villas for sale in Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando has it all, it’s a one stop shop for everything you could possibly want in a holiday home. Sunshine, theme parks to suit all ages, lots of family fun and entertainment, golf courses and other sports. Plus, there is a wonderful range of houses for sale in Orlando, Florida, USA to suit every budget.

    Where is Orlando, Florida, USA?

    Orlando sits in the state of Florida and Florida is the southernmost state in the United States. It’s bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Straits of Florida. A bonus is, it’s only 50 miles from Florida to the Bahamas which is a trip you simply must take. Investing in a property in Orlando, Florida, USA for sale opens up the US so you can explore more of it. As the fourth largest country in the world, there is plenty to, see and once you have your own townhouse in Orlando, Florida, USA you can discover all this amazing country has to offer, whenever you choose.

    Why buy real estate in Orland, Florida, USA?

    Real estate in Orlando, Florida, USA for sale make the ideal holiday homes for you and your family. These high end properties serve up private swimming pools and they are usually within a 30 minute drive or less to the well-known theme parks that Orlando is famous for. Yes, these homes are sought after, as a summer holiday destination for family holidays plus, they make a highly desirable investment too in the rental market. Florida welcomes 126.1 million tourists per year and the figures increase annually. 111.8 million visitors are domestic, 10.8 million are foreign visitors and 3.5 million are from Canada. This is one location in the world that really has something for all, children, couples, families and those that have retired.
    There are many different property types you can buy in Orlando, a condo, an apartment, a townhouse, semi-detached villa, detached house or a mansion if you have the funds available. These homes for sale in Orlando, Florida, USA are set in desirable locations. Some have lakeside views, some are close to marinas with picture perfect sea views and all are near to the Walt Disney theme parks and other attractions.

    What are the properties in Orlando, Florida USA like?

    Orlando Condos and Apartments – Usually offer one, two, or three bedrooms and they are within walking distance to bars, restaurants and entertainment. They have incredible ocean or sea views on well-kept complexes with large communal gardens and a swimming pool. Other amenities can include, concierge services, car parking spaces, a sauna, gym and Jacuzzi.
    Orlando Townhouses, Villas and Houses – These homes normally offer from three bedrooms up to eight bedroom houses. They are extremely spacious offering large living rooms, dining area and fully fitted kitchen. The bedrooms are big and the bathrooms are fully fitted with modern suites. Some are set on exclusive complexes and offer landscaped gardens, communal pools, cafes, restaurants, and a club house for social events. Then you have a games room, cinema room, hot tubs, sauna and a gym.
    Luxury property in Orlando – If you want picturesque views from your home, choose a luxury property. The internal space is huge, large windows flood the interiors with sunlight during the day. They are ideal if you have a large family, all you need is on your doorstep, including designer shopping and upmarket entertainment. Views of the ocean are the norm and these homes are set in large gardens offering freedom of movement. Six bedrooms plus, many with en-suite bathrooms are set in luxury estates with lots of verdant parks surrounding you, giving you the privacy you need.

    What are the complexes like in Orlando, Florida, USA?

    The apartment complexes and villa complexes in Orlando are set in the most beautiful of locations. Lush greenery gives each property privacy and incredible sea views. Landscaped gardens and swimming pools with terrace areas for sun loungers. Children have their own pool with water slides, there’s volleyball at the beach plus a dock for boats and mini golf. You can enjoy your daily work out at the fitness centre, then relax in the sauna, Jacuzzi or hot tub. Evenings can be spent at the cinema, whilst the kids spend time in the X-box games room. If you want fine dining you don’t have to leave the complex as there is a gourmet restaurant on site. Whatever you want you can have, there is a reception desk and concierge desk to make life just that little bit easier for you.
    One advantage of buying Orlando, Florida, US property for sale is that you have some wonderful resorts a car ride away. The lively cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami are both in Florida and make an exciting few days away exploring. Orlando to Fort Lauderdale by car is 3 hours 10 minutes (212.8 miles) whilst Orlando to Miami by car is 3 hours 27 minutes (235.6 miles). Apart from all the fabulous theme parks you can visit, Miami and Fort Lauderdale will offer a welcome change.

    How do you get to Orlando in Florida, USA?

    Flights to Florida are frequent from all international airports throughout the world. Flights from London to Florida take on average 9 hours and 18 minutes the distance is 3,450 miles away (5552.24 km). From the airport you can hire a car, take a transfer or jump in a taxi cab.

    What is the weather like in Orlando, Florida, USA?

    One of the biggest advantages in Orlando is the weather. Even during the coldest month in January the average temperature is 22°C. The hottest month is August and it sizzles at 33°C enjoying 11 hours per day of sunshine.
    Kick start and enrich your lifestyle, and begin your Orlando search for a spectacular home in Florida, USA without delay. Why wait, you need this!