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Going away on holiday each year is something we all look forward too, most of us can’t wait for sunshine, golden beaches and the inviting Mediterranean Sea. Brunch on the balcony overlooking the sea and dinner at a cosy little restaurant with our loved ones and friends is wonderful, and we simply cannot get enough! Spain is one of the most popular summer destinations with around 82 million visitors each year, and each year the numbers swell. But, if I said that you don’t have to wait for the yearly jaunt for your two weeks of summer bliss, do you want me to tell you more? A hint to begin with is, beautiful villas for sale in Spain.

People wanting holiday homes are on the increase, two weeks holiday is simply not enough as our working lives get busier our stress levels rise. We need more time out and more time away, so we can top up our Vitamin D levels with plenty of sunshine. If you live in a country with plenty of sunshine then lucky you, but if you hail from the UK for example, you don’t see that much sun and you can’t get Vitamin D from a miserable rainy day. This is the time we dream of searching for villas in Spain for sale to use as a holiday home or permanent residence.

As we know, Spain has a beautiful Mediterranean climate on its south east coast in particular, and it’s not just in the main summer season that the sun shines. The temperatures start to rise as early as April and May which regularly sees temperatures hitting 20°C, with August topping sultry highs of 30°C plus. With this in mind imagine being able to visit Spain whenever you choose too and you can, with your own home in Spain. Houses in Spain for sale offer excellent value for money and come in a range of styles and sizes and you will be able to find something within your budget.

Villas in Spain start from 2 bedrooms upwards to as many as 6 bedrooms or possibly more. They can be semi-detached or detached, stand alone in their own grounds or be part of a complex the choice is yours. Designs can be modern, contemporary or traditional. We all have different tastes and prefer certain styles of properties.

Semi-detached villas for sale in Spain can have their own private swimming pool or they can share one. If you prefer privacy then choose a villa with its own private pool. If you decide to buy a villa with a shared swimming pool it also means you will share the upkeep and running costs of the swimming pool so there are advantages to both options. Semi-detached villas can be in their own walled grounds or in a complex. If in their own grounds they will each have private garden or terrace areas and if part of a complex they will usually share a large communal swimming pool that the whole complex can use.

Detached villas for sale in Spain again, can be in their own landscaped gardens with or without a private swimming pool. If you buy in the early stages of construction sometimes you are given a choice. They will be private in a walled garden with private terrace areas. If you value your privacy it’s often better to invest in a detached stand-alone villa within its own grounds. You can buy a detached villa that is part of a complex with other villas. Sometimes they have private swimming pools and usually there is also a large communal swimming pool within the complex that everyone can use. If you like to mix with other owners and are sociable, this is a great way to buy on a complex and meet like-minded people. Homes for sale in Spain offers a diverse range of Spanish properties for sale and there will be a beautiful property with your name on it.

Spanish villas that are part of a complex, will pay yearly fees to go towards the maintenance costs. There will be the cost of lighting around the complex plus the upkeep of the swimming pool including electric and pool chemicals plus any cleaning and gardening. The cost of this is spread out and all the owners will pay an equal sum each. Generally there is a maintenance company who looks after all of this on behalf of the owners which means the complex is well looked after.

Spanish homes that are detached and in their own grounds, the owners look after it themselves and pay whatever bills are necessary. You are able to look after the swimming pool yourself if you wish or during the summer months you can pay a pool company to visit and clean your swimming pool every few days. The advantage of buying a detached home in Spain in its own grounds is, you can do as please without having to consult other owners. For example, if you want to have a vegetable or herb garden, possibly a bbq area in your own grounds, you do not have to consult with other owners first.

If we then look at luxury houses for sale in Spain, you simply can’t go wrong. These properties will take your breath away with the unadulterated luxury these homes in Spain for sale offer. Stunning villas set close to the Mediterranean Sea with uninterrupted, picturesque views of the coast, which offer you privacy and space to relax and take time out. These properties usually start from 3 or 4 bedrooms upwards to maybe 6 or 8 bedrooms. Traditional designs or contemporary with sleek lines, the choice is yours. Some villas can have the following luxury features, Infinity pools, an indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, cinema room, smart home technology, underfloor heating the list is endless. All of these beautiful homes are built to the highest quality with only the best materials as one would expect, in these types of luxury villas in Spain for sale.

You then have the choice of buying land for sale in Spain and having your own Spanish villa built to your own specifications. This is ideal for those who want to live full time in Spain and want to build their forever home. This option gives you so many different choices and input as to how you want your villa to look, and if you want any special features. It allows you to choose how many bedrooms you want, where you place the swimming pool if you choose to have one, and the layout of your grounds. It also allows you to pick what size of land you want, around 350 sqm is fairly compact it will give you a private garden but not much room for a swimming pool. 500 to 750 sqm is a decent size for a private swimming pool and garden and terrace areas. Ideally if you choose a plot size of at least 1000sqm this will give you plenty of outside space for landscaped gardens, bbq and eating area, a large swimming pool with sunbathing areas and a garage if you so wish. This is the plot size to choose, if you decide to relocate to Spain and live there full time. 

If you are buying a villa in Spain for an investment, you can rent this property out year round. The climate is mild in the winter months and hot in the summer. During the main peak months of the summer, houses in Spain bring in good rental returns, it will go towards the upkeep of the property and more besides. All through the summer the property will most likely be rented out and it’s important to remember spring and autumn are delightful too. Winters are very mild and holiday makers will visit Spain during this time also to escape wintry weather at home.

There are so many areas in Spain to choose from, including areas on the Spanish mainland such as Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Costa Calida. There is also the beautiful Balearic Islands just off the coast of mainland Spain, Ibiza and Majorca which are both popular holiday destinations, located in the lovely Mediterranean Sea.

The most popular locations are Marbella and Sotogrande and these locations are exclusive indeed. Upmarket homes are in these areas and yes, you will pay more but they are so worth it. The range of amenities with pretty marinas and chic bars and restaurants offer a unique lifestyle in a fabulous area. If you want to live the dream, this is where you can do it. Here you will mix with the elite and the well-known celebrities and stars of stage and music, this is where they have their holiday homes and where they come to play.

For those who enjoy sightseeing and local history Alicante is in Costa Blanca and offers the best of all worlds, beaches and shopping for designer labels with amazing picturesque views. One of the oldest and most attractive cities in the world is in the Costa del Sol, in Malaga. Ideal of sightseers and those who don’t want to spend all day on the beach. If you are searching for a relaxing location you couldn’t pick better than Murcia in the Costa Calida region which is in the south east of Spain. 

Ibiza lies in the Mediterranean and is a beautiful island most known for its lively nightlife. However, this is unfair because there are stunning resorts on the island which are ideal for families. One of the most visited locations in Spain is Majorca also known as Mallorca and this is the destination of most families with young children. They visit here because if it’s amazing beaches and children are welcomed with open arms. There are so many wonderful locations to visit and buy property in Spain, it’s impossible to list them all. Each location has something different to offer and if you are considering to buy there, you will have the most fun visiting the different areas, to see which one suites you and your needs best.

Living the Mediterranean lifestyle, serves up a feeling of well-being in the sunshine, and if you invest in Spain villas you too can have this lifestyle. It will give you holidays when you choose at any time of the year and you can also let your family and friends use your overseas Spanish property. This property will give you a profitable investment for your future, you can use it for holidays for now and if you desire retire to it when the time is right. It can be passed down to your family, and your children can use it as a holiday home which will bring back fond memories.

Getting to Spain is easy as there are daily flights from the UK and other European countries. The beauty of them is, they are short haul flights which for families are perfect, especially if they have small children. From London to any of the main Spanish resorts on the south east coast of mainland Spain, takes only 2.5 hours. The good news is if you fly to the Balearic Islands, your journey is 10 minutes shorter. Transfers from the airport to your destination are usually within 60 minutes.

Buying a property in Spain will give you and your family, the chance to take more holidays at any time of the year. Purchasing a villa will offer you space, freedom and give you a lifestyle that most will certainly envy. No more thinking where to go for a vacation, all you need to do is book your flight and you are going to your home away from home. These properties are usually built close to beaches serving up pretty sea views, and are close to shops, markets, bars and restaurants, plus a range of other facilities. Are you a holiday home hunter, looking for a permanent home or an investor - take a look at villas in Spain. 

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