Properties for sale in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal

Marvila is a modern, trendy neighborhood in Lisbon. Properties for sale in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal have high-end finishes and are perfect for those who want to live in the city’s contemporary tech and innovative center. This is the place to be, from modern technology and business centres to cutting edge art galleries.


    What is it like in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal?

    At the moment, Marvila is one of Lisbon’s most promising areas, with vast potential and constant growth. Marvila boasts contemporary art galleries, trendy restaurants, and thriving co-working spaces.
    The streets of Marvila, located between the city centre and the large avenues of the modern Parque das Nacoes district, still retain their industrial flair while experiencing an exciting period of transformation. Places such as the Braco de Prata Factory, trendy cafes, and even a climbing school just around the corner from amazing real estate for sale. Marvila was not a fashionable neighbourhood, but today it is one of Lisbon’s most sought after regions.

    What is there to do in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal?

    It is now considered one of the city’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, where it all happens, and everybody wants to be. We are experiencing a similar reality in Lisbon. Slightly isolated from the middle of the city, there is a neighbourhood that develops and improves daily, Marvila. It’s Lisbon’s new cool neighbourhood where exciting events are taking place. Abandoned factories, ice rinks, craft breweries, and even art galleries have become workspaces. Bordallo and Wasted Rita have already shown their art in Marvila.
    To start, it’s the artisan beer neighbourhood! Lince, Fabrica Musa, and Dois Corvos Breweries can be found. Lince collaborates with friends who make beer at home and is now based in Marvila and has produced 17 different beer types to date. When visiting this side of the city, Musa is a must-see. It retains its industrial vibe and beers, including Mick Lager, Red Zeppelin Ale, and very unusual names. Finally, you can find the first craft beer ever made in Lisbon at Dois Corvos, the first brewery in Marvila with the right to the Marvila Collection, which you can find exclusively there.
    At nightfall, if you go around the city, there are still some bars that will captivate you. Hearonimo Baar, Armazem 16, and EKA Palace are all highlighted. The first is named after Fernando Pessoa and is named Baar, honouring the heteronyms of Pessoa. It’s complimentary to Chackal’s newest restaurant, and the delicious cocktails can’t be overlooked.
    Armazem 16 is still a secret in the region, although it has a spectacular views of the River Tajo, with 36 windows, there are already a few Portuguese who have organized parties here, such as DJ Vibe or Fuse. But EKA is the place to go if you’re looking for an after-party. It is the perfect place for someone who wants the party never to stop, with weekend parties that last until lunch the next day.

    What property types are there in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal?

    Properties for sale in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal, give a great blend of traditional style homes, flats, villas, and modern houses. They are usually known as apartments and separate houses (apartamento or andar) (vivenda or moradia). If funds permit, townhouses, villas, and flats plus exclusive and luxurious properties are on offer and a mansion as well.

    What are properties in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal like?

    Boasting spacious interiors, these comfortably-sized properties usually start between three and four bedrooms. The essential characteristic of these beautiful homes are designed to maximise space and light. However, its fantastic outdoor areas that really sell these homes. The properties, featuring vast green spaces, are built by some of Portugal’s most daring and artistic renovation ventures.
    Compared to this growing neighbourhood’s industrial flair, the facades would be more like vertical gardens, followed by extensive gardens and terraces for all residences.
    Featuring assured views of lush gardens and the Tagus River for some properties, they have expansive windows that bathe the spacious room’s interiors with warm sunshine in the morning and afternoon, coupled with high ceilings.
    The open-plan kitchen, living room and dining areas, with soft, minimalist lines, blend seamlessly into each other. Most properties have a garden and some boast a private swimming pool as vast as the indoor areas. Luxury duplex apartments and penthouses with terraces on the rooftop benefit from a private swimming pool with spectacular views of the River Tagus and beyond.
    This is the place to be seen and the place to invest in real estate for sale in Marvila, Lisbon, Portugal. If you are searching for a trendy vibe in a city centre location, you have found it here.