villas for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain

Beautiful beaches, delightful cafes, trendy bars and upmarket eateries along with fabulous leisure and sports facilities and pretty parks and gardens are all found within 1400 acres of glorious La Manga. Add abundant sunshine and this is why villas in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, for sale are in such high demand. This small resort packs a lot in, with 40 km of clean soft sandy beaches and sparkling clear cool blue waters. This lifestyle is both lively and vibrant and suitable for anyone who wants a bustling life. If you like to socialise both day and night this location is for you. Are you searching for a holiday home for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain? It maybe something you should be considering as Spanish villas are on the investors radar.

    As the La Manga strip is nestled between two seas it often looks as though it’s an island, giving a feeling of large open spaces and is known as the “paradise between two seas” for good reason, as that’s exactly what it is. It ticks all boxes and is loved so much that many first time visitors invest in villas for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, as they want to return time and time again. Picturesque vistas of both the Menor and the Mediterranean Seas are indeed breathtaking. As you may be able to imagine, boat trips and sailing are popular from the ports at La Manga, as the views are incredible.

    Many owners of villas in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, are avid sailors with many having their own yacht or boat. Because of the ports, keen sailors choose this resort for their holiday home or permanent residence. Perfect days at sea are heavenly where you can explore the coves, bays and caves of this coastline and drop anchor for a swim. The sea breeze is a welcome relief during the hot summer months and sailing on these days is pure bliss. Head back to the port after a full day at sea and you can dine at one of the superb bars or restaurants that serve up local Spanish treats, offer international menus and of course tasty fresh seafood. Are you thinking La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain villas for sale are just what you are looking for?

    It’s not only sailing that is a popular past time on La Manga Del Mar Menor, golf is also very much part of everyday life on La Manga. It’s has some of the best golf courses in the world and the golf clubs offer exceptional facilities. As we are all aware of now, golfing holidays are very lucrative and the craze for golfing holidays are on the increase. Spain is one of the most preferred golfing destinations across the globe due to its proximity to the UK and the rest of Europe. The favourable year round weather is another lure meaning golfers can also visit out of season too. Investors will already be well aware that golfing holidays are a money making investment, and they have been buying up villas for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor for many a year.

    Savvy investors of villas in La Manga Del Mar Menor for sale make a superb income from their properties. Beautiful villas for sale in La Mange Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, are set on the hillsides serving up spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Menor Seas, with views of the golf courses. Lush greens of the fairways and blue hues of the two seas really set the Mediterranean scenic landscape. There are three golf courses here with tennis courts and football pitches. A spa and fitness centre, a hotel and a plethora of cafes, bars and eateries, plus a children’s club with private access to the beach. Close by is a National Park and a Marine Reserve ideal for walking, hiking and cycling serving up panoramic vistas. This is a lifestyle that most yearn for and villas in La Mange Del Mar Menor for sale offer the ultimate in an overseas home. Are these villas spiking your interest yet in La Manga?

    Overseas homes for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, are not only for the keen golfer but their families as well. This resort is lively year round meaning everyone can make the most of their home in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain. There is a good size expat community and they often get together to socialise, play sports and enjoy days out. The area is very welcoming and buyers of property for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain have an excellent balanced lifestyle and it’s one to be envied. For those who have purchased a villa for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain as a retreat or holiday home, can visit whenever they need to escape the grind of working life and relax in the sunshine. Frequent holidays and lots of weekend breaks makes excellent use of these houses in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain maximising their full potential as the ideal getaway.

    Who purchases these lovely homes? They are suitable for couples, groups of friends and families. Golfers will be attracted to this location for the golf and resort facilities plus the weather will be a massive draw as they can play year round. This is also a superb investment and investors are flocking to La Manga to add to their investment portfolio with these villas. Golfing holidays are increasing each year as we see the numbers swell, more players prefer the Mediterranean climate, well, doesn’t every one!

    What are the villas in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, for sale like? The usually start from 2 or 3 bedrooms upwards, offering either traditional or contemporary in design, the choice is very much yours. These golfing villas are situated very close to golf courses and beaches and are set in the most beautiful landscaped gardens. Traditional villas are cosy and inviting and Spanish themed in design and layout. Often there is a mezzanine level creating open living spaces and allows plenty of light in with spiral staircases and some have the benefit of a solarium. Terraces and balconies literally wrap themselves around these villas offering bags of outdoor living. A private swimming pool with sunbathing terraces are where you can rest and relax whilst topping up your tan. For those wanting a villa which blends in to the Spanish landscape this is the one for you.

    Modern and contemporary designed villas really stand out against the Spanish backdrop of forests and mountains. White in colour and innovative in design, these homes are large and open plan and maximise space. Large floor to ceiling windows allow the outside in to the living spaces creating a perfect and harmonious lifestyle balance. Luxury modern kitchens and bathrooms with high spec cabinetry and sleek bathroom suites with top of the range fixtures and fittings. The villas offer different vistas due to their modern design, the outside terraces are where you can relax in the privacy of your home. The large swimming pool is where you can cool off and go back to sunbathing and relaxing, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

    Luxury villas for sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, are spectacular. They normally have from 4 bedrooms upwards, they have large open plan living spaces with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and La Manga. Infinity swimming pools and large private landscaped gardens offer peace and serenity where you can hang out with family and friends in the lap of luxury. Every brick placement has been carefully thought out to maximise rooms, windows and patio doors. Luxury kitchens offer modern units with high spec appliances and quality tiles, ceramics or marble. Sleek bathroom suites are contemporary with clean lines. If you want the utmost in a luxury villa this is the one to choose if your budget can stretch. The price is higher of course, but then again you would expect it to be. The luxury price tag is there for a reason, they are exclusive and not everyone can afford them, the lucky few that can are in for a treat!

    Sightseeing is a must and anyone interested in local history will be delighted with all they can learn about this region of Spain. In the 16th century the islands of Cabo de Palos to the Punta del Mojón began to merge together and today remains of mud and clay houses plus wooden cottages were unearthed dating back to the Neolithic age. The Greeks and Romans settled here and ship wrecks where found in the Mar Menor with gold and silver.

    Eating out is a delightful experience with lots of cocktail bars and fine dining restaurants. For those that want dancing, make your way to the south of the La Manga strip where you will find lively nightlife by way of discos and nightclubs. There are superb transport links in La Manga by way of the excellent bus service. If you wish to go further afield you can visit the city of Murcia or indeed the rest of Spain.

    What are the flights like from the UK to La Manga Del Mar Menor? The nearest airport to La Manga is Murcia (San Javier) for foreign tourists to fly in to via a direct 2.5 hour flight. The transfer from the airport to La Manga is 25 km (14 miles). Short flights and transfers are ideal for families with young children and that’s why this type of resort appeals to them. Transfers from the airport to La Manga can be taken by shuttle bus transfer, private car transfer, private car hire or taxi. Most of the transfers can be booked from the UK before you leave for La Manga, or if you prefer, you can grab a taxi outside of arrivals, there are always plenty waiting.

    What is the weather like in La Manga Del Mar Menor? It’s a typically Mediterranean climate serving up dry and hot summers with mild winters. Average temperatures in the summer months are around 25°C. The coldest month is January where the temperature averages 15°C and August sees the hottest weather with temperatures sizzling at 31°C and over. The most daily hours of sunshine are found in July which sees 11 hours of sunshine per day.

    Lovely La Manga Del Mar Menor serves up a delightful location to have either a holiday home or a permanent residence. They also make excellent investment properties and can earn a lucrative income especially in the golfing world. Wonderful extended holidays and long weekend breaks make choosing this lifestyle an enriched one. To be able to take off to your home away from home when life gets too much or you just need a bit of rest and relaxation is an important option. Are you thinking about enhancing your lifestyle with a property abroad? Costa Blanca in Spain and La Manga in particular, serves up a unique resort offering the discerning buyer a beautiful home in a desirable location.