Agent Quote

Business Type: Conveyancing Comparison Service

Agent Quote offered an online conveyancing comparison service to help people find low-cost conveyancing solicitors when buying or selling a property in the UK.

Key features of their conveyancing service:

The site allowed users to enter their postcode and get quotes from conveyancing solicitors in their local area. The aim was to find low cost conveyancing without compromising on quality.

Estate Agent Comparison Services

In addition to conveyancing, Agent Quote also offered an estate agent comparison service. This allowed users to:

The estate agent comparison service was free to use for consumers.

Property Articles and Advice

The Agent Quote website also contained property-related articles and advice covering topics like:

This content aimed to provide useful information for people buying, selling or letting a property.

Website Closure

Agent Quote is no longer operating – the website is closed down. It previously offered useful comparison services for UK conveyancing solicitors and estate agents. The markdown page summarises the key services it provided prior to closure.

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