Guide to Explore Elche

Elche is a great city located in Alicante, Spain. This city is known for its historical, heritage, industry and its ancient beauty of course. People from all over the world travel to Elche for its great tourist attractions places. It is known for its beautiful palm garden i.e. Palmeral of Elche which is flooded with palm trees.

How to Travel?

You can travel to Elche by all modern means of transportation. You can travel by plane but it will land on the Alicante El Altet Ariport which is 15 km away from the center of the city. You can also travel by train which is a day trip from Alicante to its surrounding areas. In Elche, there are two train stations so you can choose one according to your convenience. You can also travel through Elche to explore the city by bus.

Places to be At

Elche is full of beautiful places and you can schedule your trip accordingly. Have a look at the places to visit.

El Palmeral de Elche

This palm grove has more than 200,000 palm trees and the foundation of this place was laid by Muslims. The Palmeral is basically an oasis which consists of heritage sites having a North African landscape and culture. The Palmeral is not a natural park, instead it’s a part of the urban area of the city, which comprises of the agricultural origin. At this place, you can explore different locations like:

– Palm Grove Walk

– Huerto de San Placido

– The Musei del Palmeral (Palm Groove Museum)

– Huerto del Cura (Famous Palm Garden)Famous Monuments in Elche

The famous monuments in Elche depict the historical features of the city.

Basílica of Santa Maria

This place is located at the Plaza de Santa Maria and according to some ancient sayings, the Mystery Play of Elche was first performed here.

Palace of Altamira

This place was known to be the nobility house and now it has been restored and turned into a museum.

Calahorra Tower

This ancient tower was built in the 12th and 13th century and since then it has remained among the old city walls.

Town Hall

This hall is located at the Plaza de Baix and it came into being in the 15th century.

Famous Eatables

There are many places to eat and sit back and relax after the tiring day of exploring Elche. You can visit the central market which is right next to Town Hall. Here you can get to eat the best and fresh dates from several shops. One of the famous dishes in Elche is the Delicias de Elche which is a tapa made from fried dates, almonds and bacon. You can order this anywhere in the city. If you are craving for rice then you can get to eat the famous and traditional Arroz con Costra egg-baked rice which is served with rabbit or snails.

Property in Elche

The value of property in Elche is good. Being the third largest city of Valencia, it has all the basic amenities widely accessible. From town houses to apartments, finding a property is no big deal.