Properties for sale in Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey

You can fly into Dalaman airport as it is the nearest airport to Kalkan which is 76 miles away, the transfer time is less than 2.5 hours. Transfers from Dalaman to Kalkan are by shuttle bus, private car hire, rental hire car or taxi and they can be booked from your home before you arrive in Turkey. Renting a car is a great idea as it means you can see more of this beautiful coastline, however as already mentioned the local bus service is extremely cheap and reliable and you can travel across Turkey using the bus system.

    This lovely old fishing town is a harbour and is found between Kas and Fethiye, famous for its whitewashed houses with stunning bougainvillaea draping the walls. Until the 1920s the population were mainly Greek and the Greek influence is seen widely today. Kalkan averages over 300 days of sunshine per year making it a massive draw for homeowners who want to invest in Kalkan properties. There is so much to do in and around Kalkan if you want cultural stimulation you will find it here in abundance. There are so many historical sites to visit such as Tlos and Kekova. Kalkan is a great location as it’s close to many ancient Lycian sites and makes for a wonderful day out. Another great day out is to visit the very old traditional Ottoman town called Elmali. It’s found in the Taurus mountain highlands and you can see how Turkish life was like over 100 years ago. What about a day at Saklikent Gorge? It’s the longest canyon in Turkey and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s so easy to understand why real estate in Kalkan for sale is much sought after. Investors and holiday home owners have chosen this particular town not only for its beauty but due to its close proximity to Fethiye especially. This area is very much desired and we have some amazing property for sale in Kalkan.

    If sunning yourself on the beach is your passion then Kalkan has some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey that include Patara Beach and Kaputas beach. There are beach clubs close by where one can sip on a cocktail or two whilst relaxing soaking up the sun and taking in the stunning vistas. Boat trips to nearby coves, bays and caves can be taken so you can experience first hand the spectacular bays and feel the sea breeze. Special cruises are available, why not try one the famous Gullet (a gullet is a wooden Mediterranean Turkish yacht) boat trips that usually last from anywhere from three days to one-week cruises. All this and more is available its no wonder that real estate for sale in Kalkan is flying. If you want something more energetic, how about trying the bays water sports? There is an array of water sports available including scuba diving; speed boat trips, water skiing, wakeboarding and mono-skiing, Jet Ski and paddle boarding to numerous inflatables are available. Literally, anything you can think of, it’s a possibility. So to shopping, whatever it is you’re looking for you can find it here. There are exquisite gold and diamond jewellery. If you collect fine art, then you can find original prints and artwork by local artists and by some of Turkey’s top artists too. Also available are glass, ceramic and woodwork, who wouldn’t want their own property in Kalkan.

    Apartments and Villas for Sale in Kalkan

    Real estate Kalkan is very popular as it’s clearly the perfect destination for many, visitors and holidaymakers don’t want to spend their holidays in hotels; they prefer renting an apartment or villa. This gives freedom to enjoy their holidays and choose their own times for eating. Nobody wants to be bogged down at specific times; a holiday is not for clock watching. This is why investors and holiday home buyers have really hit the jackpot in Kalkan. This truly lovely resort is a haven for visitors wanting to have a super holiday and they are more than happy to pay good prices for rentals. This means the homeowners are reaping the rewards for their investment. Properties in Kalkan get a great return and investors are not just buying one property, they are building up a portfolio of real estate in Kalkan they would be foolish not too.

    So now comes the time to decide what type of property you would like to buy? As you would expect Kalkan property for sale is at the higher end of the price bracket. This is what you would expect in such an upmarket resort and investors and holidaymakers are happy to pay the extra. There are two, three and four bedroom apartments available and duplexes of course. Why not go the extra mile and opt for a luxury villa, a villa will give you added privacy, freedom to come and go as you choose and will more often than not give you amazing views. Have you thought about buying a piece of land in Kalkan and designing your own luxury villa? Different size plots are available and you can have a private pool and beautiful garden areas, how about a BBQ area with a gazebo, sunbathing areas and vast terraces to sit and enjoy a tipple whilst you watch the sunset. This is a great option if your funds allow, your own private villa designed to your own specifications will give you a wonderful Kalkan property. To dine al fresco is one of life’s greatest delights, to take in the sunny afternoons and balmy evenings relaxing, eating and drinking with family and friends is pure joy. Waking in the morning to breakfast on your own terrace whilst taking in the breathtaking views and enjoying the peace and solitude that surrounds you, it is what we all crave for. It’s that quality of life that we all deserve and not just for two weeks a year. When you own your own apartment or villa it also gives you the option of longer holidays, even weekend breaks as often as you want. If you choose, you can rent out when you’re not using, let your investment work for you.

    Kalkan properties are an ideal investment and could be part of your retirement plans. Have you considered what you will do after retirement? Turkey is home to a large ex-pat community meaning holidays and breaks away are like a home from home and property in Kalkan is a favourite to invest in. After retirement many people choose to make Kalkan their permanent home as the cost of living in Turkey is affordable giving you a luxury lifestyle. It means your money stretches further offering beautiful Kalkan property for sale at excellent prices. Don’t worry about getting out and about in Kalkan as getting around is made easy as the local bus service is efficient, cheap and reliable so you don’t need a car unless you really want one.

    Owning An Apartment/Villa in Kalkan

    Kalkan is fairly close to Fethiye which is a thriving tourist town, giving you the best of both worlds. You can buy property in Kalkan making that your home base and being close enough to lively Fethiye to enjoy spending time there. It means you can come and go as you please and if you wish it would be a prudent investment to buy in both areas. Buy a property in Kalkan to use as your home, and buy in Fethiye to rent out as an investment giving you a lucrative income. There are so many investment options available it’s just finding the right investment that is perfect for you.

    It’s a decision you won’t ever regret buying Kalkan property, the area is picturesque with many areas of interest to visit not to mention the scenic beaches. If you are considering buying property in Turkey then Kalkan is one of the most beautiful areas you can invest in. The coastline is stunning and imagine being in the enviable position to live in an area like this not just for holidays but each and every day. Stunning properties in Kalkan can give you the type of lifestyle that most of us only ever dream of.

    What Do Properties Cost To Buy In Kalkan

    There are an array of lovely villages and small towns to choose from, Villas cost from £190,000 GBP, apartments start from £100,000 GBP and a typical house will cost from £160,000 GBP. It’s just a case of you visiting Kalkan too see which is perfect for you, your family and friends.

    Facts about Kalkan

    Telephone area code (+90) 0242
    Area size (approx) 8sq km
    Latitude / Longitude 36.2512° N, 29.4295° E
    Population (approx) 3,500
    Province Antalya

    Information about Kalkan

    • Kalkan is located on the Mediterranean Sea of Turkey; it is also referred to as the gem in Turkeys crown on the Turquoise Coast and it sits on a small hilltop overlooking the small bay of Kalkan.
    • Kalkan is located at 230 km (143 miles) west of Antalya.
    • Kalkan is a picturesque stretch of coastline which is east of Fethiye and west of Ka?.
    • Kalkan was once an Ottoman Greek village named Kalamaki.
    • Kalkan was founded around 150-200 years ago by local Greek and Turkish people.
    • Kalkan is an upmarket resort and is also considered one of the most romantic destinations in Turkey; it is famous for foreign weddings being held there.
    • Kalkan has many popular resorts nearby including Ka? 27km (17 miles) Patara 19 km (12 miles) and Fethiye 139 km (68 miles).
    • Kalkan’s oldest building is its Mosque which was once a Greek Orthodox Church until the 1920’s.
    • Kalkan does not have any sandy beaches but the pebble and shingle beach has been awarded Blue Flag status. Tourists and residents need to travel just outside of Kalkan for sandy beaches.
    • Kalkan currently has 7 excellent beach clubs dotted along its coastline.
    • Kalkan’s most famous beach can be found 19km (12 miles) west of Kalkan and its called Patara Beach.
    • Kalkan’s Patara Beach is also famous for its protected area as nesting grounds for Loggerhead Turtles.
    • Kalkan’s Patara location is the birthplace of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus).
    • Kalkan’s closest sandy beach is Kaputas Beach which is 5km east of central Kalkan.
    • Kalkan has a population of around 3,500 full time residents.
    • Kalkan’s Marina has 80 berths and is ideal for super yacht size boats.
    • Kalkan’s closest International Airport is Dalaman (DLM) 122.9km (1 hour and 47 minutes) drive.
    • Kalkan is also served by Antalya International Airport (AYT) 241.9km (3 hours) away.
    • Kalkan’s main religion practised is Islam.
    • Kalkan’s most foreign tourists are British citizens.
    • Kalkan is only 30 minutes from Saklikent Gorge and it is the second largest gorge in Europe.
    • Kalkan is a mere 11km from Bezirgan where there are ancient rock tombs to be explored.
    • Kalkan lies adjacent to the village of Islamlar which has natural springs dotted throughout the mountainside, its ideal for hikers and walkers.
    • Kalkan is home to a range of luxury villas for sale with picturesque views of its Mediterranean coastline.
    • Kalkan’s luxury property for sale is highly desirable for those wanting an upmarket and enriched lifestyle.