Properties for sale in Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal

How do you find the right overseas estate agent in Lisbon, Portugal? You just have, so you are already on the right track for finding your ideal property for sale in Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal. Are you looking for homes for sale in Principe Real for a permanent residence, a holiday home or investment? Our wealth of knowledge in the Portuguese real estate market, is second to none.

    Property for sale in Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal:

    Principe Real is a desirable and highly sought after location to invest in property. Some of the most sought after real estate is located here. This is not budget property, this is high end luxury property. Large apartments offering from three to four bedrooms with extensive views over the Tagus River offer investors a safe capital investment. A central location, spacious interiors and large balconies add to the uniqueness of these homes. Investing in a property of this caliber, allows you to take a step towards the Portugal Golden Visa Programme.

    Modern homes provide modern living in a distinguished neighbourhood of Lisbon. Most apartments are housed in renovated traditional period buildings with the original façade. Although they have fully modern interiors, they retain a certain charm and are full of character.

    Once you find your ideal home after browsing through our property portfolio of real estate listings, the next step is visiting Lisbon for viewings. We will be with you every step of the way and assist you obtaining your title deed. We have carried out all the hard work for you, you need to decide which beautiful property in Principe Real for sale, is for you.

    When you begin your search on the website you will be given key information on each property. The property price, images of the property, what the price includes (if it’s a resale it may include furniture). Location and proximity to the nearest airport, you can of course request more information via email or we would be delighted to call you, to discuss further. We can also arrange an appointment for viewings and we would advise you to visit ASAP if you particularly like a property. Once on the website a chat page will pop up and you are connected live to a real estate agent, who you can ask questions regarding properties or investment opportunities.

    Home Owner Information:

    International flights arrive at Lisbon Airport which is just a 30 minute drive from Principe Real. Visitors use a shuttle bus, private car hire or taxi for transfers.

    Investment Homes:

    Principe Real properties offer exclusive homes in one of the most visited capital cities in the world. Apart from gaining a magnificent apartment, you are making a wise investment choice.

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