The Costa del Sol which is most commonly called as the ‘Coast of the Sun’ is located in the southern region of Spain, running along the 100 kilometers bordering the Mediterranean Sea, being located opposite the most northern coast of Africa.


The Costa del Sol comprise of several Spain’s top beach resorts mainly including Gibraltar, Marbella, Torremolinos, and obviously one of  Spain’s most fecund cities, Malaga. As the Costa del Sol borders on the Mediterranean, it indicates that the waters are very much clear and the sands comprise of a fine white texture, which makes it the world’s finest one, and host to several activities like swimming, diving, fishing and glass bottom boats.

If you tend to be someone who is more of a relaxing holiday maker, then there is always another option of taking it all easy and laying back on the clear white sand and simply watching the world go by, whereas your kids entertain yourself fully.

All of the Costa del Sol beaches are  guaranteed to be child-friendly and all resorts based on the coast have amazing facilities that completely cater for even the most active  and energetic children.


The Costa del Sol consists of some most renowned destinations for the holiday makers, which means that there is merely  no shortage of activities for people to do and include in their vacation album. One of the prime attractions related to Costa del Sol is just the climate, with temperatures barely reaching lower than 20C; the destination becomes a perfect holiday spot during summers. Costa del Sol basically is a beautiful place to be at, with rocky mountains of the Spanish hills gradually melting down into cities and towns based all along the coast, with breathtaking blue of the sea and clean  beaches. The place has striking architecture surrounding all of the small harbours and small markets.

‘Rock of Gibraltar’ is one exclusive attraction, which has magnificent views and home to mischievous monkeys. It tends to be a great family place, where kids get to enjoy the antics of monkeys and see them moving around. Then comes the Alhambra Palace located in Granada, a place usually for adult audience, as the city has a lot of history. The area is surrounded by the Nevada mountain range, and the Palace itself is a magnificent illustration of architecture, and is one of those places that just cannot be visited once. There are also water parks, sea life centres, safari parks and a lot more for families to visit and have fun.


Malaga is the main place if you are considering shopping around in Costa del Sol, with not just traditional shops but also some great tourist attractions as well. Marbella’s Golden Mile is an ideal boutique for shopping, or you can travel to Morocco for the popular markets if you prefer to get the handmade goods.

Dining Options

There are some really great places to eat literally everywhere in Costa del Sol.

From traditional Spanish fare and tapas, to international cuisines for all those who tend to be a bit less daring.


The night-life is everywhere, with plenty of bars open into the early morning assured to satisfy even the biggest ravers. You can check out Malaga for casinos and partying, pubs and bars everywhere, to ensure you are occupied every evening.