Properties for sale in USA

If you are looking for the ideal holiday home you really should consider the United States. The choice of property for sale in the United States is staggering whether it’s a condo in Miami, a house in Fort Lauderdale or a villa in Orlando, there are so many options to choose from. United States property is high end with private swimming pools and if you buy a property in Orlando for example you are close to all the theme parks usually just a 30 minute drive away. These particular areas and property in USA is highly sought after for many different reasons.

Real estate for sale in United States makes for a lucrative investment, for those either wanting to invest in a holiday home, a retirement home or to reside on a permanent basis. If you are buying as an investment to rent out your property, you will earn a very good income from it. The visitors to Florida are rising year on year and over 116.5 million tourist visited Florida in 2017 with 102.3 million being domestic visitors, 3.5 million visited from Canada and 10.7 million tourists came from overseas. This lovely spot in the world is where virtually every child wants to visit and it’s fair to say, most adults too!

Investing in USA property for sale opens up the US to you to further explore. This is a vast country and is the 4th largest country in the world covering an area of 9,834 million square kilometres with a population of around 327.16 million people. Each state (of which there are 50) has a different character to it and most who buy US properties have a bucket list to visit each and every one. The most popular locations that foreigners buy US real estate in are Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami and the three areas are close enough in distance to drive too. US citizens often retire themselves to these areas again predominantly for the weather and the easy way of life it affords. As the US is such a large country the climate is very different in different states and who doesn’t want to live in a warmer climate?

The distance from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale by car is 3 hours 10 minutes (212.8 miles).
From Orlando to Miami by car is 3 hours 27 minutes (235.6 miles).
From Fort Lauderdale to Miami by car is just 48 minutes (28.9 miles).

This makes buying properties in US in these superb locations very exciting offering a three centre holiday destination. Visiting Fort Lauderdale and Miami whilst you are in Orlando can make a few days away a very nice break. Investing in real estate in USA brings many fabulous choices along with stunning choices of homes to buy.

Orlando and Fort Lauderdale are favourites for expats to retire too due to the desirable weather and slower pace of life. Retirement is an ideal time to purchase property for sale in US and take advantage of the eternal days of sunshine. Florida is as welcoming as can be and it’s not called the sunshine state for nothing. In Orlando, August is the hottest month with average temperatures hitting 33°C with an average of 11 hours of sunshine per day. The coldest month is January with average temperatures at 22°C. Fort Lauderdale’s hottest month is July with average temperatures of 32°C and January is the coldest month with temperatures not dipping below a warm 24°C. Expats who want a more upbeat lifestyle opt for Miami where August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 30°C and the coldest month is January where temperatures are 23°C.

What types of real estate in US for sale are there? Generally apartments or condos start at 1 bedroom but if you want something big then look at investing in a villa that comfortably sleeps 8 people. Apartments and condos are great if your family visiting the US is small. Maybe you will be spending your days outside sightseeing rather than spending time in the condo, if there are only around 4 people say two adults and two children a condo will be big enough. However if you plan to be out and about and spending a lot of time also in your home then choose a villa as it provides familiar home comforts. This type of holiday home is ideal for larger families and friends who love to holiday together, the villas offer bags of space and usually comes complete with a private pool. This type of property for sale in US gives you more freedom to sightsee one day and then spend the next day at home enjoying the pool and terrace areas.

US Condos and Apartments

Condos and apartments are available usually from 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms they are located close to amenities whether they are in Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Orlando. They have superb sea or ocean views and are on a well equipped complexes with communal pools, landscaped communal gardens, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, security, concierge services and car parking spaces. They are also within walking distance to a range of eateries, bars and entertainment. If you invest in a condo in Orlando you won’t be far from the theme parks, around a 30 minute drive at the most, they are highly desirable.

US Villas and Houses

Villas and houses are large, bright and spacious offering superb large living spaces with bedrooms from 3 upwards. Again if in the Orlando area, are close to theme parks around 30 minutes away. They are also close to golf courses, lakes and have beautiful landscaped gardens and private pools. Sometimes the villas are part of a well kept complex with facilities such as communal pools, fine dining restaurants, cafes, cinema, gym, sauna, hot tubs, games room and a club house for socialising. If you prefer privacy then opt for a detached villa in its own landscaped gardens with a private pool.

US Luxury properties

If you want to invest in a luxury property for sale in the US you will be amazed at the sheer opulence these properties provide. Buying a 4 bedroom luxury condo in Miami will give you a beachside residence with uninterrupted, panoramic ocean views and beaches with all the modern facilities you can think of. Marinas are nearby so you can dock your own boat or indeed hire one for the day if you fancy a day sunning yourself at sea. The living spaces are immense with high quality finishes and exceptionally high ceilings with large windows to take in the picturesque and breathtaking views. The upmarket cocktail bars and excellent restaurants are a stone throw away with designer shopping on hand you really couldn’t be situated in a better top notch location.

Luxurious villas and houses in the USA

Does an 8 bedroom plus 6 bathroom villa or house in Fort Lauderdale or Orlando grab you? They should, they have amazing views over lakes and they are modern in design but have a traditional feel and look about them. Set in a luxury estate with extensive views of lush greenery and parks with lots of communal areas for socialising. Only a short distance from theme parks and attractions Orlando has to offer and owners of this type of property have an astonishing amount of facilities and amenities within this beautiful estate. A huge communal pool with terrace area and sunbeds, a water park with slides ideal for children and tipping buckets, plus a beach side volley ball court at the complex beach. There are docks for boats and you can kayak from here to, plus pavilions to rest and relax and take in the views.

There is a fitness centre, sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, a club house, games room and entertainment area. There is an X-box games room, cinema, bar, gourmet restaurant, reception and concierge desk and if you don’t feel like eating at the restaurant simply place your order by phone with the concierge and it will be delivered to your home.

The advantage of living in an estate like this is that it is set in naturally beautiful surroundings with man made lakes (where you can fish) and acres and acres of private land. Delightful gardens within the estate offer different themes such as butterfly gardens, bird gardens, citrus groves, mini golf, children’s garden and waterfront pavilions offering calm and peaceful environments.

By investing in property for sale in USA it allows numerous holidays throughout the year for you and your family plus your friends. If you decide to rent it out when not using yourself you can take advantage of the excellent rental potential these types of properties bring in by way of income. The keen investor already did this when visiting Florida became the place to go to for a holiday. It was a wise investment to make with all the attractions Florida has such as a wide variety of sport including golfing, abundance of palm fringed beaches, massive shopping malls with well know brand names and designer labels and not forgetting the main lure of the theme parks.

Are these properties rentable? Indeed they are, fly drive holidays are on the increase as holiday makers enjoy renting a car and being independent of the hotels by renting a private apartment or villa. This type of holiday allows them to explore the surrounding areas or venture further afield. A family of 4 will generally opt for a condo and a larger family or families or group of friends will choose a large 8 bedroom villa to rent. This makes perfect sense as splitting the cost of the price of the villa 8 ways means they can often stay longer than two weeks and enjoy the delights of Florida.

Flights to the US are frequent from all international airports throughout the world. Flights from London (for example) to Florida take around 9 hours and 18 minutes the distance is 3,450 miles away (5552.24 km). It’s not a short haul flight by any means but most tourists tend to stay for around 3 weeks and if you own your own holiday home you can stay as long as you wish. The east coast of the US can be reached in less than 7 hours from London; southern states take around 8 hours and 30 minutes and the west coast 10 hours 30 minutes. As already mentioned fly drive holidays are becoming very popular with tourists leaving the airport and getting straight into their hire car to reach their destination. If you prefer not to drive in the US there are trains, private car transfers or jump into any one of the waiting taxis who will be happy to take you to your holiday home.

Whether you are a holiday home buyer, buying for retirement and permanent living or an investor choosing the US is a superb choice. The choice of areas such as Fort Lauderdale, Orlando or Miami offers the buyer a wonderful lifestyle in the ideal Florida climate. The range of condos, houses and villas offer everything from 1 bedroom apartments to 8 bedroom houses and villas sometimes even more bedrooms all set in prime locations. You could be a family all investing together to buy one of these sprawling homes currently for sale, or a group of friends wanting a modern pad in the heart of a buzzing location with ocean views.

Miami offers excitement and thrills plus buzzing nightlife and is one of the worlds most popular holiday destinations.

Fort Lauderdale is a beach lovers delight where you can snooze away the morning and visit a museum in the afternoon or take a walk along the many trails.

Orlando is the mecca of theme parks with over twelve to choose from. Home to Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, an array of water parks and Harry Potter your days will be filled with fun for the children but adults love them too!

Which fabulous location in the US or in popular Florida will you choose?