BESLEY HILL ESTATE AGENTS LIMITED, founded in 1999, was a prominent estate agency located in Dursley Town Centre. Recognized as one of the leading estate agents in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and Gloucestershire, the company had a successful trajectory dating back to the 1970s. Their main office was prominently positioned in the heart of the city, offering them great visibility and accessibility to their clientele.

The company was originally incorporated under the name “INHOCO 968 LIMITED” on 1st July 1999, but later changed its name to BESLEY HILL ESTATE AGENTS LIMITED. It was dissolved on 19th October 2021.


BESLEY HILL provided a plethora of services related to the real estate market. Their services included:

  • Property Market Appraisals: Assessing the value of properties based on the current market trends.
  • Property Valuations: Evaluating the worth of properties, both residential and commercial.
  • Accompanied Property Viewings: Guided property tours for potential buyers.
  • Energy Performance Certificates: Offering certificates that display the energy efficiency of properties.
  • Property Floor Plans: Providing detailed layouts of properties.
  • Letting Agents: Assisting landlords in renting out their properties.
  • Property Management: Managing property-related affairs on behalf of property owners.
  • Rent Collection: Ensuring timely rent collection from tenants.
  • Property Auctions: Organizing auctions for properties.
  • Tenant Referencing: Vetting potential tenants before renting out properties.
  • Property Inventories: Keeping a detailed record of property assets.

History and Growth

Starting from a single office in the Kingswood area of the city, BESLEY HILL saw tremendous development over the years, expanding its operations throughout four counties. Their reputation was not only built on their professional estate agency services but also on their ability to offer a complete property service package. This included Financial & Mortgage Services, lettingtings and management, and Conveyancing.


Over its tenure, BESLEY HILL was steered by numerous professionals. Some notable officers included:

  • Allison FIRKS MATTHEWS: Serving as the company’s Secretary and Director, Allison played a pivotal role from her appointment in March 2002.
  • Adam James OFFER: Appointed as a Director in October 1999, Adam was a key figure in the company’s operations.
  • Stephen Ashley KARLE: Although he resigned from various roles, including Secretary and Director, Stephen’s influence from May 2000 to March 2002 was undeniable.
  • Phillip Andrew LEE: Serving as both Secretary and Director between September 1999 and December 2000, Phillip contributed significantly to the company’s growth.

Location and Reach

The registered office of BESLEY HILL ESTATE AGENTS LIMITED was located at 764-766 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3UA. Their flagship branch in Dursley Town Centre was notably in a prominent position, making it an easily recognizable and accessible point for clients and potential property buyers or sellers.

Moreover, BESLEY HILL had a strong presence in the BS4 area of Bristol, especially in locations such as Knowle, Brislington, St Annes, and Totterdown. This strategic presence allowed them to cater to a wide audience and provide tailored property solutions to residents in these areas.

Business Proposition

The company was proud of its team of property experts who had over 25 years of combined experience. Their forte was not just in helping people find their dream homes, but also in aiding them to sell their properties at the best possible price and with minimum hassle.

They offered a notable business proposition: aFREE EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) & FLOORPLAN for new customers. This, coupled with their competitive “no sale, no fee” policy, made them a preferred choice for many in the BS4 Bristol area.


BESLEY HILL was more than just a business; it was a brand. Their tagline, “Local People Selling Local Homes”, emphasized their deep roots in the community and their understanding of local real estate dynamics. Three main principles underpinned their ethos:

  1. Professionalism: Ensuring every transaction and interaction was held to the highest standards.
  2. Honesty: Building trust with their clients by being transparent in all dealings.
  3. Informative Advice: Ensuring clients were well-informed to make the best decisions.


BESLEY HILL ESTATE AGENTS LIMITED was a stalwart in the real estate industry. Through their commitment to excellence, deep understanding of local property markets, and unwavering dedication to their clients, they carved a niche for themselves in the competitive world of real estate. While the company may have been dissolved, its legacy in providing top-tier property services in Bristol and the surrounding areas undoubtedly continues to resonate.