Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is an island nation nestled south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon. As the third largest and populous island in the Mediterranean, its capital city is Nicosia.

Cyprus boasts a robust infrastructure inclusive of modern roads, airports, ports, high-speed internet access and comprehensive mobile phone coverage. The country’s connectivity extends to Europe via air and sea through two international airports – Larnaca and Paphos.

Living in Cyprus offers numerous advantages that appeal to overseas property buyers:

1. Scenic Landscapes: Known for its breathtaking beaches, mountains, forests offering outdoor activities like hiking or water sports.
2. Affordability: Compared to other European countries, living expenses are relatively lower making it an economical choice for property investment.
3. Healthcare Services: A competent healthcare system with both public/private hospitals/clinics serviced by proficient medical professionals.
4. Education System: Quality education from primary level up to tertiary level offered by both public/private institutions.
5. Safety Measures: With a low crime rate coupled with stable political environment & strong legal system ensures safety.
6. Welcoming Community: Renowned for their hospitality/friendliness towards foreigners ensuring a comfortable stay.

In essence, these factors contribute towards an enhanced quality of life making Cyprus attractive for overseas property investors considering Spot Blue services as their preferred choice when investing abroad in real estate markets such as this one..

When purchasing an apartment in Cyprus, you’ll encounter several costs. These include the purchase price of the property, which can range from 50,000 to 1 million Euros depending on factors like location and size. Legal fees are another expense; hiring a lawyer ensures all transactions are conducted legally and paperwork is completed correctly. Stamp duty, a tax imposed on property transfers calculated as a percentage of the purchase price, is also part of your buying costs.

Additionally, Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 19% applies to new properties. The potential return on investment when buying an apartment in Cyprus is high due to its stable economy and favourable tax system. This stability has led to steady growth in both property prices and rental yields over recent years.

The types of apartments available for sale vary widely – from affordable studio apartments starting around 30,000 Euros up to luxury seafront apartments priced at approximately 600,000 Euros or detached villas around the mark of 245,000 Euros.

Cyprus offers strong rental opportunities with returns between 4-7%, making it attractive for those looking for consistent income from their investments. Demand exists for both long-term and short-term rentals due to its buoyant market conditions.

Where to Buy an Apartment in Cyprus

Cyprus’s real estate market is experiencing a surge, with property values on an upward trajectory in recent years. Government incentives, including tax reductions and lowered transfer fees, have amplified its appeal to international investors. The Greek-speaking southern region, encompassing the capital Nicosia and housing most of the island’s inhabitants, is particularly favoured by buyers. Conversely, for those seeking a quieter pace of life amidst rural settings, the Turkish-speaking northern area offers an alternative.

When considering apartment purchases in Cyprus, location plays a pivotal role. Apartments closer to the sea command higher prices due to their prime positioning. Infrastructure development – schools, supermarkets and hospitals – also weighs into decision-making processes. While city centres typically carry heftier price tags compared to suburban areas; luxury zones within Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca offer superior locations replete with comprehensive amenities.

Life quality in Cyprus ranks high courtesy of affordable living costs coupled with laid-back ambience. Cultural diversity abounds here as Greek, Turkish and British influences intermingle seamlessly creating unique experiences for residents or visitors alike.

The country boasts world-class facilities ranging from restaurants and shopping complexes to entertainment hubs alongside top-notch healthcare services underpinned by robust infrastructure.

How to Buy an Apartment in Cyprus


To purchase an apartment in Cyprus, a contract of sale is required. This document outlines the property details, price, payment terms and any mutually agreed conditions such as completion date or special provisions. The contract must be written and signed by both parties for legality and registered with the Land Registry.

Title Deeds

Before finalising the sale contract, ensure that Title Deeds are clear of any mortgages or loans. A Land Search Certificate from the Land Registry can confirm this information.


You have two options when buying: pay cash or secure financing. If you choose to finance your purchase through a bank loan or other means, understanding its terms before signing is essential.


If opting for a Mortgage to finance your purchase, you may apply for a bank loan usually covering 50-70% of the property’s value. It’s crucial to comprehend mortgage terms fully and assess affordability before commitment.

Legal Considerations

We recommend consulting legal counsel specialising in property transactions during your purchasing process. They can review contracts, verify title deeds and ensure all legal requirements are met.

Tax Implications

Be aware there will be tax implications including transfer fees, stamp duty and annual property taxes when buying an apartment in Cyprus. These additional costs should be factored into your budgeting plan.

Additional Expenses
Other expenses such as legal fees, survey charges and insurance costs should also be considered while planning your budget.

Expertise in the Area

With over two decades of industry experience, Spot Blue International Property Sales has carved a niche in the Cyprus real estate market. Our broad spectrum of services caters to overseas buyers and investors, offering comprehensive guidance throughout the property acquisition process in Cyprus.

We collaborate with local agents who possess an intimate knowledge of the market dynamics. This partnership enables us to provide you with current information on the real estate landscape and personalised assistance tailored to your needs.

Our insights for purchasing an apartment in Cyprus are grounded in several key considerations. We advise thorough research into local market trends and pricing structures to facilitate informed decision-making. Collaborating with a seasoned local agent is encouraged for optimal advice and direction. It’s also essential to comprehend legal procedures including contract types, taxes, and associated fees.

Understanding your prospective locale extends beyond just properties; it includes amenities, schools, transportation options as well – all vital aspects that contribute towards quality living standards. We also urge you to consider long-term objectives when selecting a property.

Spot Blue stands out due its vast expertise within this field coupled with strong ties with local agents which ensures our clients receive top-tier service and counsel during their buying journey.