Properties for sale in United Kingdom

Owning a property in United Kingdom is considered prestigious indeed. London as its capital is where most buyers and investors look for property for sale in United Kingdom. London is vibrant and with upmarket areas such as the leafy county of Surrey it is where the savvy investor can buy a luxury property. United Kingdom property such as student accommodation is high on the investors list to buy as it proves a lucrative investment in cities such as Manchester. Buying United Kingdom real estate offers a delightful lifestyle in one of the most desirable and sought after countries in the world.

UK Property Investments

Properties in United Kingdom offer a sound investment and many foreigners have invested in UK property for sale for a number of reasons. Many foreign business men and women visit the UK (especially London as it’s the business district of the UK) for work purposes and prefer staying in their own apartment as opposed to staying in a hotel. Investing in a property in London is a strategic move, it’s a good investment and often these high powered executives send their children to school and university in the UK, for the much wanted English education and as a bonus they can use the family home to live in. However it’s important to add this magnificent country has a lot more to offer than just real estate in United Kingdom for sale.

The UK is one of the top destinations in the world for foreign visitors with over 40.3 million last year and the numbers are growing year on year. In the region of half of those visiting stayed in London the country’s capital and why wouldn’t they? This historic city is rich in Roman history with attractions such as Buckingham Palace which is home to the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth ll and the Royal family. The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

Affluent areas such as Chelsea, Belgravia and Mayfair attract the wealthy with a range of magnificent buildings and some are indeed palatial homes. Some of these commanding UK properties have been converted into large luxury apartments from period styled property these include Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian. The character of these properties has been retained and offer large living spaces in keeping with their period features. The façade of the building is untouched therefore still appearing as one large house amongst the other homes in the area.

These prime locations are the elite in the UK and the property designs are ones we all aspire to own, however not everyone can buy one of these amazing properties, they are of course exclusive. Although Chelsea, Belgravia and Mayfair are in the heart of London these upmarket and wealthy locations feel as though they are in the suburbs miles from the city centre. These desirable postcodes are highly sought after, it shows wealth and an advantageous lifestyle if you are able to reside there.

The advantage of buying real estate for sale in UK and especially in these established locations is you can invest in an apartment in a renovated period property and still have the all-important post code. Young professionals are choosing this option if it’s presented to them. They can work close by in the city and live in a prestigious area where bars, restaurants and entertainment is just a short walk away from their front door. These apartments in particular are snapped up pretty quickly once a developer begins the high spec conversation, there are waiting lists. Living in these areas offer a modern, historical and highly sophisticated lifestyle. Designer shopping and brand names line the streets with expensive boutiques and fine dining options. Michelin-starred restaurants are on hand and trendy wine and cocktail bars are always busy, the nightlife is bustling with city professionals and the beautiful people enjoying an enriched lifestyle socialising in the best neighbourhoods.

Property for sale in UK offers large family homes more so in the prime areas of Chelsea, South Kensington, Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge. These impressive buildings offer huge amounts of living space in these majestic houses, serving up sumptuous interiors in palatial buildings offering the ideal family home. Lots of Middle Eastern wealthy families choose to invest in these types of properties, Diplomats, famous film stars and the odd rock star or two. Not only do they live in delightful locations they are in the hub of some of the best entertainment in the UK. Close by is the Kings Road a shoppers heaven, the Royal Court Theatre on Sloane Square and on the Duke of York Square you will find the famous and modern Saatchi Gallery. Art connoisseurs and avid historians will feel comfortable and rather excited in this area of London, the Bohemian quarter in Chelsea, attracts musicians, poets, artists and painters from across the world.

Investing in real estate in United Kingdom in good school catchment areas is of specific interest to families whose children’s education is vitally important to them plus these areas are said to be the safest in the UK. However, not all families can afford to buy in these sought after locations so they rent instead. As you can imagine renting in affluent areas doesn’t come cheap but if they want to send their children to excellent schools and be brought up in a safe environment they have no option. Yes, hard for these parents, but to the owner of the properties its great news indeed. Rentals are on the increase and it makes for a super investment, the transport links are second to none with Knightsbridge and Sloane Square Underground Stations nearby.

Chelsea is just 4 miles (6km) to the busy London city centre and with a choice of four airports within a 29 miles radius it really couldn’t be better situated. Buying property for sale in United Kingdom in areas such as Chelsea, South Kensington, Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge makes life that little bit easier for the international business man or woman. Excellent transport links either by road, underground or indeed flying are close to home and work in the bustling capital of the UK, London. London City Airport is 9.8 miles away, Heathrow Airport is 12.7 miles, Gatwick Airport is 23.5 miles and Luton Airport is 28.1 miles making all four airports less than 30 miles away by car less than an hour’s journey.

Student accommodation is a growing business and it is a business, with investors often buying not just one apartment they buy multiple and some even buy an entire block of apartments. There are universities up and down the UK and Manchester in the North West of England is a popular choice with four universities in the city centre alone and many more on the fringes. Property for sale in UK offers apartments and houses in cities like Manchester (which is the UKs third most visited city) at affordable prices. To date Manchester is Europe’s most affordable city to live in, as the cost of living is below that of other cities throughout Europe. It has been dubbed as the third best student city to live in the UK as its universities are up there with the very best. Student life in Manchester is classed as excellent due to all the city has to offer, such as above average facilities and amenities.

Manchester offers a vibrant city life and is a good alternative if the property prices in London are out of your reach. History, arts, music, comedy clubs, museums, theatres, opera and ballet are all to be found in Manchester. The textile industry was prevalent in the city and today old warehouses and textile factories have been converted into luxury apartments that serve up skyline views of the city. The apartments are spacious with high ceilings and huge living spaces and are as close to the city centre as one can get. The transport links are excellent with major motorway networks linking Manchester to all parts of the UK. Just 25 minutes away, a distance of 8.7 miles is Manchester International Airport. Hop on a train and you can be in London in just over 2 hours. Working in the centre of the city and getting around couldn’t be any easier, a free service runs to all the shopping centres, railway stations and business areas meaning there is no need for a car for commuting whilst working in Manchester.

If Manchester appeals to you there are family homes in the leafy suburbs currently for sale. There are some affluent areas in Manchester with beautiful Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian homes for sale that offer numerous bedrooms and several living rooms. Large gardens are ideal for children and create a safe environment for them to play in. If you view property for sale in Manchester you will find either an investment that you can rent out, blocks of apartments that are ideal for student accommodation or a lovely home for yourself. If living the city life is for you, but you are unable to afford that in London head for Manchester.

We often hear that it’s difficult for young people to get on the property ladder and that may be true in the south of England, however in the north you can pick up an apartment or family home and the prices are still reasonable. If you currently live in the south and relocate north because of work commitments this is your chance to take that first step on the bottom rung of the property ladder. Young professionals are eager to take this leap of faith to get a head start to owning their first property.

What property choices are there? Generally apartments start from studios to 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. These are superb starter homes and if you think you will struggle with the mortgage payments you could always consider taking in a lodger or two, to make your life a little easier for yourself. It doesn’t have to be long term but you could try it for a year or two and see how it goes. Families will move on from these types of properties and look for something larger maybe a semi-detached house with a garden or patio areas or if possible a detached home with a private garden.

As a family expands the house does too and most families with at least 2 children would prefer to be settled in a 3 or 4 bedroom house with plenty of room for everyone. Location is key to finding your perfect property, however sometimes you may need to compromise on the location a little if it means you can afford a larger property. There are many factors to consider as its understandable most families will indeed look at school catchment areas, it goes without saying that the good schools are generally within the best areas where everyone would choose to be if possible.

You also need to think about commuting for work, what are the transport links like? Realistically how much time is it going to take out of your day going back and too to work? If it’s too long this may become a problem so think about it before signing on the dotted line. One idea maybe to rent for 6 months in the area before you buy then you can decide.

Whichever part of the UK you opt to buy in, it is a wise option for an investment. This amazing country has much to offer. A safe environment for children to grow up in for a start and the UK schooling system is considered to be the best or at one of the best in the world. The standard of living is very good and this is another reason for foreigners to want to buy there. For those who enjoy museums, art galleries and theatres, ballet and opera, the arts and an eclectic range of music it’s all in the UK, keen history buffs admire rich culture and heritage the UK offers.