Since it’s not on the main road, this idyllic paradise spot is tucked away and can easily be missed. Of course, the locals know about it, and part of its beauty is that it is unspoiled. If you’re looking for a typical Spanish town with lovely old houses, maybe this is the one for you. For over 3 km, the shallow white sandy beaches are safe, and families love them. The dazzling sky blue and turquoise coluors of the Mediterranean Sea sparkle like diamonds; you may be in an exotic land far away.

What is Sa Rapita in Spain like?

There are many cafes, bars, and eateries; you can spend all day on the beach and have lunch al fresco. All-day long, refreshments are available. The beaches are not crowded or packed, and you have plenty of space for sunbathing, and in a secure environment, the little ones can play in peace. If you are looking for an idyllic place to buy a holiday home, real estate for sale in Sa Rapita, Mallorca, Spain, will tick all your boxes.

Rich in history, Sa Rapita may be a small town, but it has a considerable presence in Mallorca. As an essential h2hold against pirate attacks, it has a long history. As this vast expanse of the coast was considered vulnerable, it was once a magnet for pirates to strike. How wrong the pirates were as the Son Duri Watch Tower and many other towers along the coastline held the pirates at bay from the 16th to the 19th century.

Fires were lit all along the coastline once the attackers were detected, and the capital, Palma (40 minutes away), was warned. It would be ideal if you visited the Port of Club Nautic de Sa Rapita, where it stands, to see the Son Duri Watch Tower. What more could you possibly want from a holiday resort in Sa Rapita, Spain?

What are the beaches in Sa Rapita, Spain like?

Perhaps the biggest draw in Sa Rapita is the beaches, and once the secret is out of this lovely holiday destination, they will become famous all over the world. Es Trenc and Ses Covetes are fabulous beaches that are intimate, or you might go to the more extensive Colonia Sant Jordi Beach. With stunning views of the coastline, the beaches west of Sa Rapita include S’Estanyo de Migjorn on the peninsula. Ideal for discovering coves and caves as well as rock formations, Sa Rapita offers a stunning coastline.

What is there to do in Sa Rapita, Spain?

Boat trips can be taken to Cabrera, which is off the south coast of Mallorca, where there is a marine reserve. The island is a peaceful marine life setting, and several birds have made their home there in its natural habitat; this is nature at its best. Visit one of the larger towns nearby if you want big shopping malls. In Sa Rapita, if you are on holiday, you can buy all your regular supplies and everything you may need for your vacation. You will enjoy various watersports, including windsurfing and sailing, at the Sa Rapita Yacht Club. Elite golf courses are only a few minutes’ drive away, and there are plenty more when you fancy a shift, only a 20-minute drive away. Campos is 10 kilometres away and is a major city with everything you need. A day trip to Palma City is just a 39-minute drive away if you want to treat yourself and search for fashionable boutiques (42.2 km).

Where is Sa Rapita, Spain close to?

Cala d’Or on the South East Coast is 41 minutes (36.9 km) from Sa Rapita, Palma Nova on the West Coast is 47 minutes (58.6 km), Santa Ponsa on the West South is 54 minutes (65.7 km), Port de Soller on the North West Coast is 1 hour 4 minutes (68.5 km). Alcudia is 1 hour 11 minutes (93.7 km) north, and Port de Pollenca is 1 hour 15 minutes (93.7 km) on the north coast (99.2 km). When you’re on holiday in Sa Rapita you can visit all these resorts for a day out or overnight stay if you prefer.

Majorca is only 1,400 square miles, and you can travel around the island’s coastline in about 4 hours (127 km). In May or June and also in September, this is a superb adventure. Not a good idea in the heat of July and August, maybe.

How do you reach Sa Rapita, Spain

Direct flights to Mallorca are 2 hours and 25 minutes from the UK. Palma is the capital of Mallorca, and this is the international airport to which foreigners can travel, and most transfers are generally within 1 hour to resorts dotted across the island. Sa Rapita is just 38 km (20 minutes’ drive) to the resort from the airport. This is perfect for visitors and holiday homeowners, but more so for families with small children, short flights, and even faster transfers are ideal. This is just one of the reasons why tourists return time and time again to Sa Rapita.

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