Properties for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain

This beautiful country has a vast coastline and one of the more picturesque areas is La Manga its official title is La Manga del Mar Menor. La Manga is located in the Murcia region of Spain and if you are looking for the ideal apartment or villa in Spain, look no further than property for sale in La Manga del Mar Menor, this lovely area is very popular for the holiday home buyer, investor and the expats who want to live in a sunny climate in beautiful surroundings on the coast of mainland Spain.

    It is known as the “paradise between two seas” and buyers flock there to invest in property in La Manga del Mar Menor they can choose either stylish apartments or luxury villas in both contemporary and modern designs with the most amazing views in this much-loved upmarket area. La Manga is in high demand with a superb range of amenities that everyone can enjoy and the property prices of real estate in La Manga del Mar Menor for sale are affordable. Here at, we can help you to make your dream a reality of owning your own La Manga del Mar Menor property. When you buy La Manga del Mar Menor properties you are investing in one of the most up market areas in Spain as Murcia is one of the favourite destinations for holiday makers and investors. La Manga is unique and this adds to its charm it is a strip of 21 km long and 100 metres wide it separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor Lagoon from Cabo de Palos to the Punta del Mojón. La Manga is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in Murcia today; it’s nestled in the Costa Calida and has been a hot spot for many years due to its fine sandy white beaches, clear blue waters and its lively atmosphere.


    La Manga del Mar Menor

    When tourists visit La Manga they often feel they are on a small island because they are standing on a strip between two seas plus there are a staggering 40 km of beaches. Before it became a tourist resort La Manga was once a bay which was open to the Mediterranean at either end of the strip. Volcanic reefs over time held back the sand and sediment that was dragged along by the sea currents to form a sandy column of dunes and rock vegetation and long beaches in contact with two seas: the Mediterranean and the Menor. Today La Manga is lined with luxury hotels, sailing ports, cafes, bars and restaurants and it’s a popular winter destination to. The golf courses in La Manga have been described as some of the best in the world, situated at the north, south and west of the “strip” with fabulous courses packed with excellent facilities. This is the where the avid golfer needs to invest in La Manga del Mar Menor property for sale it’s a haven for keen golfers who adore the game. In these areas you will find apartments and villas and real estate for sale in La Manga del Mar Menor are central to the golf courses making access easy, it also means they provide a lucrative investment for rental potential. Properties in La Manga del Mar Menor should be added to your property portfolio.

    What does

    La Manga del Mar Menor mean?

    La Manga actually translates from Spanish meaning “The Sleeve” this is due to its layout almost resembling a strip. It identifies the region and the coast of Murcia as a 21 km long chain. It’s a delightful area to invest in La Manga del Mar Menor real estate.

    What is the weather like in

    La Manga del Mar Menor?

    In the summer temperatures reach an average of 25°C and rarely drop below 15°C it’s a super climate for sunbathing and sightseeing.

    History of

    La Manga del Mar Menor

    It was during the 16th century the islands started to merge together, remains of wooden cottages and clay and mud houses were found dating them to the Neolithic age. The Romans and Greeks amongst other settled there due to its fishing and mineral conditions. Wrecks containing gold and silver have been discovered in the depths of Mar Menor history buffs will revel in the historic rich findings.

    Property for Sale in

    La Manga del Mar Menor

    The La Manga “strip” is 21 km long and 100 metres wide from Cabo de Palos to the Punta del Mojón. Stylish apartments and villas in picturesque surroundings are found all along this area the sections are the north, south and west with amazing panoramic vistas from any view point. This is an upmarket vacation area with sports, leisure natural parks and unspoilt beaches, offering a touch of luxury. There are multiple local attractions, including Calblanque and Monte de las Cenizas National Park and Cabo de Palos, a marine reserve.

    How to Get to

    La Manga del Mar Menor


    The nearest airport to La Manga is Murcia (San Javier) which is 25 km (14 miles).


    The main bus service in La Manga takes you to a vast range of different areas, the nearest large town is Murcia and from there, the rest of Spain is just a bus ride away.

    By Car:

    By car from Murcia airport to La Manga via the AP7 is 39.3 km around 28 minutes.

    How to Invest in the

    La Manga del Mar Menor Real Estate Market

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