Properties for sale in Lisbon, Portugal

If ever there was the perfect city for an overseas home, it has to be in Lisbon. Buying a property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal is what most of us dream of. Lisbon is everything a city should be, it’s vibrant and exciting with upbeat districts and spectacular scenery with amazing architecture. This capital city of Portugal is one of the most visited for holidays and weekend breaks, where visitors can either hang out and enjoy the sunshine or indeed go sightseeing all the wonderful attractions.


If you like castles, bridges, museums and beaches, you should consider investing in properties in Lisbon, Portugal for sale as your year-round bolt hole.

If you want the ultimate in a city pad, look for a property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal, you can escape there throughout the whole year with regular flights from the UK and Europe. Everyone loves a city break so they can immerse themselves in a different culture and Lisbon is so popular due to its coastal location, it basically ticks all boxes. Holiday home buyers flock to buy Lisbon, Portugal properties for sale as they offer the holiday home owner, a sanctuary to go to when they need much needed rest and relaxation. If you buy a property in Lisbon, Portugal for sale literally everything is on your doorstep.

Lovely Lisbon, sits on the coast and is rather hilly, however this enables panoramic views of the Tagus Estuary and the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The majestic São Jorge Castle is a historic fortress built from the 1st century BC and offers up views of the old city and beyond. The National Azulejo Museum is home to intricately designed ceramic tiles, dating back 5 centuries. Beach lovers can head to just outside of the city for the beautiful beaches including Estoril and Cascais along the Atlantic. The area of Lisbon spans 100 km² and is set over seven wonderful hills and is made up of cathedrals, historic ruins and beautiful cobbled streets. It’s unbelievable to think that in 1755 Lisbon was completely flattened by a shattering earthquake which decimated the city. Lisbon was rebuilt using “Pombaline” architecture which saw some of the first earthquake protected buildings in Europe. Lisbon like the Phoenix rose again and today is visited by around 4.5 million tourists each year, with Portugal as whole playing host to over 23 million foreign visitors each and every year. History buffs in particular will invest in property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal.

Has your interest been spiked yet in property in Lisbon, Portugal for sale? If not, let me tell you some more about this beautiful city. The city is split in to many districts and each district has something different to offer. The most visited are Alfama, Bairro Alto, Baixa, Belém, Chiado and Liberdade.

Alfama – is one of the oldest districts in Lisbon, with its narrow cobbled streets and white buildings. Historic buildings are in abundance with São Jorge Castle here and a staggering eleven towers with beautiful landscaped gardens. Saint Anthony of Lisbon was born here in 1195 and the Church of Saint Anthony was built to commemorate him.

Bairro Alto – is an area for the young and trendy to visit and this area comes alive in the evenings. Music fills the air from the bars and restaurants here and you will hear live music each evening. It’s also filled with historic monuments and is home to one of Lisbon’s most beautiful squares the Largo do Carmo. Fountains, churches and baroque styles homes are in abundance here in Bairro Alto.

Baixa – is the commercial centre of Lisbon, however visitors go there to view the neoclassical architecture which was built after the 1755 earthquake. It’s busy and if you love seafood this is the place to head for. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is where budding artists visit and if scenic views are your thing, make your way to the Santa Justa Lift for spectacular views across the city.

Belém – is an upmarket district which sits alongside the Tejo Estuary. It’s packed to the brim with beautiful ancient buildings, historic monuments, museums, botanic gardens and delightful landscaped parks and gardens. This district is small, however it is one of the most popular areas to visit in Lisbon. Chic bars and eateries are the place to be seen and this area is famous for excellent schools and expats.

Chiado – this delightful location mixes traditional and modern buildings. This place is upcoming especially for commerce and fashion and its diversity is what attracts most visitors. Designer shopping, old book shops, theatre and art galleries are all found here. Historic culture and buildings are everywhere, mixed between modern cafes and shops and they seem to blend well together. Superb bars and restaurants make this location popular.

Liberdade – if you want class this is where you will find it. This is most definitely the classiest district in Lisbon and is often compared to the Champs Élysées in Paris. Pretty parks, statues, fountains and landmarks line this lovely area along the main tree lined road. Traditional and art nouveau architecture can be seen at every turn. Designer shopping at its best include Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton and as one can imagine, the ladies of this prestigious location, dress decidedly chic. If you are searching for a city property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal, any of these locations will suit you nicely. Holiday homes for sale in Lisbon, Portugal are in high demand and it’s easy to see why!

Lisbon, Portugal properties for sale are often set in traditional style old buildings that have been sympathetically transformed and modernised internally. The exteriors stay true to their original design of the building, in keeping with the surrounding area. Bright and light spacious properties start from 1 bedroom to usually 3 bedrooms. These properties serve up large lounges with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Set within the city, these properties are high end with fantastic finishes. The original period features are kept and work well with the modernisation of the property. They are often spread over two floors and make good use of the space. They can be open plan allowing the rooms (lounge, dining room and kitchen to flow in to each other). Modern and well fitted kitchens and sleek bathrooms offer the ultimate in luxury, even when a property isn’t listed as luxury. Clean lines are used to serve up modern living and if you want a beautiful property in Lisbon, Portugal for sale there will be one with your name on it.

Luxury properties for sale in Lisbon, Portugal are on a different scale. These homes are palatial to say the least. Usually they are located in residential and beautiful streets, obviously it goes without saying these areas are affluent. Elegant and comfortable these properties are large and sprawling, with large lounges with beautiful wooden floors. Luxury modern kitchens and bathrooms, large bedrooms usually from 3 bedrooms upwards, present high quality throughout. There are extra storage rooms and garage spaces, sometimes two which is a huge advantage. These luxury properties in Lisbon, Portugal for sale, generally have one property on each floor of a prestigious building. Where does the luxury come in? How does your own private swimming pool grab you? They can either be on the first floor of a building or if you buy a last floor property (a penthouse) it will be found on your roof top terrace. If you buy a last floor property the views from your roof top terrace serve up spectacular vistas of the River Tagus and the city.

Yes, it goes without saying the price tag is high but that comes with exclusivity and these properties are of course exclusive. These properties for sale in Lisbon, Portugal are for the discerning buyer, they are not your typical city pad they are refined and offer luxury living. Property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal are on the property investor’s radar.

Overseas property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal are usually close to the river or at least have river views. Some also come with parking spaces which is a real advantage in this city or any other for that matter. Are you looking for an investment property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal? If so, well done you! These properties make for a lucrative investment, visitors year-round to Lisbon mean they need somewhere to stay. We are increasingly seeing tourists moving away from the traditional hotel stay and instead they are preferring to stay in a private property. By staying in a private property, they have much more space, freedom to come and go as they please and privacy. If you decide to invest in a property for sale in Lisbon, Portugal expect excellent returns on your initial investment.

What else is there to do in Lisbon? There are super cafes, bars and eateries offering mouthwatering local Portuguese cuisine to international dishes. For a truly authentic Portuguese evening head to one of the many traditional Fado clubs. Fado music has been around for centuries and if you really want to experience this lifestyle, simply listen for the haunting melodies. There are plenty of nightclubs dotted throughout the city if Lisbon, each offering different sounds, it all depends on what you are looking for. Lisbon is a bustling city and whatever you want, you can find it. International DJ’s are the host of these exciting evenings out and expect not to go home until dawn. Lisbon was once the mecca for all night clubbing, these days it’s a little more sedate but you can still dance the night away.

For those wanting a more relaxed evening head to one of the many squares and enjoy a spot of fine dining with mellow music in the background. Like many other European cities, the Portuguese take their time eating dinner and can sit, chat and eat for hours on end. The balmy summer evenings go on forever and you can make the most of these evenings taking a walk after dinner and stop at one of the many inviting bars for a nightcap. For those who enjoy live music, there are plenty of venues or if you love the opera you can have a wonderful night visiting the Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos in Chiado, its Lisbon’s grand old opera house. Lovers of Mozart and Wagner will be delighted in this opera house built in 1793.

Flights to Lisbon, Portugal from the UK take only 2.5 hours and less from other European countries. Lisbon International Airport is a mere 7 km (4.3 miles) from the city centre of Lisbon. Transfers can be arranged before you leave home via shuttle bus, private transfer, car hire or grab a taxi outside of arrivals.

The climate in Lisbon, Portugal is Mediterranean with warm, sunny summers and mild winters with a little rain. As Lisbon is located to the far west of Europe and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean it means the climate is mild in comparison to other cities in Europe. January is the coldest month which sees temperatures of 15°C and July and August both bask in temperatures of 28°C. The sun shines constantly during the summer months in Lisbon. Spring and autumn are great times to visit Lisbon for sightseeing. In July and August there are 11 hours of daily sunshine throughout each month, meaning you can take advantage of your time in this city.

Lisbon offers beautiful property in one of the most desirable cities in Europe. Its upmarket feel is appreciated by those who enjoy the finer things in life.  Whether you are looking for a holiday home, an investment or permanent residence, Lisbon has much to offer. Its culture is one to be admired and its sightseeing of historical sites, museums and art galleries are to be savoured. The price tag for homes such as these are higher but one would expect them to be. Enjoy this lifestyle in wonderful Lisbon.