apartments for sale in Cadiz, Costa De La Luz, Spain

The beaches are protected from the backdrop of pine trees and there are plenty of sand dunes where families can set up camp and enjoy a day at the beach. What is lovely about Costa de la Luz is its not been overly developed and you won’t see high rise hotels and apartment blocks. Now is the time to invest in apartments for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, before this lovely area becomes well known around the globe. Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is slightly cooler which is ideal for families with small children. A lovely breeze is soothing during the heat of the day and aids sleep at night time.

    What is there to do in Cádiz?

    Cádiz is a 2 hour and 12 minute drive away (207.0 km) from Costa de la Luz. Cadiz is backed by cliffs and coves and is a distinctive city, easily recognisable by its wonderful old buildings as one of the world’s oldest cities. This ancient port is home to the Spanish Navy and has a rich and colourful history of great importance. During the 16th century it was one of the main bases in the south western region of Spain for trade. If you enjoy the design or simply the history of watchtowers, you can’t go wrong here in Cádiz as its home to over 100 watchtowers and this signifies its importance as they were used for ship spotting. The Torre Tavira is one of the most famous watch towers and is a landmark in Cádiz, it gives uninterrupted views across the Atlantic Ocean and the city. It’s decorated in design and was built in the 1700’s. The baroque, neoclassical 18th-century Cádiz Cathedral is found along the waterfront, domed in style, this beautiful Cathedral is a must visit when in Cádiz. This amazing city which is brimming with local history is just 2 hours away from you when you own a lovely Spanish apartment in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain. This location is also a great tourist spot and sightseers will learn much about this wondrous port city.

    The truth is, Costa del la Luz is not a new Costa that has suddenly sprung up from nowhere. This Costa has been around for a long time and the Spanish locals have been keeping it under wraps for themselves. Can you blame them? No, I can’t either, that’s why it’s retained its Spanish charm and is a delight to visit. But more than that, this superb location lures keen golfers to play its golf courses for all levels and abilities. The landscape is a massive attraction and property for sale in, Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, is hot news and developers are keen to invest in this location. Overseas apartments in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, for sale make for an excellent choice for those who want to play golf on their holidays. Golf apartments for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, are as close to the green as you can get.

    Why do people buy property in Cádiz?

    Due to the position of these golf apartments in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, for sale, they are a superb investment. Golfing holidays are on the increase and golfers are always looking for new and exciting greens to play. If they can buy an apartment for sale Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain they will and they do. Holiday homes in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain for sale means extended holidays for you and your family and long weekend breaks to fit some golf in with a group of friends. Investors will let these properties out and make excellent returns on their initial investment. The capital growth rate is good and this type of long term investment is a win, win for all concerned. Golf flats for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, are set in landscapes offering lush green views of the fairways and the sea.

    The fairways are set on the edges of the beaches with its stretches of golden sand and spectacular views. There is plenty of greenery here and no built up buildings to distract you from the views, offering the buyer of apartments in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, for sale a feeling of space and openness. This is prime location and perfect for apartments for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain set right next to the golf course serving up a whole host of amenities. It’s not only the golfers who are catered for on this type of golfing complex.

    Apartments in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, for sale are contemporary in design, they usually start from 2 bedrooms upwards. You can also find penthouses for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, they start from 3 bedrooms upwards and serve up amazing views of the beaches and surrounding areas. The apartments for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, are as close as one can get to the golfing facilities. Part of what’s known as the Golf Golden Triangle, this superb course has hosted both the Spanish Open and the Ryder Cup. The golf club here has landscaped gardens, walking paths full of colourful flowers and shrubs where one can enjoy the calmness of the area. Ideal for families as it’s a private complex. For those that invest in an apartment in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, for sale, the golf club gives exclusive offers to home owners if they choose to become a member of the golf club. Around and about, you can take advantage of the facilities at Sotogrande Marina and its wonderful upmarket shopping centre. The beaches are marvellous at Sotogrande, Guadiaro and Alcaidesa too and makes for a change of scenery.

    What are the apartments in Cádiz like?

    Spacious and bright they are spread over a large piece of land meaning you are not on top of your neighbours. Open plan is the design, maximising the space and the rooms lead on to large terraces. Here the views are scenic and it’s the ideal place to enjoy your morning coffee or indeed dine al fresco at any time of the day. Large picture windows and patio doors allow the outside in, the finishes plus fixtures and fittings are second to none. Tiling is used throughout and the fitted kitchens offer excellent quality appliances. Air conditioning, Wi-Fi and lifts are an added benefit. Underground parking space and a storeroom is another plus. If you prefer something special, then opt for a luxury apartment for sale in Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain. You get all the above plus so much more and the views from the penthouse are amazing. This is where you can also have lots of privacy as the terraces are huge, you can sunbathe here in private if you wish with no prying eyes.

    The complex offers large landscaped gardens with seating areas where you can meet friends or enjoy reading a book in beautiful surroundings. Taking a dip in the communal swimming pool is the ideal way to cool off, after taking in a spot of sunbathing on the terrace areas. These Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, Spain, apartments for sale make super holiday homes that you can return to time and time again. They are a must for the keen golfer, who wants to live in the sunshine on a permanent basis and play golf every day. As for the investor, why wouldn’t you invest in one of these amazing properties? Actually you probably already have and bought more than one.

    What other towns and cities are close to Cádiz?

    The Coto Doñana National Park is where the birds flying from Africa to Europe stop over and rest. As this park is an important location for the birds it is protected and you cannot enter it, but you can drive around it. After resting the birds make their way across the Strait of Gibraltar during spring time and then autumn. Tourism here is fairly quiet and that’s why it’s a beautiful location to visit and its where the locals holiday. Beautiful beaches here include Punta Umbria and Isla Cristina which hold the coveted Blue Flag status.

    From here you can visit the wonderful city of Seville which is just a 1 hour and 40 min (121.4 km) drive inland. This outstanding city is famous for its landmarks including Alcázar Castle and The Gothic Seville Cathedral which is the tomb and resting place of Christopher Columbus’s. Seville is full to the brim with Spanish history and to be honest, is worthy of a couple night’s stay to fully appreciate its delights. Gibraltar is a 1 hour and 39 minute (118.3 km) drive away and is where you will find the imposing 426m high Rock of Gibraltar. You can visit the remains of its castle, its lighthouse and caves. Marbella is a 1 hour and 57 minute (177.1 km) drive and here you can get your shopping fix in this exclusive resort. Swish bars and fancy restaurants along the beautiful marina are where the elite hang out. Luxury yachts and designer shopping are in abundance here. Malaga takes 2 hours and 35 minutes (233.5 km) to drive there. This is where Pablo Picasso the Spanish artist was born and the city pays homage to him via museums and art galleries. Beautiful within its own right the city has much to offer with its ancient historic sites, fabulous eateries and is rich in culture.

    How do you get to Cádiz?

    Flights from the UK to Gibraltar International Airport, which is the nearest airport take around 2 hours and 55 minutes. From the airport to resort is a quick 30 minute transfer and you can either go by shuttle bus, private transfer, private car hire or grab a taxi outside arrivals. You can also fly in to Jerez Airport if you prefer and the transfer from airport to resort is 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive. Again you have the option of shuttle bus, private transfer, private car hire or grab a taxi to your resort.

    What is the climate like in Cádiz?

    This is important for the holiday makers plus the golfers who plan their time away to play golf in good weather. April, May and October are excellent months to play as the average temperature is between 20 – 25°C with pleasant sunny days. It goes without saying that the hottest months are July and August where temperatures easily top at least 29°C but they can climb higher. It doesn’t rain at this time of year and July is where you will see the most daily of hours of sunshine, which average 12 hours per day.

    Cádiz offers the discerning tourist or investor of property for sale in Cádiz, something different. It’s not your usual bustling resort, it gives you a true essence of Spain. Sightseers will enjoy learning all about Spanish culture and its history and it’s a must for golfers either with their families or golfing buddies.