why is france so popular

If you want to know why France is so popular, prepare for an avalanche of reasons. France attracts people from near and far with charm, sophistication, and style. Annually attracting millions of visitors, tourism accounts for over one million jobs and billions of pounds in revenue. In 2018, France beat Spain as the world’s most … Continued

living in the french countryside

Occasionally, clients who dream of a life overseas ask if France is a good place to live? Of course, our answer is yes, but as with everything, expats must consider the pros and cons. After all, there is no such thing as a utopia. Nevertheless, expats who last the distance have gained an overall view … Continued

winter holidays

For many years, European pensioners have enjoyed winter in Spain. Escaping cold places like the UK, and Germany, they find Spain cost-effective and an excellent winter bargain. As the internet encouraged independent travel, Spain also diversified itself to promote tourism during winter and add diversity to the travel market. Indeed, holidays in Spain are no … Continued


When asked to name famous cities in France, most people respond with Paris. And why not. The iconic city of France stands out globally. Known for rich historical timelines, French cuisine, arts, culture and fashion, Paris often tops lists of most visited international cities. This article looks at Paris and why this French city ranks … Continued


If you are a first-time visitor looking to learn about the regions of France, there has been a shake-up in recent years, and any old map of France might be outdated. Before 2015, there were 22 French regions, but some merged, and now there are 13, and five overseas regions. In this article, we look … Continued


When thinking about the best European countries to retire to, official stats, figures and testimonials from people who already live overseas helps a lot. For this article, we have picked International Living who has one of the best professional reputations for anything concerned with expats and living abroad. First publishing 41 years ago, they compile … Continued


Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo is gearing up to take on Airbnb, over illegal ads for home rentals. With an expected fine of 12.5 million euros, the mayor announced that Airbnb and other similar websites would face consequences for their adverts, which she says flouts rules and regulations. Current laws in France say private renters … Continued

Property for sale in Paris, France

Luxury homes in Paris are the crème de la crème of the world’s upscale real estate market. The city oozes je ne sais quoi in every corner, from the arts and culture scene to fashion and food, and even its vibrant history. Indeed, Paris is the perfect city for anyone wants to indulge in round-the-clock … Continued

Ever since, French citizens elected Emmanuel Macron who in turn implemented specific changes including decreasing wealth tax, the luxury property market of France has gained traction. The leader, known for his acute business acumen, is credited with a rise in domestic and foreign buyers. Known as the Macron effect, top buying nationalities attracted by his … Continued

This year, Paris is experiencing a bounce back of epic proportions. With a rise in international as well as French buyers, anyone looking for reasons to buy property in Paris will be pleasantly surprised with what is on offer and out of all the global cities, experts say the real estate market is the star … Continued

Foreign investment and wealthy purchases look set to make the Paris real estate market, the star performer of 2018, even outranking Milan, London and Lisbon. It has already been ticking over quite nicely for three years, but experts predict 2018 could be the year when Paris emerges as the world’s top residential market. Luxury homes … Continued

Paris is the fifth most expensive major city to buy an apartment, according to a survey by an international property consultancy, however it remains more affordable than London and cheap euro mortgages make it especially appealing to investors in 2016. The latest CBRE Residential Global Living report states that the average price of an apartment … Continued