Properties for sale in Marmara, Turkey

The Marmara region of northwest Turkey is exceptional, as in, it straddles Europe and Asia and is the gateway where east meets west. The meeting of these two continents happens across the Sea of Marmara and property for sale in Marmara, Turkey has never been more sought after.

The Marmara region is bordered by Greece and the Aegean Sea to the west, Bulgaria and the Black Sea to the north, the Black Sea region to the east, southeast is the Central Anatolia region with the Aegean region to the south. The Sea of Marmara is located at the centre of the region in a commanding position. Istanbul is of course the leading city in the area and is one of the most popular city break destinations in the world. Once the capital of Turkey, its ancient history and places of interest are second to none. It’s what attracts fans of city breaks and history buffs to the area. It also attracts investors of real estate for sale in Marmara, Turkey and holiday home purchasers who enjoy the vibe of city living.

Interestingly, the Marmara region has the second smallest area out of the seven regions in Turkey, but the largest population. This is most likely due to the population of Istanbul currently being over fifteen million and growing. The other provinces in the Marmara region are: Edirne, Kirklareli, Tekirdag, Yalova and Kocaeli (Bursa). Young professionals live and work in these areas and that’s another reason why property in Marmara, Turkey for sale is selling well and at good prices, allowing young locals to get on the property ladder.

Istanbul – is the place for sightseeing and foreign tourists arrive in their millions each year, to take in the sights, sounds and aroma of this amazing city. Yes it’s different and exotic and is a blend of new and old. The centre of the city is where you will find most of the well-known buildings and Ottoman architecture. Venture just thirty minutes from the centre and new developments are springing up with property for sale in Marmara, Turkey being offered. More about that later, for now let’s look at the list of favouirtes on sightseers and holiday makers tick list.

There are a number of museums to visit; the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, the Pera Museum and the Sakip Sabanci Museum. Art galleries and more recently over the last few years contemporary art galleries have been opening much to the delight of the younger generation. Add to the list, the Hagia Sophia Museum, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace which was the home of Turkish Sultans. If you love city living why not check out real estate in Marmara, Turkey for sale, it will give you the buzz you are looking for in city life.

Bursa – lies at the foothills of Mount Uludag and was once the first capital, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The hot springs are relaxing thermal spa baths found west of the city centre and are a popular pastime for locals to visit. Bursa’s prolific Mosque is the ancient 14th century Ulu Camii which has a staggering ornate twenty domes. In the winter, skiing is a major sport in the mountains and is Turkeys premier ski resort. Bursa is a two hour drive from Istanbul (153.2 km) however, the ferry takes only 80 minutes. This is great for commuters who prefer to live in Bursa where properties in Marmara, Turkey are more affordable, but work in Istanbul. Today, Bursa still celebrates its past history, but embraces modern living and as you move away from the centre, this becomes more evident with the range of Marmara, Turkey property.

Yalova – is around a 90 minute drive (92.6 km) from vibrant Istanbul. It’s most known for its large green areas and thermal hot springs. However, Yalova is also known for its excellent transport links that make travel between Yalova, Istanbul and Bursa easy. Apart from superb road links between the three destinations, the ferry service is an easier method of travel and it takes just an hour to travel from Yalova to Istanbul. Again this makes property in Marmara, Turkey a good investment, where workers in Istanbul can live in a calmer environment in Yalova. Sightseeing is a pleasure in Yalova as there are many historical places of interest to discover.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk summer house is there and you can walk around the beautiful grounds and learn about the fascinating history of the house. The natural beauty spot of Dipsiz Gol is a firm favourite with locals and tourists and the Erikli Waterfalls is a wonder to behold. The lush green forest and cooling waters of the waterfall, are a refreshing treat after the climb to get there. The views are spectacular and must be seen and let’s not forget about the beaches in Yalova where local families spend their summer weekends enjoying the hot weather. If you don’t want to pay the property prices in Istanbul, take a look at property for sale in Marmara, Turkey.

Marmara, Turkey property for sale offers a diverse selection in styles, ranging from ultra-modern towers to more traditional homes that blend into the surrounding landscape. City living appeals to most as they can be in the hub of all the excitement. Great for young professionals who prefer not to have the daily commute. Young families tend to like living in the city too as its easier to get around with reliable transport links and there is no need for a car. Some, prefer to be just outside the city with either a 30 minute commute, or some will opt for an hour’s commute, as they prefer to live in the suburbs where life is more relaxed. Not only is life more laid back in the suburbs it’s a safe environment for children to grow up. Having secure areas to play in the sunshine in a walled garden or on complex grounds, means parents don’t have to worry, they can simply let their children play. Marmara, Turkey properties make lovely family homes.

Real estate in Marmara, Turkey start from one bedroom up to nine bedrooms. They can be apartments on a complex with a whole array of fabulous facilities for you to use, or a large sprawling house in private grounds. Large picture windows allow for light filled rooms and most of the rooms are open plan in design. Modern fitted kitchens sometimes come with appliances built in, the bathrooms are fully fitted with modern suites and cabinetry. The fixtures and fittings of these new homes are of superb quality as one would expect. Outside, they have balconies or terraces where you can sit and enjoy the views anytime of the day. If you opt for a villa your property could have a private swimming pool and large gardens that offer space and privacy with a gym, parking space or garage.

Marmara, Turkey real estate gives you plenty of options as to where you want to live. Whether it’s in vibrant Istanbul, historic Bursa or leafy Yalova, it’s your choice. The three main locations in the Marmara region allows you to work and live in the environment of your choice. You could be someone who is searching for a city holiday home or an investor looking for the next big deal. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it in the Marmara region of beautiful Turkey.