Invest in Turkey
The Investment Support & Promotion Agency of Turkey is a pivotal body dedicated to fostering and promoting investment within the nation. It serves as a comprehensive guide for investors, providing crucial insights, data, and support to facilitate informed investment decisions, thereby contributing significantly to Turkey’s economic growth.

Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources
This ministry plays a vital role in shaping Turkey’s energy policies, focusing on sustainable and efficient resource utilization. It oversees the country’s energy and natural resources management, aiming to ensure energy security, support economic growth, and promote environmental sustainability.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs represents Turkey’s interests internationally, managing diplomatic relations and promoting its geopolitical and economic interests abroad. It is crucial in negotiating international agreements and fostering bilateral and multilateral relationships.

Ministry of Health
Tasked with overseeing public health policies, healthcare services, and medical standards, the Ministry of Health is instrumental in ensuring the wellbeing and health security of the Turkish population, focusing on accessible and quality healthcare services.

Ministry of Industry & Trade
This ministry is central to Turkey’s economic development, responsible for formulating and implementing policies related to industrial growth, trade, innovation, and entrepreneurship, aiming to boost competitiveness and market diversity.

Ministry of Justice
The Ministry of Justice administers legal affairs and judicial processes, ensuring the enforcement of laws, legal equality, and access to justice. It plays a key role in maintaining the rule of law and overseeing the judicial system.

Ministry of National Education
This ministry is pivotal in shaping Turkey’s educational policies and systems, focusing on enhancing the quality of education, promoting lifelong learning, and ensuring that educational opportunities are aligned with national development goals.

The Republic of Turkey
The Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country with a rich historical and cultural legacy, strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, playing a significant role in regional and global dynamics.

Turkish Statistical Institute
As Turkey’s primary statistical institution, it compiles and analyses data across various sectors, providing invaluable insights for policy-making, research, and economic planning, reflecting the nation’s demographic, economic, and social trends. Statistics from the Prime Ministry, Republic of Turkey. This set of statistics offers comprehensive insights into Turkey’s governance and administrative performance, reflecting the Prime Ministry’s role in coordinating government activities and policy implementation.

This Turkish Government links page provides a centralised resource for information and services related to various governmental departments, including the Investment Support & Promotion Agency of Turkey, ministries responsible for energy, foreign affairs, health, industry and trade, justice, and national education, among others. It serves as a valuable gateway for individuals and businesses seeking detailed insights and official data about Turkey’s policies, economic opportunities, statistical analyses, and educational frameworks, enhancing transparency and accessibility to government initiatives and developments.