Guide to Explore Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca also known as White Coast is also known as the most visited coast of Europe. The beaches, the traditional towns and villages, everything in this town is aspiring. The coastline of Alicante in Spain has been named as Costa Blanca which is stretched over 200 km. the beaches, parks, golf and museum everything make this place an attractive holiday destination. The place surely is famous for its crystal water and watersports but there are plenty of cultural sites, art museums and galleries that depict the Spanish art and history. This coast will be an entertainment portal for everyone who explores it.

Must See Places


It is the coastline that stretches to Cova Talla and it is a must see place because of its bright lights, the famous restaurants, and sophisticated areas. There are a number of beaches along the coast which are equipped with modern facilities and it is easy to access them as well.

The coast was walled due to the attacks of the pirates in the past but then the wall was brought down after 1877. Historical buildings, museums, bars and shops are some of the worth exploring sites.

The Old Town in Javea

The old town has some of the narrowest streets which is the exact reason why many tourists are attracted to explore it. It is even home to some historical buildings, museums and modern resorts. “Javea truly is the perfect holiday destination with it’s range of sites and activities. Most people want to be in walking distance of restaurants, bars, beaches and that’s what makes Javea so popular when buying a holiday home.” states property expert, Brad Lewis from Javea Properties.


Alicante is situated between the mountains and the sea and it is the most famous town in Costa Blanca. The town is a mix of beautiful beaches, shopping destinations and most of all, the best architecture. Promenade wraps along the harbor are considered to be the heart of the city. The Castillo de Santa Barbara is home todungeon, stone pass ways, secret tunnels and some of the most beautiful gardens. This town must be visited between May and October.


It is also one of the most visited town of the coast best known for its nightlife and beaches. The Levante Beach is the most popular beach of all with its cafes and bars.

The slides, the rafts and the diving boards are some of the famous activities. Water sports activities such as scuba diving, kayaks, jet skiing and snorkeling are common at the beaches of Benidorm.


No matter what time of the year it is, you will see festivals and fiestas common in the Costa Blanca. The locals keenly celebrate the religious festivals and visitors are always welcomed with an open heart. Travelling throughout the coast will keep on exposing you to the historical traditions.


The international Airport of Alicante is usually used for travelling by air but another airport called the Murcia Airport is also used as an alternative if the visitors have to travel towards the south. Train can also be used as a medium of travelling. Buses are also used as public transportation and they keep on coming back and forth to every big city. Exploring the coast through these internal means of transportation is not a big deal.