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Bodrum means basement in the Turkish language, but its meaning doesn’t do the Aegean peninsula any justice. Bodrum town centre is vibrant and full of life while the smaller surrounding coastal resorts keep a characteristic charm found no-where else in Turkey.

    Packed with history and beautiful landscapes, it is a tourist hotspot attracting Turks and many different nationalities from all corners of the globe. In later years, foreigners have also flocked to buy property in Bodrum because the destination emphasises everything a dream life in the sun should look like. Sitting within the Mugla Province of Western Turkey, Bodrum’s historical claim to fame is as the ancient city of Halicarnassus which was home to the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

    The entire Bodrum peninsula covers 253 square miles and includes beautiful beaches, traditional culture, stunning architecture, many sophisticated harbours and marinas as well as an ancient castle, the famous landmark of the region.
    It is the hedonistic lifestyle that has cemented the reputation of Bodrum though. Designer boutiques, cafes serving local and international cuisine, as well as restaurants and bars for al fresco dining or letting your hair down, have for many years attracted the spirituality and artistic circles of society. Having also played host to many Turkish authors and artists in the 1950s, it is naturally favoured by the rich and famous.

    Why Invest in Bodrum Real Estate?

    The reasons to invest in Bodrum are plentiful, proving that the peninsula really does accommodate for every type of lifestyle and social class.


    All coastal resorts of the Bodrum peninsula are within an easy driving distance of Milas Airport that has many international and domestic flight options, especially during summer. Its Aegean beachfront position on the Turkish Riviera and distance from Kos, only 3 kilometres away, also makes sea transport another choice for locals. Otherwise, the central bus station connects with other places in Turkey via the frequent and cheap countrywide bus system.

    Foreign Buyers and Expats:

    Since tourism is a significant source of income, many Bodrum locals speak English, therefore eliminating any language barriers. Thanks to the multi-cultural feel, property for sale in Bodrum has been popular with foreign nationalities for many years now, so there is an already set up expat community should you need advice or help.


    Investors looking for a buy-to-let investment in Turkey are tapping into an already proven tourism market. Bodrum, a significant player of the Turkish Riviera, is known for its expertise in sailing and yacht construction. Since the early 1980s, it has also been a featured destination of mainstream package holidays and with the advancement of the internet branched out to appeal to independent travellers.

    The Property Market:

    The real estate market includes every type of property including new, resale, off-plan, apartments and villas. It also accommodates all types of buyer’s budgets from limited first-time buyers to millionaire properties. With a range of coastal locations to choose from, buyers can take their pick and will find what they are looking for.

    Shopping and Nightlife:

    Naturally given the hedonistic vibes of Bodrum, the nightlife choices are endless. Choose pulsating action in large nightclubs and on party catamarans or wind it down a notch with alfresco rooftop terrace or seaside dining. The need in indulge in shopping is also satisfied with a range of small, weekly markets or big shopping malls selling international brand names.

    Apartments and Villas for Sale in Bodrum:

    Villas in Bodrum tend to fall into two categories that are old renovated stone houses reflecting the architectural trends of the past or new modern homes incorporating original architecture styles. Prices start at £100,000 for a basic, old villa and increase to the millionaire’s homes often marketed as beachfront properties. The price bracket of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom single floor and duplex apartments starts at £45,000, therefore boosting Bodrum’s reputation as the ideal place for first-time overseas buyers.

    Where to Buy Property in Bodrum:

    The Bodrum peninsula consists of many smaller coastal and inland villages and towns. Each has an individual style and specific characteristics that stand out to buyers.

    Property for sale in Yalikavak:

    Since the construction of an ultramodern marina, Yalikavak has seen a substantial increase in interest from foreign property buyers. Once a small, unheard-of fishing village, it turned into a British expat hub before becoming the yachting centre of expertise that is now. However, it still offers diversity because while the marina concentrates on high-end dining and shopping, the old town holds traces of a bygone era.

    Property for sale in Gumusluk:

    While Yalikavak is all about the luxurious lifestyle, the charm of Gumusluk shines through in its rustic roots as a small fishing village. Despite its low-key ambience, Turks from around the country visit it, to find out why it has garnered a reputation as serving the best fish and seafood on the Bodrum peninsula. The landmark Rabbit Island is its most famous claim to fame, but the surrounding countrywide also holds many more walking routes and small, country lane cafes.

    Property for sale in Gundogan:

    For many years, this resort has attracted Turks from the big cities, some of who retired there while others use it is a summer holiday home. The traditional Turkish charm combined with the vibes of a bohemian lifestyle have attracted foreign property buyers, who also instantly fall in love because of the stunning Aegean Sea views.

    Property for sale in Gulluk:

    Gulluk is a well-kept secret of the Turks who like its rustic fishing village appeal, while foreigners who are lucky to fall in love with the area, enjoy its proximity to Bodrum airport. Sitting in the Mandalya bay, it will suit Bodrum property buyers looking for a home away from the action. Although life is lowkey, holidaymakers and locals alike adore the beach clubs and restaurants serving up traditional Bodrum cuisine.

    Property for sale by Lake Tuzla and Lasos:

    These areas are known for their all-inclusive holiday complexes that suit holidaymakers and Bodrum investors looking for a buy-to-let-income. Many property owners and holidaymakers hire a car to get around, and it is only a 15-minute drive to the neighbouring resort of Gulluk. First-time buyers are on a budget would do well to look at this area.

    Property for sale in the Bodrum town centre:

    One of the most desired areas for buying a property in Bodrum is the town centre. As the hub of sailing in the region, as well as shopping, and nightlife, the diversity offered in day to day living encompasses both budget and luxury property buyers and holidaymakers. Mainstream travel brochures often feature the white sugar cubed houses sitting on green hills leading down to the Aegean, but the town centre has also embraced modern architecture with open arms and some of the best, millionaire properties are to be found in this region.

    Property for sale in Gokcebel:

    Sitting on the outskirts of the Yalikavak region, Gokcebel separates into two parts that are the new and old districts of the village. Magnificent courtyard stone houses that portray Bodrum’s historical Greek past are the focal point of the original part, while the new neighbourhood sitting nearer to the coastline features modern homes with the latest technology. Most locals from Gokcebel enjoy the tranquillity of their small village and just travel into nearby Yalikavak for more shopping establishments.

    Property for sale in Torba:

    This seaside village sitting northeast of the main town centre, has kept its traditional village vibes despite an onslaught of modern developments. Pine forests and olive groves line the hillside while the coastal line that is naturally where everything and anything happens is home to cafes and restaurants promoting the latest catch of the day on their menu specials board. Swimming, relaxing and soaking up the summer times vibe is what Torba is all about.

    Other Places to Buy Bodrum Property:

    Turkbuku hardly appears in mainstream travel brochures or property agent’s windows, and that is because the resort, nicknamed the Saint Tropez of Turkey has an elite clientele with millionaire properties taking pride of place on the coastline.
    In the opposite direction, Gumbet has garnered a cheap and cheerful destination, proving itself to be popular with British holidaymakers who enjoy the nightlife and water sports.
    Kadikalesi is undeveloped with just a few modern housing developments and old village houses surrounding the long sandy beach. While Turgutreis is another destination favoured by the Brits, most of who take holidays there, but some have also moved to the area as permanent expat residents.

    How to Buy Property in Bodrum:

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