Spain is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations. It receives over 82 million international visitors per year. Why do they like it so much? The weather, the stunning coastline, the beaches, and the laid-back lifestyle. Its Mediterranean climate entices tourists looking for great weather, culture, and historic sites. The Mediterranean Sea surrounds Spain’s southern and eastern coasts. The Bay of Biscay is to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean is to the west. Gibraltar is separated from Morocco by the Strait of Gibraltar, France to the north of Spain, and Portugal to the west. Spain currently has a population of 47,362,000 million people.

History of Spain

Spain’s history spans centuries, beginning in the Middle Ages and culminating in the 16th century as Europe’s most dominant nation. Originally known as Iberia, it was renamed Espaa by the Romans and is now known as Spain in the UK.

What is Spain famous for?

For instance, there are beautiful beaches. Its history, historical landmarks, art galleries, and museums are just a few of the reasons we adore it. Dance and music have always been significant in Spanish culture, and they continue to thrive today. Spain is a popular destination for sports fans of all ages. Tennis is popular in Spain, as is the beautiful game of golf, and don’t forget about the numerous water sports opportunities along the country’s breathtaking coastline. Of course, the weather helps, as these common pastimes can be enjoyed all year long. Also, in the winter, when there is plenty of sunshine and mild and warm days.

What can you do in Spain?

The Alhambra in Granada, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao are only a few of the exciting places to visit in Spain.

The most popular resorts are located along the southeastern coast of any of the Costa regions, as most visitors choose to visit the beaches.

Holidaymakers and property buyers are searching for a permanent base in Spain flock to Alicante, La Manga del Mar, Torrevieja, and, of course, Marbella.

Golfing in Spain

Golfers will prefer to relax or invest in golf resorts, either near one of the championship golf courses or in villas on the greens.

For the whole family, these types of properties give the best of both worlds. Nearby beaches are flanked by promenades and the regular gift shops, cafes, pubs, and restaurants for the avid golfer.

Those who enjoy spending a day at a beach club will not be disappointed, as there are numerous beach clubs dotted along the coast in almost every resort. Also, golf clubhouses, entertainment, fine dining and spa, and wellness facilities are available in many resorts.

Why is Spain so popular?

Because it is a one-stop destination, Spain is extremely popular. The cities are breathtaking, and all Spain will enthrall history buffs has to give to satisfy their insatiable curiosity. Its festivals and fetes, music, dance (including the ever-popular flamenco), bullfighting, drink, and incredible food are culturally fascinating. The weather certainly helps, and it’s just one of the reasons why so many people visit Spain all year or decide to invest in a property there. There are several sports available to those who enjoy them. Walking along the coast helps you to take in the scenery while still keeping in shape.

Transport in Spain

Many international airports are located in Spain, making them open to significant resorts. The transportation system in Spain as a whole is outstanding. On the mainland of Spain, there are excellent high-speed rail connections that connect major cities, which is great for tourists who want to visit as much of the country as possible. If you choose to travel by car, there is a decent long-distance coach service that connects the major cities and towns. The bus service, which connects the major resorts, coastal towns, and villages, is the most cost-effective transportation mode.

How do you reach Spain?

The short-haul flights from the UK to Spain benefit families, particularly those with young children.

Flights from the United Kingdom to mainland Spain are just 2 hours and 30 minutes long, as are flights from the United Kingdom to the Balearic Islands.

Shuttle buses, private transfers, private car hire, and taxis will all get you to the resort in under an hour.

Why should you buy your dream home in Spain?

Spain is an excellent option for a vacation home or a permanent residence. Beaches to die for, architecture to admire, and as much entertainment as you can handle. Spain is strategically located in Europe and is readily available. If you invest in an apartment or a villa, property prices stay constant, making it a good investment.

What the professional investor sees for your future investment:

Spain is in a superb position worldwide in terms of the importance of its economy. Spain is the world’s 14th-largest economy and one of the most attractive domestic markets in Europe. It’s the 5th-largest economy in the EU with a GDP worth 1.2 trillion USD with 46 million consumers. Spain boasts 75 million tourists who visit every year. Spain’s per capital income is significantly higher in terms of purchasing power than that of some major economies ranked above Spain. Spanish exports of goods to third markets reached 255 Billion in 2017. Foreign Multinationals established in Spain account for around 40% of total exports from Spain to the rest of the world. There is an increasing number of exporting companies that are accessing new markets.

Spanish property – stability on property prices and EU protection

Spain is a member of the European Union. The residency law makes Spain one of the most attractive and financially efficient EU countries to invest in. Visa-free access to all 26 Schengen countries. Residency in a desirable European country. The right to work in Spain. The opportunity to establish a business within a modern and competitive corporate taxation system.

Where to buy your property in Spain?

What are you buying a property in Spain for? Summer holidays, or all-year-round use, winter breaks, investment, rental, or to live in when you retire. Below are the more popular areas that foreign investors buy-in. Spot Blue can help you make your dream come true!

The Costa’s

Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, and Costa del Sol are three well-known Costas that extend along Spain’s east mainland coast. You’ll find quaint villages, small towns, and cities serving up authentic Spanish life in the sunshine along this coastline. Popular locations to invest in Spain are Alicante, Benijofar, Cadiz, Cala d Or, Cala Lliteras, Cala Vinyes, Calpe, Canyamel Pins, Estepona, Gran Alacant, Guardamar, Javea, La Manga del Mar Menor, Marbella, Mijas, Moraira, Punta Prima, Sa Rapita, Sotogrande, Torrevieja, Valencia, Villajoyosa and Villamartin.

Keep an open mind because even though you are familiar with Spain, purchasing a home, there is a new adventure. Which location is best for you is decided by your reasons for buying a home in Spain.

The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are renowned for their beaches and the sizzling Mediterranean climate. Three very different islands cater to everyone’s needs:


It is the most popular holiday destination for Britons, owing to its excellent family appeal. The food and entertainment are targeted toward families. Still, it’s also a perfect destination for couples and groups who want to spend days at the beach and evenings that last forever.


It is more tranquil and comfortable than Majorca, making it perfect for families and the elderly who enjoy sitting in the village square with a meal or a few drinks. Beautiful beaches and scenery can be admired when taking an evening stroll after dinner and merely relaxing.


It’s branded as a party island, which is a little unfair. There are resorts on the island where young and single people go to party all night and dance to a guest DJ’s beats. Families will enjoy lovely beaches in picturesque settings on the other side of the island, and it’s a beautiful place to be.

What is the climate like in Spain?

Spain’s environment is divided into three distinct forms, as one would expect given the country’s size. Spain has a Mediterranean climate on the south and east coasts, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The weather in Central Spain is continental, with hot, dry summers and cold winters. With its Atlantic Ocean coastline, northwestern Spain has a temperate climate.

The climate is colder here, with some clouds, and it gets warmer and sunnier as you head south. Since the Mediterranean Sea surrounds the three islands, the climate in the Balearic Islands is strongly Mediterranean. Summers are hot, dry, and sunny, with mild winters, but the wonderful sea breeze offers welcome relief.

Average temperature °C

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Mainland 17 18 20 21 24 28 30 31 29 25 20 18
Balearics 15 15 17 19 22 26 29 30 27 23 19 16

Average sunny days

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Mainland 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 14 12 11 10 10
Balearics 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 10 8 7 5 5

Facts about Spain:

The population of Spain in 2020 is 47,362,000. The official title of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the geographical center of the country. In Spain, the second-largest city is Barcelona, which is located in Catalonia. Spain has four co-official languages. They are Catalan, Basque, Galician, and Aranese​. Spain’s highest mountain in the country is Mount Teide (3718 m). Spain has 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Today, thanks to Spain, we can all enjoy oranges, avocados, cacao, potatoes, or sugar. In Spain, eating twelve grapes is a tradition to welcome the New Year. In Spain, locals have lunch between 1 and 3 pm and dinner around 10 pm. 82 million tourists go to Spain every year. Spain is the world’s third most popular tourist destination.

In Spain, more than 150,000 tomatoes are thrown at La Tomatina. In Spain, around 43% of the world’s olive oil is produced. Spain is one of the globe’s largest producers of saffron, an essential ingredient in paella. Why not call us and find out how to see the properties and locations for yourself? Telephone: +44 (0) 208 339 6036 or to email us, click here

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