Where is the Best Place to Buy Golf Property in Spain?

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If you want to know about the best place to buy golf property in Spain, prepare for a vast destination choice. If you wish to live in Spain or just use the golfing property for holidays, look forward to the sunny climate and wide range of golf courses. Spain has long been renowned for world-class golf courses, cost of living, and stunning landscapes, making it a dream destination for golfing apartments and villas.

From the Costa del Sol to Costa Blanca, numerous regions in Spain offer beautiful golf properties. However, not all areas are equal, whether you are looking at a villa or apartment for sale. Some are flooded with mass tourism, while others offer peaceful retreats. If you’re considering buying golf property in Spain, research and choose the correct location. The perfect property should offer challenging and scenic courses and easy access to amenities, thriving communities, and potential for capital appreciation.

Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Costa Calida lead the way with championship courses, modern apartments and luxury villas. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Spain’s diverse golfing opportunities, from the sun-soaked Costa del Sol to the historic fairways of Catalonia.

Best Place to Buy Golf Property in Spain

Exclusive Golf in the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, also known as the “Costa del Golf,” is home to numerous exceptional courses and the perfect place to buy a spectacular apartment or detached villa, or to live in Spain. Marbella is renowned for world-class courses. With more than 70 courses, Marbella has rightfully earned its reputation as the ultimate golf destination in Spain. Some prestigious courses in Marbella include Real Club Valderrama, where the Ryder Cup was held in 1997, Los Naranjos Golf Club, and La Quinta Golf & Country Club.

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Mijas, also offers stunning scenery and fantastic golf facilities. The area is famous for two renowned courses, La Cala Resort and Santana Country Club. La Cala Resort, in particular, is the largest golf resort in Spain, featuring three championship courses. One of the region’s oldest courses, Real Club de Golf Sotogrande, offers classic layouts by Robert Trent Jones.

In Casares, against the Mediterranean backdrop, Finca Cortesin earns fame for the challenging course and impeccable conditioning. Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, La Reserva in Sotogrande offers stunning landscape views and enjoyable golfing experiences. (Guide to the Costa Del Sol in Spain.)

Golfing Property in Costa Blanca, Spain

Costa Blanca, in the Alicante province, is another appealing destination. The region enjoys mild, winters and hot, dry summers. This climate is one of the key attractions for tourists seeking sun and pleasant weather. In addition to tourism, agriculture and fishing have traditionally been essential to the economy of Costa Blanca. However, the region has seen significant economic growth in recent decades, driven by tourism, golf and real estate development.

Alicante boasts several remarkable courses and excellent complexes, including Las Colinas Golf & Country Club and Bonalba Resort. Located just a short drive from the city, Alicante Golf offers a challenging 18-hole course surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The course features elevated tees and strategic bunkers.

Nestled between the mountains and sea, El Plantío Resort has an 18-hole championship course with wide fairways. The course is surrounded by lush gardens, creating tranquil golfing environments. Part of the Meliá Villaitana Resort, this complex features two 18-hole courses by Nicklaus Design. The Levante Course also offers stunning sea views and challenging play, while the Poniente Course winds through picturesque landscapes. (More about the Costa Blanca in Spain.)

Golfing Places on the Costa Calida of Spain

Costa Cálida, in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain, boasts a warm and sunny climate and excellent courses. Hacienda del Álamo is a prominent resort in Murcia. Hacienda del Álamo offers various residential properties, including villas with private swimming pools and apartments. The living options in traditional but modern Spanish styles include modern amenities, spacious layouts, and private gardens or terraces.

La Manga Club features three championship golf courses: the North Course, the South Course, and the West Course. Each offers distinct layouts and challenges, providing several experiences. Roda Beach Resort has an 18-hole, par-72 course by Dave Thomas. With strategic bunkering and hazards, Roda Golf offers enjoyable yet challenging rounds. Another Nicklaus Design course, La Torre, features an 18-hole, par-68 layout. The course includes lakes, bunkers, and well-manicured fairways, offering an enjoyable round.

Consider Golfing in Mar Menor

Golfing in Mar Menor offers enthusiasts picturesque experiences against the backdrop of the stunning Mar Menor lagoon. Mar Menor, in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain, is popular with golfers looking for combined luxury courses, modern-style landscapes, and a Mediterranean climate.

Mar Menor: Designed by legendary Jack Nicklaus, this resort boasts an 18-hole, par 72 course featuring strategically placed bunkers, and undulating greens. The well-maintained fairways wind through scenic landscapes, providing golfers with combined golf and natural beauty.

La Torre: Another modern style gem adjacent to Mar Menor resort is La Torre Golf Resort. Nicklaus Design designed this 18-hole, par 68 course, which features bunkers and water hazards. The course has lush landscaping, including numerous palm trees, lakes, and wide fairways, offering visually appealing panoramic views.

Unique Setting: One standout feature of golfing is the backdrop provided by the Mar Menor lagoon itself. The lagoon, separated from the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga, creates unique microclimates with warm waters and mild temperatures, making it an ideal year-round destination for golfers. The proximity to the Mar Menor also means that golfers can enjoy beautiful views and refreshing breezes as they navigate the courses. The landscape, palm trees, Mediterranean flora, and shimmering lagoon add tranquillity to golfing experiences.

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Golfing Facilities and Amenities: Both resorts offer comprehensive facilities to complement the golfing experience. Clubhouses provide amenities such as pro shops, locker rooms, and restaurants, allowing golfers to relax and socialize after their rounds. Both resorts often host golf events, tournaments, and clinics, contributing to vibrant golfing communities.

Accessibility and Nearby Attractions: Mar Menor is easily accessible. Murcia-San Javier Airport is nearby, and excellent transportation infrastructure makes the area convenient for golfers travelling from within Spain or internationally. Beyond golf, Mar Menor offers several attractions, including beautiful Mediterranean beaches, water sports, and historic Cartagena, with Roman and Carthaginian heritage.

Golf Packages and Stay-and-Play Options: Many visitors opt for golf packages that include accommodation, rounds of golf, and access to resort amenities. Stay-and-play options allow golfers to fully immerse themselves in golfing experiences and take advantage of various leisure activities and services the resorts offer.

Polaris World Resorts in Spain

The Polaris World Resorts brand in southeastern Spain is associated with residential and golf resorts in Murcia. The resorts combine high-quality residential properties with courses, leisure facilities, and comprehensive lifestyle experiences.

Residential Resort: The resorts feature exclusive properties, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. These properties often come with modern amenities like communal pools. They are designed to complement the natural surroundings with outstanding views. They have an average price.

Leisure Facilities: Polaris World Resorts provides comprehensive lifestyles that include various leisure facilities like swimming pools, sports facilities, spas, and communal areas. The resorts cater to residents’ recreational and social needs.

Amenities and Services: The resorts typically offer several amenities and services, including on-site restaurants, bars, and shopping areas. Some resorts may also have wellness centres, gyms, and other services to enhance residents’ quality of life. Many resorts are gated communities with security measures, providing residents with safety and privacy. The resorts are often strategically located to provide easy access to airports, highways, and nearby cities. This accessibility enhances the convenience for residents and visitors.

Community Events and Lifestyle: Resorts often organize community events, social gatherings, and activities to foster community among residents. The resorts aim to create engaging lifestyles for their residents, and the developments have attracted real estate investors looking for properties in Spain. The combination of golf, leisure facilities, and a Mediterranean setting makes these resorts appealing to those seeking both holiday homes and potential investments.

Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort

Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort, near Sucina, is well-connected to major cities and airports. The resort features an 18-hole course by Jack Nicklaus, and offers enjoyable experiences for golfers of varying skill levels. Hacienda Riquelme features residential properties, including apartments and townhouses. In traditional Spanish styles, these properties integrate into natural surroundings.

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The resort provides various amenities and leisure facilities for residents and guests. These include swimming pools, sports facilities, landscaped gardens, and communal areas for socializing. Hacienda Riquelme gated community also has security measures for privacy and safety for residents. The resort typically includes clubhouses where residents and golfers can gather to enjoy dining options, pro shops, and other services.

Additionally, there are golf lessons and equipment rental available. Hacienda Riquelme, surrounded by the Murcian countryside, offers vineyards and distant mountain views in peaceful and relaxing environments. Properties within Hacienda Riquelme attract real estate investors looking for a combined golfing lifestyle and potential returns on investment.

What to Consider when Buying a Golf Property

Golf enthusiasts often dream of living on or near a course where the lush greens and serene surroundings become integral to daily life. But buying a golf property requires careful consideration to ensure the investment aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

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Desirable Locations: The first and foremost consideration is location. Consider whether you prefer a property on the course that provides immediate access to the game or in nearby communities with convenient course access. Also consider factors like proximity to major cities, accessibility, and overall ambience.

Type of Community: Some are private, exclusive, and have strict membership requirements, while others are more open and inclusive. Consider the atmosphere you seek—close-knit communities or more expansive, environments. Additionally, research amenities like clubhouses, fitness facilities, and dining options.

Course Design and Maintenance: Evaluate the design and maintenance. Different courses cater to various skill levels, so choose one that aligns with your golfing abilities and preferences. Consider the course condition, quality of greens, and overall aesthetic appeal. Well-maintained courses enhance your golfing experience and contribute to the property’s value over time.

Home Features and Architectural Style: Explore types of homes within the community. Consider factors like the property size, architectural style, and layout. Some properties offer luxurious estates, while others provide more modest residences. Determine which type of home suits your lifestyle and budget. If you want to rent out the property, understand rental policies within the complex.

Future Development Plans: Research plans for the course and surrounding areas. This information can impact the property’s long-term value and your overall satisfaction with the investment. Look into any potential expansions, renovations, or planned developments.

Homeowner’s Association: Most communities have an HOA, which sets rules and regulations for the community. Understand these guidelines, including any restrictions on property modifications, landscaping, or external changes. Additionally, be aware of associated fees and what they cover, as these can vary widely among different communities.

Resale Value: Consider the property’s resale value. While buying property is about lifestyle choices, consider appreciation potential over time. Property in well-maintained communities with strong reputations holds value and attracts future buyers.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Work with reputable real estate agents and legal professionals experienced in Spanish real estate transactions. Understand legalities and regulations surrounding property ownership in Spain, including any restrictions imposed by the residential complex or the local municipality.

Beyond Golf – Embracing the Spanish Lifestyle

Spain, with sun-soaked landscapes, natural settings and rich golfing heritage, is a beacon for enthusiasts seeking the perfect fusion of challenging fairways, stunning scenery, and Mediterranean lifestyle. While golf is significant, Spanish lifestyles offer much more, which is something to consider when looking at properties for sale.

Whether it is more outdoor activities, spectacular views, or additional sports like tennis courts, the wide variety of destinations and complexes ensure you can have the best of both worlds. Whether you want a villa for sale with terraces and a private pool or a hotel-style apartment complex with a communal swimming pool, it is a buyer’s market.

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Costa Brava: Welcome to the Costa Brava of Spain, a popular holiday destination and place on the Iberian Peninsula where tourists and foreigners buy holiday homes and live all year round. The Costa Brava, a glorious coastal region in Spain’s northeast and southern part stretches from Blanes, 60 kilometres northeast of Barcelona, to the French border.

Popularity of Alicante: Alicante in Spain is a popular tourist and expat destination with a warm Mediterranean climate, sandy beaches, and food to die for. Today, the modern metropolis and province on the east coast, with a bustling port and an important cultural centre, hosts several museums and galleries. Fishing, shipping, and tourism also play significant roles.

How to Buy Property in Spain: We hope we have given you lots of ideas on the best place to buy golfing property in Spain. Once you choose your destination, you will need to know about the buying process, and that is where this article will be helpful.

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