Why is France so Popular?

If you want to know why France is so popular, get ready for an avalanche of reasons. France attracts people from near and far with charm, sophistication, and style. Annually attracting millions of visitors, tourism accounts for over one million jobs and billions of pounds in revenue. In 2018, France beat Spain as the world’s most popular country. Of course, everyone knows about grand Paris, which has intrigued everyone throughout history. But France is about much more greatness, from wine-producing vineyards to the exclusive French riviera. Collectively, all these places present a country that captivates mainstream travel markets. Let us look at the reasons why, France is so great.

Why France is so Popular

1: Paris -City of Lights

Of course, we must talk about Paris because roughly 30 million tourists descend on the capital every year. Evoking an image of romance, Paris, a popular honeymoon destination, includes architecture landmarks like the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Champs Elysées and Arc de Triomphe. Think pavement cafes, quaint boutiques to understand Paris’s individuality. Paris’s version of Disneyland also attracts European families who want time-honoured family fun but can’t travel to America.

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2: Diverse Landscapes of France

France offers various popular landscapes, whether sailing, exploring country sides dotted with chateaus, soaking up history or simply lying on sandy beaches. Do not forget the majestic, high French Alps or numerous cities, each with unique urban ambiences. To understand the pure beauty, look at the lavender fields of Province, Loire Valley, or the rolling French Alps mountain ranges.

3: Multi Seasons

France’s popularity as a year-round destination is thanks to the four seasons, which offer something to do, regardless of the month you visit. During summer, everyone enjoys sailing and beaches, but spring and autumn promote outdoor exploration, and of course, winter kicks into touch with diverse skiing seasons and popular snowy landscapes.

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4: Ideal European Location

France’s central position in Europe quickly shows why the country is popular with many Europeans. After all, none of us like an eight-hour flight, followed by three transfers to reach our chosen holiday destination, so France’s strategic geographical position shines through. This makes France a favourite for Brits who cross the channel while Germans cross the border. Furthermore, France shares borders with eight different countries, making the country a popular holiday and travel destination, especially during COVID when people drive here.

5: Rural Countryside and Chateaus of France

Country sides are a popular lure for those who shun beaches for flora and fauna. Romantic visions of chateaux living boost thoughts of a rambling cycle ride down country lanes, rolling green fields, vineyards, and fresh countryside dairy products like cheese. Exploring small villages, each with old-style houses provokes nostalgia for everything French.

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6: Popular Food Culture

Speaking of cultural food, French cuisine commands international respect. Granted, snails and frogs’ legs do not interest everyone but pastries and baguettes are to die for. Delicate French dining sets restaurants apart from other popular cuisines because emphasis focuses on taste and fresh ingredients, not portion sizes. While time honoured classic dishes include onion soup, coq au vin, bourguignon, and souffle. Visiting France and tasting regional and local dishes are sure-fire ways to gain weight. French people love the deliciousness of food and enjoy many opportunities to indulge.

7: Famous French Wine

So, naturally, fine food should be paired with delectable wines that sit nicely on the palette. Famous wine-producing regions like Burgundy and Bordeaux attract millions of tourists every year, who spend days enjoying wine tasting sessions hosted by nation experts. Think of popular wine brands like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Sauvignon Blanc to understand why France piques peoples’ interest.

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8: Historical Timeline

France’s historical timeline has inspired many popular movie plotlines. From the rioting French revolution to the famous words of Marie Antoinette to stories of the French resistance during World War two, if history interests you, France delivers bucket loads of interesting snippets. Start by exploring numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, including medieval towns, majestic castles, churches, old forts, and unique landscapes.

9: Art Lovers Haven and Creative Inspiration

We have all heard about the famous Louvre Museum, Mona Lisa, and her smiling face. But French art is about much more than this smiling woman. They say creativity drives the heart, and France delivers inspiration from every corner for writers, musicians, or artists, who have blocks. As well as being modern sources of creativity, the inspiration reflects the past through artisans like Victor Hugo, who wrote the famous Hunchback of Notre Dame. Finally, let us not forget young Picasso. Granted, he was Spanish but spent much time in France, using aspects of the country to produce exceptional work.

10: Palace of Versailles

This former royal palace sitting on the outskirts of Paris attracts respect for grand architectural styles and political history. Approximately 15 million people visit Versailles palace every year, making the landmark building a popular former royal residence. Stroll around the main palace, separate kings’ room, gardens, and parks, but for an enhanced experience, book guided tours to learn about juicy secrets of past French royalty.

11: Popular Sandy Beaches

Fronted by the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, France has many sandy beaches. Granted, the Atlantic beaches are best in summer, given their location, but a Mediterranean beachside life is yours from spring to autumn. Popular beaches to put on your bucket list include En Vau, Cabourg, and Porquerolles.

12 : Famous Ski Resorts

France features highly popular ski resorts like trendy Courchevel, upmarket Val d’Isère and beautiful Tignes with guaranteed snowfall, majestic views and excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The big French alps that includes significant ski areas like Three Valleys and Espace Killy, attracts both beginners and experienced skiers because of the diversity of resorts as a tourist destination. Additionally, opportunities for off-piste, heli and cross-country skiing make France a large, adventurous playground of Europe for those who live for adrenaline.

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13: Festivals Galore

Who enjoys family festivals and attractions, for chances to celebrate and have fun? France delivers many opportunities revolving around history, culture, art, food, and traditions. Important examples include Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival, Menton Lemon, the famous Cannes Film Festival, and Bastille Day. Also, join in numerous public and national holidays of France like Bastille Day.

14: Major French Cities

When asked to name famous cities of France, most people of Europe respond with Paris. Yet, many more urban landscapes make perfect city break destinations. As France’s oldest city, Marseille features the famous Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, a Romano-Byzantine church and city symbol. Bordeaux delivers with refined, regional gastronomy and French restaurants serving gourmet delights. Lyon’s nickname, “capital of lights,” refers to the four days Fete des Lumieres festival, and plenty of other cities like Nice attract ex-pats looking to live there. Read more about major cities in France.

15: Just Everything French

So, mannerisms, culture, accent, and language collectively form an overall impression of everything French that strangely intrigues and begs us to find out more. Daily society in France combines an excellent work-life balance that enjoys more refined things, and makes the country stand apart from others in Europe. Without a doubt, diversity makes France stand out, and whether you want to live in quiet off the beaten track locations or travel around, the reasons France is so popular with tourists are apparent to see.

Also About France

Regions of France: Altogether, France covers 550,000 square kilometres, borders two seas and an ocean, and includes five mountain ranges. Before 2015, there were 22 French regions, but some merged, and now there are 13 and five overseas regions. This article looks at the main 13 regions within France itself. All of which break down into separate boroughs and communities, with something unique to offer.

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