On the southwestern coast of Majorca (Mallorca), one of the beautiful Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Cala Vinyes is situated. For those of us who want a relaxing holiday in the sunshine or invest in a second home in Mallorca, this popular holiday resort is perfect. If you are looking for a great holiday destination in the sunshine, Cala Vinyes is for you!

What is Cala Vinyes in Spain like?

Some young couples who prefer a secluded beach, can be found south of Cala Vinyes, the small beach of Cala Falco. This is great for you if you want a calmer atmosphere away from families with kids. Water sports enthusiasts need to travel to the beaches of Palma Nova and Magaluf for their thrills. Here you can go dolphin watching or take a chilled boat ride around the bays by jet ski, parasail, fly board, hover board, water ski, wakeboard, kneel board or blade fish. It’s about relaxing and getting the all-important tan, the beach at Cala Falco is where you can get away from it all.

What resorts are near Cala Vinyes, Spain?

One benefit of being not too far away from the busier resorts is that you can have the tranquil atmosphere of Cala Vinyes, but if that’s what you want, head to Palma Nova or Magaluf for a nice night out. During daylight hours, many families with small children can visit these resorts and make their way home before the nightlife becomes busy. Many people with families visit these resorts for their variety of excellent facilities and enjoy what the resort offers. Shopping in Cala Vinyes gives you all of your basics, but for more options, you can need to pop into Palma Nova or Magaluf. In Cala Vinyes, there are cafes, bars, and eateries that serve local Spanish cuisine and foreign menus. Property owners prefer to dine in Cala Vinyes to avoid crowds and enjoy their privacy.

If you don’t like going to Palma Nova or Magaluf, the hotels offer excellent restaurants for nights out.

What is there to do in Cala Vinyes, Spain?

The proximity to the capital of the islands, Palma, is one of the best reasons to visit Cala Vinyes. Lovely Palma is just a fifteen-minute drive from Cala Vinyes, and it is yours to explore this historic area. A visit to Palma Cathedral, a landmark of this beautiful city, is a must. With its local heritage and magnificent old buildings, the old Jewish quarter is ideal for taking a walk around. There are museums and art galleries where local artists display Mallorca’s picturesque scenes. Artists have come here to be motivated, and I can almost guarantee that you can pick up a small print to remind you of your holiday and take it to your home.

The summer months are filled with open-air concerts in all types of music. It is fun to watch or participate in musical activities, festivals, and fiestas. Spain is known for its magical and colourful festivals and fiestas. There are eighteen popular Spanish festivals each year, and the locals revere them; holidaymakers are mesmerised by them. Some of the festivals are religiously themed, but many have a carnival atmosphere. Spanish fiestas symbolise the very meaning of Spain and the Spanish people. In religious feasts, the roots of many of the endless fiestas of the nation lie, mostly honouring a patron saint. It is the same in northern Europe, where the religious ‘holy days’ have given birth to many public holidays.

Where can you visit from Cala Vinyes, Spain?

Reaching mainland Spain from Cala Vinyes is not a challenge. There is a regular ferry that will take you to any of Barcelona or Valencia’s beautiful cities. These are the towns to go to if you need a cultural fix. Stay for a few days to consume everything they have to say. You can visit Seville or Malaga on the southern coast until you get to the mainland. Travel to Spain’s capital, Madrid, which happens to be the third-largest city in Europe. You may also jump off the island from Mallorca to Menorca and Ibiza, the other two Balearic Islands. Island hopping is great fun.

How do you reach Cala Vinyes in Spain?

Majorca is two hours and twenty-five minutes away from the United Kingdom by direct flight. Palma International Airport is the destination to which foreigners can travel. The bulk of transfers are generally within one hour to resorts scattered around the island. A mere twenty minute drive from Palma Airport to Cala Vinyes, and you can get there by shuttle bus, private transfer, private car rental, or taxi. Due to the fabulous proximity of the airport and short-haul flights, holiday makers can begin their holiday quickly and children can’t wait to jump in the swimming pool or visit the beach soon after landing.

What is the weather like in Cala Vinyes, Spain?

Due to its Mediterranean climate, 300 days of sunshine a year means hot and dry summers and mild winters. In particular, spring and autumn are perfect times to visit if you enjoy the many sightseeing attractions that Mallorca offers. July and August are the warmest, which is no surprise, with temperatures climbing to at least 30°C, although they can rise higher, and with 12 hours a day, July has the most daily sunshine hours. Winter temperatures average 15°C, so it’s still a great time to visit Cala Vinyes. With 82 million international visitors per year, Spain is in the top ten destinations to visit. Majorca (Mallorca) is most popular with families and couples, and the Balearic Islands are a favourite to visit. Majorca offers everything in a holiday destination you need or want.

Beautiful scenery, fantastic beaches, history, places of historical interest, award-winning beaches that are clean and safe, and plenty of sunshine. One thing is to visit for a holiday; buying a property in Cala Vinyes is another! This is where you can enrich your lifestyle for the better and, whenever you want, enjoy years of long summer holidays and long weekend breaks.

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