Properties for sale in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

The North West of England is where you will find Manchester, it’s the third most visited city in the UK and for good reason. Its welcoming nature, mixed with its rich industrial heritage offers a vibrant and energising location to both live and work. What is so great about Manchester? Firstly, it’s Europe’s most affordable city to live in with property for sale in Manchester, UK suiting every buyer’s budget. Manchester delivers an interesting story of its past, and its evident wherever you visit with historic buildings. Manchester played a main part in the industrial revolution and its old warehouses and textile factories are placed throughout the city sitting proudly against the Manchester skyline. As the textile factories and warehouses closed down Manchester needed to transition and it did so successfully, in becoming a learning hub and centre for technology.

    Today, Manchester has evolved in to one of the most sought after locations for students wishing to study at university here. Apart from Manchester being the third most visited city in the UK, it is also the third choice for students from the UK and around the world to go to university. Described as world class, its student culture is ranked above London for amenities and affordability. Currently there are four universities within the city and many more on the fringes of Manchester, along with excellent music schools.

    It goes without saying some of the best music in the UK has been produced in Manchester with home grown local talent such as Simply Red, plus The Smiths and Oasis to name just a few. Real estate for sale in Manchester, UK is a superb investment especially for those who want to live and work in this thriving city environment. For the investor who likes to keep adding to his property portfolio, student accommodation is always needed and this is where the keen investor can make a killing in rental properties in Manchester, UK.

    Real estate in Manchester, UK offers affordable homes in the best locations, close to or in the city centre. This allows buyers to work and live within close proximity and we are seeing young professionals preferring this lifestyle. No long commutes and having more time to oneself at the end of the day where they can immerse themselves in the upbeat lifestyle Manchester has to offer.

    What type of property in Manchester, UK do people look for? Those that prefer to live in central Manchester will opt for an apartment, mainly high rise that offers panoramic views of the city both day and night. Apartments usually start from 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms up to 3 bedrooms. Real estate in Manchester, UK for sale, starting with one bedroom apartments are a great starter home. This is a wonderful opportunity to get onto the property ladder, they are affordable, in the city centre and offer tremendous value for money. Living in a city you will always spend a little more when you invest in a property. Nevertheless, weigh up the saving on travelling expenses back and too from work and what you would spend on transport going into the city centre for a night out. Work out the saving per month and I think you will be surprised.

    Families who want to purchase Manchester, UK property for sale head to the suburbs and choose a family home with a garden. They will also look for a good catchment area for their children’s education. Often these types of families bought first an apartment and gradually moved up the property ladder to their forever home. The term “property ladder” perfectly describes how the system works. Unless you are lucky enough to earn a good wage from the offset, most of us will start on the bottom rung of the property ladder and over several years work our way up it until we find our ideal larger home.

    This is where starting with an apartment in the city centre makes good investment sense. When you do decide to move to something bigger it will be easy to sell your home. Why? It’s a starter home and these type of properties always sell well. They are affordable and easy to maintain and selling a 1 bedroom apartment is large enough for a single person or a couple.

    If you are investing in Manchester, UK real estate purely as an investment, well done you, you have made an excellent choice of city to invest your hard earned cash in. It has the second largest economy in the UK due to domestic and global investment worth billions of pounds flooding into the city by way of business and infrastructure investment. The city is expanding and growing at a quick rate with investments in transport and the large corporation of the BBC has relocated to Manchester from the UK capital with other large companies following suit.

    Figures reveal that in 2016, 292,000 people moved out of London and Manchester was just one of the destinations they chose to set up home in. This is a huge clue as to why people are moving away from the London to major cities across the UK. Manchester is going places, its economy is thriving and the city offers a safe environment for people to live and work. The projection is that investors can be confident in, that when they purchase property for sale in Manchester, UK they will enter the property market and the period of growth from the beginning will go from strength to strength over future years.

    Manchester, UK properties appeal to investors across the buying spectrum from young professionals, families and the property investors. The current population in Manchester is 2.55 million and growing. However, it’s not all about the property market, as attractive as it is, Manchester has a lot to offer and this friendly northern city is welcoming to property buyers and businesses’ in the area. So, the question is why are people flooding to the city to buy Manchester, UK property and work there?

    Firstly it’s a great central location, it’s close to efficient and well run transportation and its only 200 miles from London. Direct high speed trains will get you to the capital within just 2 hours. Manchester’s International Airport is only 8.7 miles from the city centre and takes only 25 minutes by car. The motorway and railway network, links Manchester to other parts of the UK. The ultra-convenient Metroshuttle Bus which runs in the city centre links all the transport networks including railway, shopping districts and business locations to each other. You think it can’t get better than that? This service is free and allows users the “hop on hop off” service wherever they need it.

    This super free service also stops congestion on the roads and saves the people who travel on them, rather a lot of money over a year. Think about it, you can save on the wear and tear of your car, fuel costs and parking fees. Maybe that answers the question, why people are moving away from London.

    What else does Manchester have to offer? In a nutshell it offers everything any city in the world can offer you. If you like to go out and mix with friends Manchester is a great spot to do just that!

    Music and concerts are important in Manchester and as said earlier some famous artists hail from this city. With that in mind you won’t be surprised to learn there are some fabulous music venues dotted throughout the city. Whatever you choice of music is, you will find it here in the many bars and music venues in the centre.

    Enjoy musical productions and the theatre? Lucky you, there is the Palace Theatre and Opera Hall you can feast on musical extravaganzas here.

    The Lowry Building serves up galleries including the works of the famous L.S Lowry and his well-known paintings of industrial Manchester. Theatre productions also take place here by the waterside. Museums and Science Centres plus Libraries allow you to indulge yourself in learning about the history of Manchester.

    Sports enthusiasts? Football fans will already know there are two football teams here and the locals adore them. There are plenty of sports activities that are on offer you can either watch or take part in them. Golf courses and race courses are just outside the city, there is a large ice skating centre called the McIntyre Ski Area where skiers and snowboarders enhance their ski skills, and an ice skating rink which provides fun for the family.

    Walking, hiking, bike trails and sailing are found in beautifully landscaped gardens throughout the many large parks in the city. There are lots of children’s parks were they can run off their boundless energy and play at the children’s playgrounds on the swings and climbing frames.

    Seasonal events such as the Christmas Markets are much loved in Manchester and visitors travel to attend these events. They are very festive with wooden stalls elaborately festooned with decorations galore and Christmas Carols are sung by various choirs that adds to the atmosphere. Here you can buy various homemade gifts and crafts plus delicious food.

    Manchester is famous for its shopping centers and arcades, from markets and jazzy boutiques to top designer stores, you will be spoilt for choice. International brand names stores and local shops are in plentiful supply. In the shopping centres you will find all the big names such as DKNY, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Louis Vuitton, Crombie, Barbour, Armani, Karen Millen, Boss, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivien Westwood. The Arndale Centre is where the locals shop, it’s a huge shopping mall located in the city centre and is full of brand and high street named stores. The Trafford Centre is a large shopping complex on the fringes of the city which is home to posh shops, great eateries and a cinema complex.

    Eating out? What are you craving? Literally every type of food you could possibly think of can be found in Manchester whether it’s a take away or a restaurant. Perhaps the most famous is called the “curry mile” and here is every type of delicious curry you can imagine. Why not try a range of menus including the local dishes of Bosnia, Caribbean, Chinese, French, Canadian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Nepali, Thai, Vietnamese, and many more as the list is endless.

    When you invest in property for sale in Manchester, UK, the investment isn’t just in bricks and mortar, it’s much more than that. Even though you are investing in a city it is also a community that very much helps each other. Culturally it’s diverse with many different communities coming together for the good of the city. Whilst it’s true Mancunians love their own, they also embrace new people to the area and are welcoming. Bricks and mortar are what builds a house, however it’s the people who live there that make it a home.

    Whether you are from Manchester, you are relocating for work, or you’re an investor, Manchester, UK property for sale provides you with a super investment which you will see grow and flourish over the coming years. Living and working in Manchester will afford you an upbeat lifestyle in the hub of an amazing city with everything you could possibly want on your doorstep. No more commuting to work, most probably in lots of cases you could walk as many businesses’ and offices are located conveniently within the city.

    We all want to live in a safe environment and more so if you are a parent. Even if you don’t live in Manchester yourself, but your child is going to spend 3 or 4 years at university in Manchester, you couldn’t choose a better location to invest in Manchester property. Investors will reap lucrative rental returns here by way of purchasing apartments aimed at student accommodation. Home hunters couldn’t pick a better location to live and work, this exciting city will enhance your lifestyle.