Malaga – Vacations On The Costa Del Sol

The capital city of Malaga comprise of a population of more than half a million residents, amount that is increasing with every passing day as it receives a great number of visits to its cultural and touristic charm.

What You Must Know About Malaga

When we talk about Malaga, it is talking about its historical centre, the Spanish Film Festival, Pablo Picasso, art, tourism, beaches, or sun. The city has a great advantage when it is about the summer tourism, the festivity of its local jovial events such as the Malaga Fair that takes place in mid-August, which is considered as one of the most imperative event in Andalusia. Some other yearly events of great tourist importance in Malaga are the Noche en Blanco (the Night in White), and Semana Santa (the Holy Week), and a free date with the culture that tends to attracts more and more tourists every year.

Location and Distances

Malaga has a advantaged location on the Andalusian coast and, right from there, you can have easy access to other touristic cities. The Costa del Sol is located 60 kilometers away from Marbella; 573 from Madrid, 219 from Seville, 265 from Cadiz; 129 from Granada and 100 kilometers away from Ronda. On the other hand, getting on the AVE fast train from Malaga can help you get to Madrid in just two and a half hours.

The Airport, Train and Bus Stations

Malaga also comprises of a Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, which was initially called as the Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport and the Vialia train station along with a bus station in the Capital city center, so it is perfectly communicated with just about any destination.

Amazing Fulfilled Activities

It is also worth mentioning that the Alameda, the Larios street, the Chinitas passage; the refurbished Albeniz cinema theatres, the Alcazabilla street, the Plaza La Merced and the Old Quarter of Malaga make up the most significant streets for the day to day in the city. The Malaga city center is full of shops, restaurants and tapas bars with a great and lively atmosphere.

A City With Great Culture

Malaga is a city of culture and monuments, not just because of the Thyssen, the CAC, or the Picasso museum, but because of the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle or the Cathedral. Other than culture, Malaga is a modern and cosmopolitan city, which you will be able to see on your own while you meet the natives with their outgoing personalities.


When it comes to leisure, the Plaza Mayor shopping centre should be highlighted, as it is located on the outskirts of Malaga and just 2 kilometers away from the Malaga airport and very much visible from the main motorways.

Bars, Beaches and Dining

Malaga, the capital of Costa del Sol also offers its visitors with a wide gastronomic variety, from plenty of beach bars and tapas bars to the traditional cuisines, restaurants to suit all tastes: Mexican, vegetarian, Chinese etc. All such variety can be found in the city center and on the outskirts too.

You can find an extensive tourist guide of Malaga: monuments, culture, gastronomy, sports, leisure, Malaga apartments, and the beaches on the Costa del Sol, Malaga travel guide and traditional festive events happening in Malaga. All such details are vital and you need to not miss out on anything on your visit to Magala.

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