Welcome to Fuengirola in the Costa del Sol Region of Spain

Fuengirola coastal resort in the Costa del Sol region of Spain delights everyone who visits with all the amenities on offer. This once-small fishing village is a famous Andalucian town worthy of respect.
Despite being big on tourism and attracting large expat communities, Fuengirola maintains cultural heritage status yet still embraces marvels of modern living.
From concerts to facilities, and amenities, to hotels, shops, and summer season vibes, tourists always enjoy themselves, and foreign residents call the town home from home. In addition, Fuengirola is an excellent destination for the whole family, thanks to friendly community vibes, while single people also find their niches catered for. So, let’s look further at the Costa Del Sol’s introduction to Spanish life and modern living.

About Fuengirola in the Costa del Sol

History of Fuengirola
The first signs of Fuengirola’s history can trace back to the Arab, Roman and Phoenician eras. Origins start with small settlements located on a hill near the Sohail castle, Suel. In the history museum of Fuengirola, is an ancient statue uncovered during excavations of this site. Around the Middle Ages, all town mentions disappeared from old scripts until the Moorish era, when the name became Suhayl. One of the seven saints of Marrakesh, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah bin Ahmed lived here in the 12th century. In 1485, Fuengirola became part of the Mijas district after citizens fled after mass fires and threats from pirates. However, in 1841, Fuengirola regained separate status.

Modern Day Fuengirola
Like other towns on the Costa del Sol’s coastline, Fuengirola’s leading trade was fishing and agriculture. But then, tourism took over in the 1960s. This prompted many locals to build hotels, bars, restaurants, and all the facilities tourists wanted. As tourism progressed, so did living abroad or buying summer holiday homes, which many foreigners have done in Fuengirola. Approximately 25% of registered citizens come from other countries. Masses of British tourists also visit during summer.
While Fuengirola has embraced modern living, people don’t have to look far to see traces of old days, especially in the old port area; Spanish anglers still use that to head out along the coast for the daily catch of the day.

Public Transport to and Around Fuengirola
Part of the attraction of Fuengirola is that it is easy to get to and around. Malaga airport, which services much of the Costa del Sol, is just 25 minutes’ drive away. The town centre train station runs to Malaga city, whereas the bus station is another alternative method of public transport. The bus service includes nearby places and others along the A7 highway where Fuengirola is located. Finally, Fuengirola is also 30 minutes’ drive from Marbella city. Indeed, the geographical position of Fuengirola is a bonus.

Fabulous Beaches for Summer Days
Those who love the beach will delight in knowing that Fuengirola town has 7 kilometres of beachfront promenades fronted by sandy beaches on the coast. Indeed, social town life revolves around the beaches, whether swimming, jogging, walking the boardwalk, or relaxing in seaside restaurants, cafes and bars to lap up fantastic sea views along the coast. Choose from several beaches, including Carvajal, Las Gaviotas, Los Boliches, El Ejido, San Francisco, and Torre Blanca.

For cyclists, coast lanes are next to the beaches to make getting about easy. The El Ejido beach is called Playa del Castillo, and this leads onto Santa Amalia via a suspension bridge. Playa San Francisco beach is only tiny, so avoid the high tourism season if you don’t like town crowds or head to Los Boliches for the excellent chiringuito beach bars serving fried whitebait. One thing is for sure; when it comes to beaches and the coast, Fuengirola town won’t disappoint.

Sohail Castle and Cultural Events
Sohail Castle, the landmark of Fuengirola town during ancient times, dates from AD 956. Also known as Castillo Sohail and originally built to defend the coastline, the Arab castle lay crumbling for centuries. However, in 2000, extensive renovations completely renovated the aesthetic appearance, and these days, the Moorish castle attracts many tourists. If you buy property to live in Fuengirola town, keep an eye out for announcements. The local council hosts festivals, live music and concerts in the castle, like the festival of music and dance, the medieval market, and the Marenostrum Fuengirola. Although commonly associated with bullfighting, the Plaza de Toros is another place that holds many concerts and festivals attracting people from around the Costa del Sol.

Plaza de la Constitución Town centre
The Plaza de la Constitución centre in Fuengirola is a meeting point for many locals but has cultural heritage significance and belongs to the old town part. Standing next to the church of the Virgen del Rosario, the patron saint of Fuengirola, and where to go for easter service, this is the centre place to head to for quaint cafes and to people watch. The stunning aspect is the Tree of Pelotillas, the only reminder of when the centre square was first.

Los Boliches District of Fuengirola
If ever there was a favoured part of Fuengirola, it would have to be Los Boliches. Covering the seafront of eastern Fuengirola, Los Boliches seems stuck in time with the fishing village ambience and a world away from big cities in the Costa del Sol region. The local council has invested heavily to keep up with modern living, but they perfected it in a way that still retained the old Andalusian charm. Visitors and locals love the selection of restaurants and cafes, and everyone agrees that the
immaculate beaches are perfect for summer days. The history museum of Fuengirola is the place to find out more if you are interested in the story.

Animals at Bioparc Fuengirola
Bioparc Fuengirola is somewhere to visit where the kids can learn about our planet in fun and exciting ways. The Bioparc Fuengirola aims to preserve species and be somewhere for animals to coexist in replications of their natural habitat. The park is designed so visitors can see the natural habitats to learn more about the animals.

Other Attractions in Fuengirola
For other attractions, Fuengirola never disappoints. Head to the marina section of Fuengirola, to see local companies selling tours to go dolphin spotting along the coast. Of course, hire a private boat to head further afield. Otherwise, enjoy various water-sea sports, including jet skis. Younger kids will like Should Park with the amusement rides and arcade. History lovers should head to Finca del Secretario, excavated ruins, where historians uncovered traces of Roman baths, and other Roman
remains. Finally, drive to Mijas Pueblo, a beautiful white house village, for your traditional Andalusian ambience, or even head to Malaga city for day outs.

Golfing in Fuengirola
Naturally, anyone who knows the Costa del Sol of Spain will talk about golfing. The closest golf courses to Fuengirola are Golf Torrequebrada, Santa Clara and Marbella Golf Country Club. However, if you are looking at Fuengirola to buy property but still want easy access to golf courses, rest assured that there are 24 courses within 30 kilometres. Marbella Club is an 18-hole course within 30 minutes’ drive; Santa Clara is 25 minutes’ drive away, while Torrequebrada is 20 minutes’ drive.

Shopping in Fuengirola
Miramar shopping centre offers many dining options, shopping and entertainment all under one roof. The cinema complex has 12 screens, while the terrace offers incredible views of Fuengirola, and shoppers can relax in the Chill Out Bar. Miramar has a kids club, 140 stores and various fast-food places. There is a sprawling street market every Tuesday and Saturday. For high-brand shopping, head to the central Plaza square; otherwise, other shops and boutiques are dotted around the whole

Bars, Restaurants and Cafes
Fuengirola doesn’t have one concentrated place for eating out and partying, but they are scattered throughout the town. Head to the centre Plaza square for the bars surrounding it, like Bar Restaurante La Plaza, which offers various cuisines including Bar, Cafe, Mediterranean, European, and Spanish. Also, the seafront during summer, for fish and seafood menus in tranquil atmospheres.
Otherwise, there are many other places, including sushi, Indian, Tapas and Mexican. Also, visit the stands at La Galeria food market to try Spanish and international food. Visitors and locals, taste their way worldwide, including Greek, Spanish, and grilled meats. Offering casual dining concepts, they stock many cocktails and liqueurs. They have 12 stands with menus displayed, and the range of food keeps you coming back.

Buying Property in Fuengirola
Fuengirola is a Spanish destination that foreigners can’t get enough of. Hence, many buy holiday homes or houses for permanent residence. Property districts include El Centro, Los Boliches, Los Pacos, Torreblanca, Pueblo Lopez, El Boquetillo, and Carvajal, leading into Benalmadena. See our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Fuengirola. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features and contact details. But contact us to speak with an agent about owning property in Spain or to arrange viewing trips.

More About the Costa del Sol’s Delight
From Fuengirola to Mijas: Mijas small village on the Costa del Sol perfectly showcases Pueblos Blancos of Andalucía, with quaint whitewashed houses and narrow streets in among pine forests. Pueblos Blancos (white villages) are villages or towns where white washed homes have traditional brown or red-tiled roofs. Many visitors flock there in summer. Mijas is located just a short drive from Fuengirola.

From Fuengirola to Malaga: Malaga city is located 30 minutes from Fuengirola. Whether visiting or looking at extended stays in this province, everything from the food to natural attractions, tourism, beaches and hidden gems portrays the best of Spain and the Costa Del Sol. As one of Spain’s oldest cities, the name Malaga applies to the city and larger province, of which Malaga city is the capital.

Property on the Costa del Sol: We are Spot Blue, who sell property in other towns and cities of the Costa del sol. If you want to buy a holiday home or permanent living property in Fuengirola or different destinations of the Costa del sol, contact us today. We will answer your questions and arrange appointments for viewing trips in Fuengirola and other places on the Costa del sol.

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