4 Beautiful Towns Where You Can Buy a Property in Spain

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Where to Buy a Property in Spain: Cadiz

So you want to buy a villa in Spain, but you’re not sure which town would suit you best. After all, the Spanish coast is littered with pretty towns with whitewashed buildings and perfect sandy beaches. When you have so many options, how can you decide where to buy a property in Spain? 

With that said, some towns along the Spanish coast do come with a more divisive style of high-rise apartment buildings and modern architecture. Many buyers find they prefer the quaint and classical neighbouring towns. If you’re after pretty Spanish villas and striking architecture, you’ll be able to find some stunning places to settle down in if you know where to look. 

For those of you looking for classic Spanish towns, who don’t know where to buy a property in Spain, we’re here to help!


Alicante, which sits on the Costa Blanca, is a popular through route for nearby towns and a destination in its’ own right. With wide esplanades in the classic Mediterranean fashion, and a traditional Baroque centre that offers an interesting glimpse into Alicante’s past as a historic seaport. Off the coast, Tabarca Island is a car-free island with a small population that feels as if it’s a look back into the past you can visit for the day. 

Alicante has a slightly different atmosphere than that you’ll find in other cities and notable towns on the Spanish coast. This is because of the town’s history as a trade hub, which is the reason you’ll find hawkers and caftans along the seafront. The town is filled with interesting tourist sites, like the Canalobre Caves and the Castle of Santa Barbara. From its perch above the city, the castle is a vivid sign of Alicante’s history and a great place to visit for panoramic views of the city itself. 

If you’re looking for a cultural hub, with a buzzing nightlife, great annual festivals, and a hive of activity whatever the time of year, this is your destination. After all, if you’re looking for where to buy a property in Spain, you can’t go wrong with somewhere as lively and unique as Alicante


One of the prettier towns along the Spanish coast, Mijas is a little quieter than Alicante. The town is known for its’ pretty white-painted buildings. These lend Mijas a quaint, classical vibe that can sometimes be missing when you’re looking at where to buy a property in Spain. 

While many of the towns and villages along the Costa del Sol are pretty, Mijas offers a very low key atmosphere when you compare it to better-known towns nearby. As with many Andalusian villages and towns, Mijas has whitewashed buildings with terracotta roofing and narrow streets. The beach stretches all the way along the city front and it’s very well kept, with the yellow sand that is so characteristic of the region. Mijas is also something of an international hub, which means the facilities are designed for a multilingual population. 

From hot July nights of classical music and flamenco dancing to El Baratillo street market, Mijas retains a surprising amount of its’ traditional Andalusian flavour despite the global population. The town also has an annual fair and a coastal boardwalk. If you’re looking for where to buy a property in Spain, this is the ideal blend of a quiet Spanish village and a lively international community.


The city of Cadiz, which has an ancient history spanning all the way back to the Phoenicians and Romans, is a jewel on the Mediterranean coast. The city is home to historically important ruins from ancient civilisations and a vivid cultural and architectural heritage. The roots of this heritage are such that you can trace them throughout Cadiz. Not only does the city have a rich history, but it also comes with beautiful beaches, a narrow warren of streets, and untouched Spanish flavour. 

While many cities along the Spanish coast have become more multicultural, Cadiz is the perfect place to buy a villa if you’re after a genuinely Spanish atmosphere. The city has a large local population that goes back several generations, and many of the bars and restaurants have been changed very little in the last fifty years. 

If you fly into Jerez Airport, Cadiz is an easy, commutable place to buy a property. It blends a traditional atmosphere with stunning scenery and the more laid back vibe of the Costa de la Luz. If you’re wondering where to buy a property in Spain, you can’t go far wrong with Cadiz. With that said, this is not a city with new developments and property for sale around every corner. You should be aware that property for sale here is in high demand and in short supply. 


A favourite amongst Brits, Marbella is the unofficial capital of the Western Costa del Sol. Marbella is another town that dates back to Roman times, and its’ position at the foot of the Sierra Blanca gives it some striking scenery. In recent years, local archaeological digs have unearthed a rich local history stretching back to the Palaeolithic era. Despite this, Marbella is well-known for its’ high-end holiday appeal. 

Marbella has caves and inlets along the coast that offer private beaches, interesting swimming spots, high-end boutique shops, classy bars, and exclusive restaurants. The town is a famously fantastic place to spend a summer season for a reason; if you’re wondering where to buy a property in Spain, it’s always worth considering.

The cultural aspect of Marbella is often overlooked in favour of the luxury beach clubs and cosmopolitan centre of the town. It is worth noting that Marbella has more to it than just the wealthy neighbourhoods and great bars. 

Where to Buy a Property in Spain

If buying a property in Alicante, Mijas, Marbella, or Cadiz strikes your fancy, take a look at our selection of properties for sale. Check out our full listing of Spanish properties for sale, and see if one of the other beautiful towns or villages along the Spanish coast and on the island of Majorca takes your fancy. Our experts at Spot Blue hope to help make your dream of owning a villa in Spain a reality! 

If you’re wondering where to buy a property in Spain and you have questions we can answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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