For Flights to Cyprus & Cypriot Airlines:
When planning your journey to Cyprus, whether it’s for enjoying the Mediterranean beaches, exploring ancient ruins, or experiencing the vibrant culture of cities like Limassol and Larnaca, you have a plethora of flight options at your disposal. Here’s a comprehensive guide to airlines serving Cyprus and its major cities:

Cypriot Airlines: 
Cyprus Airways: As the flag carrier of Cyprus, Cyprus Airways offers domestic and international flights, connecting major cities like Larnaca and Paphos with destinations across Europe and the Middle East.

TUS Airways: Operating from its base in Larnaca, TUS Airways provides flights to various European destinations, catering to both leisure and business travellers seeking convenient connections to Cyprus.

International Airlines Serving Cyprus:
British Airways: Operating flights to Cyprus from London Heathrow, British Airways provides a reliable option for travellers from the UK and Europe, with convenient connections to Larnaca and Paphos.

Lufthansa: Connecting Cyprus with cities across Europe and beyond, Lufthansa offers efficient service and convenient connections through its hub airports, providing access to Cyprus from major cities worldwide.

Aegean Airlines: With flights from Athens and other Greek cities to Cyprus, Aegean Airlines offers convenient travel options for passengers seeking to explore the cultural and historical heritage of the island.

Ryanair: Known for its extensive network of European routes, Ryanair operates flights to Cyprus from various European cities, providing affordable travel options for budget-conscious travellers.

Wizz Air: Offering flights from Central and Eastern European cities to Larnaca, Wizz Air provides affordable travel options for passengers seeking to explore the beauty of Cyprus without breaking the bank.

Popular Cypriot Airports:
Larnaca International Airport (LCA): Serving as Cyprus’s main international gateway, LCA offers a wide range of domestic, regional, and international flights, with modern facilities and efficient services for passengers.

Paphos International Airport (PFO): Located on the western coast of Cyprus, PFO serves as another important entry point for travellers, offering flights to various European destinations and beyond.

From full-service carriers providing premium amenities to budget airlines offering affordable fares, there are plenty of options available for booking flights to Cyprus and its enchanting destinations. Whether you’re seeking a beach holiday, a cultural immersion, or an adventure in nature, you’ll find numerous flights to suit your travel needs and preferences. Start planning your Cyprus getaway today and embark on an unforgettable Mediterranean adventure with ease!