Restaurants in Marbella

When you hear the word “Marbella”, what comes to mind? Probably the sun, sand, and sea; parties in Marbella clubs; a quiet beach on the Bay of Andalucía, – and of course – bargain shopping in the old farmer’s market. With so much to explore or do in Marbella, there is no better place to enjoy the exciting Meditteranean cuisine of southern Spain. Marbella’s diverse cuisine is a reflection of its rich history and multicultural population. Tapas are the quintessential European taste-bud teaser, and as such has become a popular feature on most gastronomy tour itineraries. It is a great city with something for everyone in the family. A blend of blue sky and ocean, hills, cliffs, and shoreline play host to a lively town. Beautiful beaches are nearby for the tourists, and property investment in Marbella attracts investors as its thriving business sector provides opportunities for those seeking real estate investment properties. History is rich here with plenty of cultures to take in.

restaurants in marbella

If you’re a fan of good food, sea views, and active nightlife, you’ll love Marbella. The city attracts partygoers and savvy shoppers alike with upscale boutiques, shops, and many exclusive restaurants.

About Marbella

Marbella is a thriving cosmopolitan town situated on the Costa del Sol, in the province of Málaga. This port city boasts a warm climate throughout the year and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Besides providing guests with some of the best views of the Mediterranean coastline, Marbella is home to an array of restaurants offering a delicious range of Italian, Spanish, French and International cuisine.

Marbella has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation: the golden beaches and a blue sea; the fascinating history of its old village; outstanding restaurants, bars, and discos; the thrilling nightlife; countless adventures, excursions, and tours. Marbella is also a great shopping centre.

In addition to the usual Spanish shops, there are international fashion boutiques that serve food along with their wares. You can see craftsmen and women at work in various venues. You can shop until you drop in one of the many department stores or mall-type shops, and the weather is warm and sunny most of the year.

Local Cuisine

Food is a big part of the allure of life in Marbella, and specialities abound. Whether you’re craving fresh seafood straight from the Mediterranean Sea or the hearty cuisine of neighbouring countries, restaurants in Marbella have you covered. Try local tapas like patatas bravas (fried potatoes) or salmorejo cordobés (cold tomato soup), and don’t forget the fresh sangria! Dining out has never been easier.

Here are some top local delicacies:


Ajoblanco is one of the oldest soups in Spanish cuisine and dates back to Moorish times. It’s thickened with whitened bread, made creamy with milk and given a wonderfully fresh texture from apples and grapes.

Estepos de Sardinas

Marbella’s beaches are home to dozens of estepos de sardinas – ‘sardine skewers,’ wooden stakes on which sardines are impaled before being left out to roast close to a fire in the sand and sold to the beachcombers. Familiarize yourself with one of the tastiest snacks in all of Spain, as you pluck each delicacy from the golden sand.

Gambas al pil pil

Gambas al pil pil is one of the most popular delicacies in Marbella. Raw prawns are flash-fried almost immediately after they are peeled, and served fragrant and sizzling hot in clay bowls. The spicy sauce is paired with lemon wedges and rustic bread chunks to soak it up.

restaurants in marbella

Where are the Best Restaurants in Marbella?

Throughout the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the wide range of restaurants in Marbella, where you can enjoy some of the best cuisines in Spain and arguably, all over Europe. The sunny climate here allows for a rich variety of fruits, vegetables and seafood to be used in ingredient preparation. Classics such as paella are widely available, as well as other typical Spanish dishes such as tapas. Of course, there is also an abundance of international meals.

Several restaurants and cafés are open throughout the day serving both tapas and full meals at reasonable prices. The well-known Puerto Banus has a good selection of restaurants and speciality shops to delight your palette.

Whether you’re looking for a fabulous lunch by the seafront or one of the many cosmopolitan bistros, health and wellness cafes, or fancy a romantic dinner at one of Marbella’s celebrated 4 Michelin star restaurants, this Spanish gem of a city has you covered.

The best restaurants in Marbella are known for their mouthwatering cuisine, great service, and romantic atmosphere. If you’re looking for exceptional dining, look no further than Breathe in Puerto Banus, which also hosts a bakery & artisan cafe; Ground, on its ground floor. Other options include Rosas Cafe, close to the marina, and Savor in San Pedro de Alcántara featuring a fusion of delights with Cuban and Asian influences.

You are certain to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion. For a romantic dining experience with stunning views of the ocean, Besaya Beach on Marbella’s Golden Mile is a superb restaurant.

You never know where your culinary exploration of the city will take you. From cutting edge to rustic, from avant-garde to traditional, the culinary scene in Marbella is as varied as it is delicious.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Marbella?

Marbella boasts a host of top-class facilities. Its bustling and cosmopolitan streets, outdoor cafes, world-class golf courses, luxury shopping, beautiful beaches and scenic countryside make it one of the most attractive and stylish places to live in Spain.

Investing in Marbella real estate is a smart decision. This pleasant Mediterranean town has long been a favourite with expatriates, and it is an increasingly popular place for vacationers because of its year-round warm climate, world-class golf facilities, and proximity to other exciting cities in southern Spain.

Marbella is more than just a popular tourist destination; it has some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods for housing in Spain. Furthermore, property owners in Marbella have already benefited from the special inheritance tax law. Under the legislation, properties in Marbella are exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Property for sale in Marbella

Property for sale in Marbella include many new properties in Puerto Banus, both on the seafront and close to restaurants and entertainment. They have a range of different properties to suit all needs and budgets: apartments, townhouses combining spacious living areas with separate bedrooms and bathrooms, villas, or townhouses on the beachfront. Many of these properties have beautiful terrace style gardens which add extra space to enjoy al fresco dining.

From apartments to single-family homes, the Marbella area is a popular destination for those looking to find a beautiful getaway spot.

Ready to buy your dream home?

Your new start in life is here, in the land of sun, sea and sardine skewers. Feel the warm sun on your face as you stroll through the cobbled streets of this real-life fairytale town, with its white walls, the flower market and pastel-painted balconies looking out over the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

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