects Turkey’s commitment to progress. Symbolising the country’s economic and infrastructural prowess, that makes it a top hub for real estate investment, this structure is nothing short of spectacular.  Nestled between Europe and Asia, this architectural marvel is not merely an airport but also illustrates connectivity, seamlessly linking continents and cultures. Having … Continued

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Given the hype and reputation, many people often ask what makes Turkish Airlines different before booking those flight tickets. Turkish Airlines, as a leading carrier and member of Star Alliance, has garnered a reputation in global aviation industries. With innovative services, impressive growth, and strategic positioning, Turkish Airlines carves unique paths for international travel across … Continued

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Dalaman Airport, one of Turkey’s top three touristic airports, handles millions of passengers annually. Also called Dalaman International Airport, this air travel hub has wholly transformed since opening in 1976. Along with Antalya and Bodrum major airports, Dalaman airport is responsible for tourism on the southwestern coast, giving travellers easy access to their chosen destination. … Continued

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Real estate acquisition in Turkey accounts for 19.5% of the GDP. This figure surprises many, both domestic investors and international. Yet, Turkey’s real estate market, one of the most attractive in the world, has much going for it. From expected capital growth to the citizenship by investment program, Turkish real estate weathers the storms of … Continued

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When considering who buys the most property in Turkey, expect a global collection of nationalities. Once only aligned with Western governments, the Turkish government is now a global player for foreign investors, who capitalise on real estate and business opportunities. Foreign investors who buy property create separate niches in the housing market of the world’s … Continued

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Are you dreaming of building your home in Turkey but don’t know how or where to start? Anyone can build their own house in Turkey with guidance, knowledge, and preparation. In this article, learn the essential steps to undertake when constructing property in Turkey, from looking for land and obtaining permits to hiring contractors and … Continued

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Whether you are planning to live in Turkey or just holiday here, many international airlines fly to Turkey from the UK, so you can find direct or connecting flights no matter what time of the year.   Most major UK airports offer flights to Turkey, including London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport and London Stansted Airport. Istanbul … Continued

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Kas, a charming coastal town nestled along the southwestern coast of Turkey, is a true gem. Kas is one of Turkey’s best-kept secrets, with breathtaking beauty and a warm Mediterranean ambience. As you arrive in Kas, you are immediately greeted by azure waters sparkling under the golden sun thanks to the town’s hillside location overlooking … Continued

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When buying holiday homes in the sun, one destination that clients offer favour is the turquoise coast of Turkey. Also called the Turkish Riviera, southwest Turkey boasts ancient ruins and historical sites, sleepy villages, beautiful bays, and many beaches, making the region an ideal destination for anyone investing in homes abroad. The trend started roughly … Continued

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Many people who come on holiday and contemplate moving across often ask if Turkey is a good place to live? It is a good, realistic question because life away from the beach bars and daily lazy boat cruises is always different. We are biased. Some of our team live in Turkey, a secular country and … Continued

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Beautiful, luxurious, and steeped in history perfectly describes the Bosphorus mansions in Istanbul. Not only are the most expensive houses in Turkey filled with character, but they also give marvellous insight into Ottoman architecture and craftsmanship. Indeed, Bosphorus Yali mansions are unique Istanbul gems. Nestled along the Bosphorus banks, these remarkable historic houses reflect Ottoman … Continued

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Knowing what the best areas in Istanbul will vary depending on your purpose. Some places in this Turkish city stand out for luxury, others for tourist attractions, and others as the ideal place to live and work. Overall, 39 official districts are spread across European and Asian Istanbul. These further divide into hundreds of Istanbul … Continued