Ibiza might seem to be a small island floating into the Mediterranean Sea but it is a landscape that is a combination of fun adventure, relaxation and a lot more. There are plenty of must visit beaches, bars, restaurants and fun activities to do in this island.  It is located at 79 Km at the coast of Valencia in the Eastern Spain. It is known to be the 3 largest of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza Town is known to be the largest city of the island.

The Clubbing Hub

It is known to be the clubbing hub of the world but along with that the island has wonderful climate and mesmerizing natural beauty.

You are free to get lost in the music of the best DJs of the world or you can have a wonderful time at the beaches, under the warm sun and clear sea. It is such a part of the BalearicIslands which is considered the jewel of Mediterranean Sea. The electronic music and nightlight basically originated from this island.

A large number of tourists are attracted to the summer clubs. The government of the island is working to promote family orientedtourism in the island.


The island is mainly covered with rocks spreading to 572.56 Km but it is 6 times smaller than the island of Majorca.

The island is a house of Western Balearic archipelago.


Eivissenc is the Catalan dialectic which is popularly spoken throughout Ibiza.Catalan is similar to Spanish. Other languages which are spoken in the island due to the influence of tourists and the expatriates living in the island include English, Italian and Germany.


Ibiza Airport is majorly used for international flights during the summer season when a lot of tourists are expected to come for a visit. Ferries are the commonly used means of transportation to for the internal island travels and even for traveling to other islands. Apart from just ferries, buses are used as a common means of public transportation between the towns. The buses are available after every 15 minutes in the summer season but in the winter season, they are available after every 30 minutes.


Summer starts between May and it is warm and sunny. Rain falls between June and September. After these months, the weather starts changing and you might need to wear a light jacket. Winters start from November stretching to April. Chivalry, hospitality and courtesy are some of the dominant things that are a part of the culture of the locals. There are a lot of activities to do, beaches to visit and places to explore in the island. You would definitely want to come back for more because one visit is not always enough.


The local cuisine of the Ibiza Island is typically similar to the Mediterranean cuisine. Flaons is the name of the sweet that is a unique and favorite culinary product sold in the island. The favorite dishes of the locals include fish stew and rice with pork. You will mostly see the locals eating seafood in the island.