villas for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey

Tranquil Akbuk sits very nicely on the south western coast of Turkey in the province of Aydin on the Aegean Sea. It looks directly across the Aegean to the many islands of Greece. The main stretch of bay is where locals and tourists sun themselves, however, there are many smaller bays where you can top up your tan and have shelter from the many trees there. The beaches are clean and safe and the promenade runs the full length. After the promenade are all the bars and restaurants away from the main road and serving up stunning views of the bay. There is a small harbour and marina where boats are moored and from here you can also book yourself a boat trip. The boat trips make for a relaxing day out where you will visit the numerous bays and coves in the area and view the delightful coastline from the Aegean. Are you considering investing in a villa for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey? If not, maybe you should think about it!

    If you are searching for a lovely location which offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere for your holiday home, choose a Houses for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey. Akbuk was once a fishing village where its main income came from its daily catch. Today, Akbuk, is still a fishing village, where each morning you will see the fishermen go out and return with fresh fish and seafood each evening. The beauty of buying a villa in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey for sale is that each day if you wish, you can buy your fish straight from the harbour. Apart from this, Akbuk provides a beautiful beach, sheltered bay and a pretty backdrop of pine forests and olive groves.

    This small resort is quiet and friendly with a good expat community and during the summer months the resort comes alive as seekers of property for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey and holiday makers descend on the village. Anyone looking for a relaxing location to invest in a holiday home or permanent residence should look for a villa for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey. Beautiful villas in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey for sale are dotted throughout the resort and virtually all, command amazing sea views of the crystal clear Aegean Sea. Some holiday homes for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey are just a few minutes’ walk from the beach whilst others are set on the hill and can take around a 20 or 30 minute stroll. It goes without saying that the villas in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey for sale set on the hill have panoramic views over the bay and are spectacular.

    Although Akbuk is a smallish village, it has everything you need including the weekly Friday market where you can buy all your fresh produce, clothes and home wares. There are several large supermarkets, butchers and fresh bakeries. There is a Post Office (PTT) and ATM cash machines, souvenir stalls and if you are lucky on your visit, you will see lots of local weddings taking place in the summer in the village square along the promenade. The promenade runs the length of Akbuk and makes for a lovely stroll or bike ride. Many locals and visitors walk along the promenade during the evening after dinner to watch the beautiful Akbuk sunset. Homes for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey are on holiday home hunters and investors radar.

    Villas in Akbuk start from 3 to 4 bedrooms, they can be semi-detached or stand-alone villas. Semi-detached villas can have their own private swimming pools and private garden space or they may share a pool and have private garden areas. The advantage of sharing a swimming pool between two villas are the shared costs of the upkeep of the pool. There will be cleaning costs, the electricity used and chemicals for cleaning. If the villa is stand alone or detached within its own walled gardens you are responsible for the upkeep of the pool (if there is one).

    Some villas are set on complexes and may have their own pool or there will be a communal pool for all owners to use. There could be other amenities on a complex such as a gym, a small shop and maybe a café. There will be landscaped gardens where owners may sit and read a book or meet up with other owners and enjoy the summer’s day. Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey villas for sale can be modern or contemporary in design.

    Mainly in Akbuk, the design of the villas tend to be more in keeping with the surrounding environment and blend nicely in to the landscape. They are well built and all the fixtures and fittings are good quality. They offer spacious living accommodation with well-planned living areas and bright rooms with large windows and patio doors that allow plenty of light in to the internal space. They have large balconies and terraces where you can enjoy your breakfast taking in the morning views. Most of the properties have amazing views over the bay or the hillside forest. Overseas homes provide a bolt hole for when you need to escape the rat race and everyday life stresses. We all work far too hard and spend many hours at the office, knowing you have a lovely property in Turkey makes all the difference to your life.

    If you enjoy mixing with people it may be worth you investing in a villa on a complex of many other villas, or a semi-detached villa. If you guard your privacy, it will be to your advantage to buy a stand-alone or detached villa. Here you can have all the privacy you need within your own gardens.

    If your budget allows, why not opt for a luxury villa for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey? These homes are stunningly beautiful which are large with usually 4 bedrooms plus. They are set in large plots which offer a private swimming pool and extensive landscaped gardens. You can add a gazebo for under cover seating, a BBQ area, maybe even a hot tub on your terrace so you can relax under the stars on long summer evenings. Sometimes you may have an infinity pool or indoor pool too, a home gym, sauna room and even a cinema room. These properties offer the ultimate in luxury and the design and building is second to none. The fixtures and fittings are of extremely high quality and so are the floor and wall tiles. This is luxury living at its best and you won’t find anything of this high quality and affordability across the rest of Europe. These luxurious villas are not cheap and you wouldn’t expect them to be, they are luxurious for a reason.

    If you are making the move to Akbuk on a full time basis, why don’t you consider building your own villa to your own specifications? You can buy a plot of land or several plots together. Ideally a plot of at least 1000sqm make a really nice size for a decent 4 or 5 bedroom villa with lots of land surrounding it. You can have a private swimming pool at the size of your choosing, with large terrace areas for your sun beds and umbrellas. Landscaped gardens with features of your choice. Maybe a garage and lockable storage. The favourable weather will mean new plants and trees will soon become established serving up an oasis of tranquility.

    By choosing your own plot means you can have the views you desire. Many would opt for views of the Aegean Sea, but many would want countryside views of lush greenery and hillside views. By building your own villa in the Turkish sunshine, you can have the house of your dreams in a truly picturesque location. As already mentioned there are many expats who live in Akbuk and they have a nice little community atmosphere. They arrange lots of events that take place both in Akbuk and the surrounding areas. Akbuk is less than a 30 minute drive from Didim/Altinkum, less than a 90 minute drive from vibrant Bodrum and 60 minutes from bustling Kusadasi. Living in Akbuk gives you the best of both worlds, a peaceful location and you can visit other super locations whenever you choose to. The larger cities offer lots of shopping opportunities, local well know Turkish stores, brand name shops and designer boutiques. Other amenities such as cinemas, ten pin bowling, horse riding, tennis, fitness, spa and well-being plus yoga are all available.

    What else does Akbuk offer Turkish villa buyers? There are a couple of bars and coffee shops where you can indulge in a cup of coffee and slice of cake whilst taking in the sea views. There is also a great selection of restaurants serving up local authentic Turkish dishes and international favourites too. Akbuk is a family friendly resort and welcomes families with children of all ages with open arms. Entertainment here is family orientated and there are no discos or nightclubs. However, some of the restaurants do have dancing and music nights with live music so the atmosphere is upbeat. If you prefer a nightclub or disco, you can go in to Didim/Altinkum just a 25-30 minute drive away. Villas in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey for sale are perfect for families, couples and groups of friends who want a relaxing environment in the sunshine.

    How easy is it to fly to Akbuk? Regular flights from the UK to Bodrum International Airport (BJV) which is the nearest airport to Akbuk, takes 4 hours. Transfers from the airport to the centre of Akbuk takes a mere 50 minutes over the mountain road. You could also fly in to Izmir International Airport (ADB) from the UK and it takes 3 hours and 50 minutes. However the transfer from Izmir Airport to Akbuk takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes, nevertheless having the choice of airports gives you more options on flight offers and when in the year you can fly direct to your destination. Transfers from the airport to Akbuk are quick, either by shuttle bus, private transfer, hire car rental or private taxi. There are always plenty of taxis outside of Bodrum Airport, so you don’t need to book your taxi in advance.

    What is the weather like in Akbuk? You can enjoy 300 days of glorious sunshine in Akbuk, the bay is sheltered by the backdrop of pine forests and olive trees. There is a wonderful cool gentle breeze which is welcomed especially during the summer months when temperatures can get hot and sultry. The coolest month is January with average temperatures of 14°C and both July and August see sizzling temperatures soar to 35°C. June, July and August have the most daily hours of sunshine with each month seeing 10 hours per day.

    Purchasing an overseas home for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey means your lifestyle will improve drastically. Lots of long summer holidays and long weekend breaks in your home away from home. It will give you and your family and friends more options to spend valuable time with each other. The advantage of buying a villa for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey means, as your family grows the villa will have lots of room to accommodate them and you possibly do not need to consider moving in the future to something larger, unless you want to of course.

    To have options as to where you spend your time is a superb advantage. You could buy a villa in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey for sale now and it could be where you retire too in the future, or spend vast amounts of your time. A lifetime of memories can be made with your family and friends at your holiday home and they are priceless. You cannot put a price on it and villas for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey are affordable and a superb investment. Ideal for families, couples and groups of friends, Akbuk is the place to visit to bring harmony to your life.