About North Cyprus

The Mediterranean island of Northern Cyprus is stunning. Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, lies approximately 70 kilometres from Turkey’s shore. This island is quite appealing to live in due to the breathtaking sea and mountain views from various areas of the island.

The North Coast is one of the most picturesque vacation spots in the world due to its distinctive geography. Nearly every location in North Cyprus has a “room with a view” thanks to the nearby red rock mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, which are separated by barely 800 metres.

Some of the oldest sites in the world may be found in North Cyprus. North Cyprus is a treasure trove for those interested in history, geology, and architecture, including places like the Salamis Amphitheatre, Kyrenia Castle, St Hilarion Castle, Soli Ruins, and Vouni Palace.

Cyprus experiences relatively warm weather all year round. For golfers who prefer the milder months of November through February, the North Cyprus holiday season normally starts in April and can run through November. If enough much-needed rain falls in January and February, the spring season will be characterised by lush mountains and valleys. The hottest months are June to August, when a lot of people are on the beaches tanning and engaging in water sports at excellent Beach Clubs.

Fortunately, North Cyprus is still relatively unexplored and underdeveloped compared to most Mediterranean islands, so if you prefer a quiet, private cove for swimming and sunbathing, you may find it here!

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)

North Cyprus, commonly known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) or KKTC in Turkish, is located below Turkey on the map. North Cyprus utilises the Turkish Lira as its primary currency and is not a member of the EU. Turkish is the primary language used in North Cyprus, however, English is also widely spoken there. North Cyprus, which makes up almost 36% of the island of Cyprus, is about 100 miles long, 40 miles wide at its widest point, and has a total size of 1357 square miles.

Following the recent easing of border controls, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is a developing market where numerous new firms are thriving. This is a tremendously profitable sector to be a part of, and with a surge in real estate values of almost 50% over the last three years, you can expect steady growth for the foreseeable future.

The tourism industry has long been North Cyprus’s most significant source of income, but the sector’s many facets have comfortably surpassed it in recent years. Both building supply retailers and the more daring DIY businesses have also experienced enormous development in this area.

For those who made the move, the transformation over the past five years has been nothing short of a miracle, going from scarce supplies of expensive imported items to a plethora of western European goods today. This facilitates the transition to living in North Cyprus.

Getting There

There are various ways to get to North Cyprus.

Ercan International Airport

There are daily scheduled flights to Ercan Airport from significant cities in Turkey and Europe.

The Airlines to choose from include

  • Cyprus Turkish Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Onur Air
  • Atlas Jet

Larnaca International Airport

Located in Southern Cyprus, the Larnaca airport is a significant hub with numerous direct flights from the UK and Europe and is frequently used by people flying to North Cyprus. When arriving in Larnaca, there are several car rental companies, including Sixt Car Rental, as well as the choice of taking a taxi to North Cyprus. It takes about 45 minutes to drive.

Paphos Airport

There are direct flights from the UK to South Cyprus’ Paphos Airport. North Cyprus may be reached by car in around 45 minutes from there.

Visa Requirements

Visa-free entry is available for the following nationalities to North Cyprus:

  • Citizens of the European Union
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

You have the choice to fill out a tiny white slip (a visa form) that will be stamped by the official and inserted into your passport when you arrive at Ercan Airport’s passport check. This visa must be presented when leaving the country.

Car Hire

Finding a good bargain shouldn’t be difficult because North Cyprus has many car rental companies. The following points should be kept in mind if you intend to rent a car in Northern Cyprus:

  • In Northern Cyprus, left-hand lanes are used for driving
  • You must possess a valid driver’s licence from your country of residence
  • Only three months are allowed for foreign driver’s licences to remain valid after entering Northern Cyprus
  • Speed limits on highways range from 65 to 60 to 100 km/h
  • Speed limits are enforced with the aid of radar and video technology
  • All passengers must belt in the front seats
  • Children shouldn’t sit in the front passenger seat
  • It is against the law to use a phone while driving
  • Driving after drinking is not advised, just like in any other country
  • North Cyprus car hire doesn’t let you go to the southern part of the island (the Greek Cypriot part in South Cyprus, over the green line)

In most cases, you must be at least 25 years old to rent a car from a rental car firm

Main Cities

Lefkosa (Nicosia), which serves as both the capital of South Cyprus and the TRNC, is the last capital in the world to be divided. The other major cities are Guzelyurt, Girne (Kyrenia), and Famagusta.


Cyprus often experiences long, hot summers and brief, warm winters, making it one of the world’s healthiest and most desirable locations to live. The sea rarely drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to the around 320 sunny days each year.

Local Time

This winter, North Cyprus’ local time is 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Previously, we were 2 hours ahead because Turkey and North Cyprus recently chose not to adjust their clocks to coincide with the rest of Europe. Interestingly, this means that the island now has a distinct time zone because South Cyprus is one hour behind North Cyprus when you cross the border.


As the island is now attracting many different nationalities and cultures, it is not unusual to hear a variety of languages on a night out, including Turkish, English, Russian, and Swedish. There are also clearly a noticeable number of Russians and Scandinavians who are now residing here and taking advantage of the island’s wonderful climate.


The main form of payment in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira, often known as the New Turkish Lira (YTL). However, most businesses also accept GBP, EUR, and USD. It’s important to note that you obtain a better exchange rate for these currencies here in North Cyprus than you do in their home countries, so it’s always a good idea to wait to change your money until you come here. Around the towns, there are numerous exchange locations available, and they are typically commission-free.

Currently, 1 GBP is about equivalent to 8 TL, 1 Euro to 7 TL, and 1 USD to 6 TL. Note that this is merely being used as an example and that it changes every day.


Local banks in this area provide accounts in different currencies, and in general, the interest rates on savings tend to be higher than those available globally.

Crime Rates

In North Cyprus, there is often very little crime, so it is common to see women, children, and the elderly travelling alone or late at night without any cause for alarm. We do, however, always urge you to protect your house and vehicle when left empty to ensure their safety.

Cost of Living

Northern Cyprus continues to have far cheaper living expenses than the UK or the majority of Europe. Electricity and gas can be a bit pricey, but many other costs, such as water fees and council tax, are significantly less than in other parts of the world. The majority of homes on the island use gas tanks for cooking and heating because there isn’t any mains gas there. Although it is not advised to drink water from the mains, water is easily accessible in stores and is reasonably priced.

Health Services

Over the past ten years, medical care in North Cyprus has significantly improved, and some of the available private hospitals have better amenities than I’ve seen anywhere else on the globe. Medical care and treatment costs are also extremely affordable, and cosmetic dentistry and surgery have become very popular tourist attractions, attracting medical and health tourists to the island.


Similar to this, other prestigious universities provide a wide range of courses and are now drawing students from all over the world.


It is true that retired people and families who come to live in North Cyprus from other European countries, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Scandinavia, and Russia can have a far better life than their home nation provides, with pensions having larger purchasing power and the reassuring assurance that they are living in a much safer environment than many other locations in the globe, and the North Cyprus weather is virtually perfect almost all year round.

Many tourists to North Cyprus fall hopelessly in love with the region and can only imagine living there. The reality is that it’s straightforward and inexpensive to own and live in this area, making it more feasible than you might expect. Talk to us right now to get closer to your dream life.

North Cyprus is not only a great place to buy but also a fantastic place to live.

Tourism in North Cyprus

In terms of tourism, North Cyprus is a gem. Sports enthusiasts, golfers, environment and archaeology lovers, and sun worshippers all come to this calm island to experience its offerings.

One of the most magnificent places on earth is the island of Cyprus, and North Cyprus in particular, with its distinctive topography and breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, which draws millions of tourists every year. The sector offers a variety of fun activities for both young and elderly, such as days spent relaxing at hot beach clubs with restaurants and water sports, or calm, untouched Mediterranean beaches and coves. You can even enjoy a tour of historical sites with ruins dating back 10,000 years or more!

Things to Do in North Cyprus


Taste the awakening of Cypriot cuisine. The variety of eateries in North Cyprus is astounding, ranging from the most basic taverns to restaurants with an international flair. However, they all uphold the typical Cypriot principles of high quality, hospitable service, and reasonable pricing.


Northern Cyprus currently has two golf courses. The first and original golf course in North Cyprus, with 9 holes, is situated right on the coast next to Guzelyurt. In the near future, this golf course will be developed to become an 18-hole Pro Course.

North Cyprus is home to one of the most opulent 21-hole professional golf courses in the Mediterranean, with unrivalled views of the sea, for the most demanding golf aficionados. Golfers may discover a property in the Esentepe district that is just what they need with a beautiful golf course, Tennis Club and expert international teachers, a Spa, and eateries!


Beach lovers would like North Cyprus. One of the island’s top attractions are the beaches in Northern Cyprus. Long sandy beaches surround the North Cyprus coastlines, perfect for diving vacations that offer a variety of water sports, snorkelling, and scuba diving opportunities. Most hotels and public beaches have amenities like restaurants, restrooms, sunbeds, umbrellas, and parasols. To go to one of North Cyprus’ most stunning and deserted beaches, you’ll need a car if you’d like some privacy:

  • Karpas Golden Beach
  • Glapsides Beach in Famagusta
  • Escape Beach Club in Kyrenia
  • Acapulco Beach in Kyrenia
  • Alagadi Turtle Beach in Kyrenia

Water Sports

North Cyprus has every kind of water sport you could want. Windsurfing, water skiing, mono-skiing, jet skiing, power boating, banana boat rides, and other activities are accessible at the beaches and North Cyprus hotels.

Scuba Diving

Discovering the fascinating underwater world of Northern Cyprus through scuba diving is a phenomenal opportunity. Here, you may take advantage of one of the warmest & longest diving seasons in the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Boat Trips & YACHTING

Yachting and boat trips to North Cyprus can be booked from Kyrenia harbour. It is a distinctive method to discover the coastline and enjoy a cool swim in several isolated coves and bays with pristine virgin sands.

Turtle Watching

North Cyprus is the finest location for turtle watching because the waters there are frequented by millions of loggerheads (also known as chelonian mydas and Caretta) and green turtles. Your hotel reception may be able to help you arrange turtle watching.


The umbrellas lined up on the bright white beach, and the turquoise water makes you feel like you are looking at a vast travel North Cyprus guide as you soar over North Cyprus in a paraglider like a bird.

Horse Riding

Horseback riding is available at several stables in the Kyrenia and Famagusta regions. In North Cyprus, riding a horse is a unique experience because you can ride through a forested highland or along a sandy beach.

National Parks

A National Park on the Karpas Peninsula (Karpass, Karpaz Peninsula or Karpasia- an elongated finger of land pointing north-eastward toward Syria and Turkey in the North Cyprus map) is home to numerous birds, turtles, wild donkeys, unusual flora and fauna, as well as beautiful beaches. There are tombs, basilicas, ruins, and old villages to explore.

Sightseeing Tours

North Cyprus is among the most fascinating locations for a sightseeing excursion. There are so many interesting historical sites to see. Cyprus is situated in the historical region designated the “cradle of western civilisation.”

Orchid & Wildflowers

North Cyprus is home to a wide variety of natural plant species. You will have the chance to see endemics, which are only found in Northern Cyprus, as well as many varieties of wild orchids by participating in an orchid and wildflower walk.

Prime Locations To Buy A Property in North Cyprus

Due to the island’s geographic location, it enjoys nearly 365 days of sunshine and has fresh Mediterranean air, making it an ideal retreat for visitors.

Fresh seasonal produce that is not genetically modified, unlike that seen in markets in major cities, is always available. North Cyprus has a laid-back atmosphere, and residents routinely socialise in the streets, cafes, and neighbourhoods. The people of North Cyprus (also called Turkish Cypriots) are quite amiable.

The number of crimes is very low. That gives vulnerable individuals great comfort, and the area is well-liked by investors and ex-pats due to its low cost of living. More people than ever are relocating to North Cyprus, which is a lovely area to live in.

Given the proximity to other parts of the TRNC and beyond, your house will always be in a North Cyprus’s ideal location. A short drive will take you to South Cyprus, and a short flight will take you to Turkey, where you may connect to every destination in the world. Additionally, a ferry service connects North Cyprus with the Turkish shore. You have a wide range of options in this ideal location for apartments, bungalows, villas, and townhouses.


The term Güzelyurt, which literally translates to “beautiful village,” refers to the fourth-largest town in North Cyprus, which is situated on Morphou Bay on the West Coast. It is among the most upscale locations in Cyprus and has a genuine appearance. The town centre is thriving with stores and eateries selling major brands and conventional goods. The Museum of Archaeology and Natural History is another institution located in the town centre.

The month-long Orange Festival and the Saturday Farmers Market, held in the town centre every Saturday and selling fresh produce, spices, folk art, and other items, draw many visitors here during the summer. There are kilometres of orange and lemon trees and citrus fields there. The city has been one of the wealthiest in history because of its citrus exportation.

Additionally, Güzelyurt has access to South Cyprus via the Bostanci Border, allowing visitors to enjoy the entire island, particularly the Troodos region, with its ski resort, wineries, and high-end shopping.


The heart of Northern Cyprus is Kyrenia town (Girne), where you may experience both the modern and traditional contrasts when sitting in a restaurant or tavern. The town’s modern hotels and restaurants illustrate the town’s modern impact, while the old cobblestoned pathways showcase Cyprus’ traditional side. Miles of beaches, a breathtaking old Kyrenia Harbor, fine examples of a Byzantine/Crusader castle (such as the Saint Hilarion Castle or the Buffavento Castle), as well as numerous bars and restaurants, can be found in the Kyrenia region, which stretches from the villages of Karşyaka to Atalköy. Many of the homes are located close to some of Kyrenia’s most well-known landmarks, including the beach and the castle. Kyrenia (Girne) is a beautiful spot to visit and wander around, where you can also appreciate the natural beauty in areas such as Kyrenia Mountain.


Bellapais is being conserved and is renowned for its historical effect on the Island, more so than other cities and villages in North Cyprus. It is positioned in a mountain range and provides breathtaking all-year-round panoramas. Because renowned British author and poet Lawrence Durrell lived in Bellapais and wrote about his experiences there and the surrounding area, Bellapais has had a significant literary impact on history. In addition to well-known restaurants, charming shops, and gorgeous hilltop views of Cyprus, it is home to the magnificent ancient Bellapais Monastery (or Bellapais Abbey).


Esentepe has become the centre of Northern Cyprus’ real estate market in recent years, which is not surprising given that it is one of the most gorgeous settlements along the Mediterranean coast. Esentepe’s attractiveness is that you can enjoy the elegance of nature in the mountain ranges, along undeveloped beaches, and even in your own backyard while also enjoying access to luxury 5* Hotels and Casinos in the area.

Esentepe’s proximity to Girne’s city centre makes it the perfect place for a quiet, serene dwelling, especially given the abundance of housing options nearby the Mediterranean, which encourages inhabitants to value the Turkish Cypriot Mediterranean way of life.


With its kilometres of beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, Famagusta was once the Mediterranean’s premier tourist destination. Thousands of visitors came here each year to use the area’s renowned seaport to bring products and people into and out of Cyprus. The Turkish Army continues to guard and preserve certain sites in Famagusta as a reminder of what happened to their beautiful town. Famagusta was one of the Northern Cyprus areas that were severely impacted by the 1974 division between the North and the South.

Several points of interest, such as the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the St Barnabas Monastery, enrich North Cyprus’ history and beauty.


North Cyprus’s capital is in Nicosia (Lefkoşa), which is actually denominated North Nicosia. Most visitors come to Nicosia to buy, eat, and start to explore North Cyprus.

Dereboyu is a brand-name shopping district and Main Street (as well as Ledra Street) that houses top-notch eateries as well as innovative, contemporary businesses like Nike, Vans, and more. The new Avenue cinema provides a terrific night out, where you can see a movie, explore the shops, and even have a beverage at the Irish Pub!

The city offers a lot, including stunning landscapes, great attractions such as The Büyük Han (The Great Inn) or the Selimiye Mosque, as well as a wide range of amenities. Affordably priced amenities include public transport, healthcare, and educational facilities.


Iskele is a fantastic spot to invest or purchase real estate. There are a lot of natural resources in the area, including minerals, water, and land. The locals are friendly and inviting, and the weather is mild. It’s an excellent spot to invest in real estate because many businesses are expanding swiftly. The Iskele Peninsula’s golden beaches, especially on the eastern side, can rank among the best in the world. Numerous species of sea turtles are drawn to the sandy coastlines’ pure, clean water, where they return year after year to lay their eggs. There are a variety of villas, apartments, and townhouses available for purchase in Iskele, northern Cyprus. Iskele property is available for a small portion of the cost of other Cyprus’ parts, making the area an excellent choice for reasonably priced housing.

Buying Property in North Cyprus

With its breathtakingly beautiful terrain and pristine waters, Northern Cyprus is a unique location to call home. The rising economy and stable government of Northern Cyprus are only two of the many benefits of buying real estate there. Spot Blue can assist you in finding the ideal home within your price range and requirements.

Why buy a Property in Northern Cyprus?

The best way to maximise your return on investment is to purchase a home in North Cyprus. Property rarely decreases in value anywhere in the world, but investing intelligently in North Cyprus can yield excellent returns.

Here’s an illustration: UK banks pay 0.1% interest on deposits, so if you have £300,000 in the bank, you’d be lucky to get £30 in interest each month.

You will be much better off purchasing real estate in North Cyprus.

In addition to the home’s increasing value over time, a long-term lease might bring in £700 to £1000 per month in rental income. If and when you decide to sell the property, you’ll get your money back, plus much more. Compared to the UK or Europe, your £300,000 home represents fantastic value. For example, you’d be lucky to find a flat in London for this amount, and in South Cyprus, you’d pay three times as much for a similar Villa with a pool and stunning views of the sea and mountains.

Because of the unrivalled luxury of living in North Cyprus and the sterling’s favourable exchange rate to the Turkish Lira, many ex-pats are deciding to settle there permanently.  It’s calm, lovely, and reasonably priced.

Your pounds go a long way. A cold beer is generally less than £1, fish and chips under £9 and a three-course meal for two people can cost as much as £20.

How to Find the Right Property for You in North Cyprus

When looking for the ideal house in Cyprus, there are many aspects to consider, including location, size, and cost. From the city to the countryside, there are many places in Northern Cyprus where you can find real estate for sale. There is no one-size-fits-all method for locating the ideal property, so selecting a home that meets your wants and expectations is critical.

When searching for a Northern Cyprus house for sale, take your needs into account. You might want to check in the more populous parts of the island if you’re seeking for a big house with lots of space. On the other hand, a smaller region can be more appropriate if you are merely searching for a cheap place to live while you finish your North Cyprus residence application procedure or take care of any business matters on the island.

It’s crucial to choose the ideal Northern Cyprus property for your needs when searching for listings. The easiest way to achieve this is to take the time to investigate various locations and examine particular homes. Additionally, think about your budget and the qualities you want in a property. Last but not least, be sure to ask local real estate agents about their offerings and choose someone you can trust. Additionally, location matters when looking for a property. If for example you’re after peace and calm it’s crucial to find a more lightly populated area.

A property is a great investment and can be used as an income-producing asset or to live in, but it’s also important that you buy the right one. We are your trusted North Cyprus estate agent. We can help you find the perfect property for sale in North Cyprus as well as take care of your property management for your peace of mind. Call us on +44 (0) 208 339 6036 or email: info@spotblue.com for more information on any of our properties or to book a visit. You can also browse our listings here in our site: www.spotblue.com.