Villas For Sale in United Arab Emirates

Searching for a villa for sale in stunning locations in the United Arab Emirates, in the Middle East. From city-based apartments to beachfront villas with a sea view, we help people all across the globe to search for homes in the UAE. Contact us now to get an appointment to see a property in Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches, or anywhere else in Dubai or throughout the UAE.

    Beachfront villas in the UAE

    Spot Blue is a registered international property search portal, where you can sort by property type or keyword, use filters like max price, save search filters, and see our most popular searches. We offer a wide range of properties for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and other prime locations in the UAE.

    You can browse our real estate for sale in Dubai or check the availability of apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi. We also offer our users information about the pricing of homes in Dubai, the best-gated communities in the UAE, and exclusive property news from around the world.

    Our villas are sold at reasonable prices. You can find out more about the availability of properties and choose your dream home by checking out pictures, specifications, and location details. Wherever you are on the globe, connect with us via email, phone, or get subscribed to our newsletter to find out more about our services.

    Our beachfront listings are located in prime beach locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah. We cover just about every great beach location on offer in the UAE.

    Composed of modern contemporary villa designs, the properties offer a choice of plans and layouts, as well as an extensive range of highly- prestige finishes.

    Built to the highest international standards, beachfront villas offer spacious, open layouts featuring large living areas and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. A wide range of facilities are also offered, such as private pools, infinity swimming pools and indoor/outdoor jacuzzi baths.

    Browse listings in Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai Marina, Arabian Ranches and other properties for sale in the UAE.

    Luxury Villas with Private Pools

    Imagine yourself enjoying a dip in the pool while the BBQ catches. Imagine having friends and family arrive, and hosting them in a luxury setting.

    At Spot Blue, we have a number of luxury villas with private pools for sale in the UAE – these gorgeous luxury homes are spread across the UAE, from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and everything in between. They feature 4, 5 and 6 bedroom options, providing space for families or small teams to work independently on tasks all within the privacy of their own dedicated dwelling.

    Villa with a luxurious golf course

    Are you looking for a luxurious villa with a golf course nearby? The desire for a good walk on a pleasant morning, with the fresh aroma of green grass in your nose and the calming sound of running water nearby, does not need much of an explanation. A game of golf relieves any stress, lowers blood pressure, increases efficiency and is a good exercise.

    We have collected a list of the most luxurious and exclusive villas for sale in the UAE, available as luxury fully-furnished or semi-furnished houses. Browse listings here.

    Why should I buy a villa in the UAE?

    Buying a villa in the UAE is a great idea. Not only can it be an investment opportunity, but owning one in the UAE is also a great way of life. There are many reasons why people buy a villa in the UAE, and some of them are below:

    1. Investment Opportunity – If you are looking to invest your money in something that is likely to give you returns over time, then buying a villa in the UAE should be at the top of your list. The property market in Dubai and other emirates is always on the rise, meaning that if you buy something now, you will most probably make a great return on your investment within the next 5 years.

    2. Living Comfort – Life in a villa is very comfortable. You will get maids and butlers to help you with your daily chores and you can even have someone cook for you if you want! You get to live like royalty when you live in such magnificent properties.

    3. Tax Benefits – You need to pay tax on any income that you earn from renting out a property, or even from selling it later on. However, if you own a property for at least 3 years, then the government of UAE will let you off paying tax on any profit that comes.

    Buying a villa in UAE is not a bad investment especially when you can get such a large number of property options here. You’ll have no trouble finding the right villa within your budget and specifications.

    At the end of the day, buying a villa in the UAE is not all that different from buying any other property, except that it’s certainly easier to find what you want and make the deal with an expert agent like Blue Spot Properties. Explore our portfolio of homes for sale in the UAE today.

    Amenities in UAE villas in location, like Dubai Hills Estate and Dubai Marina

    Villas in the UAE usually have a beautiful exterior and a lavish interior.  Here are some of the details that make a UAE home even more attractive:

    1. Obviously, most villas have a huge swimming pool that is surrounded by a beautiful garden with trees and a green natural lawn. The swimming pool is not only for holding parties but also for swimming as it contains clean water and is maintained perfectly by the maintenance staff.
    2. Some villas have their own Jacuzzi. One can relax in these Jacuzzis while enjoying the atmosphere of the UAE.
    3. Some of the villas have their own gym facility where one can work out or even play basketball or other indoor games. The villa may also contain a sauna where one can relax after working out hard in the gym itself or playing indoor games like basketball.
    4. Most of the villas have their own private cinema hall where one can watch movies with family or friends without having to go anywhere else. Few of them contain private rooms for video games just like any amusement park does.
    5. The kitchen contains all modern facilities for cooking along with its own pantry area to store all ingredients required to cook any dish one wishes to.

    How much do villas in UAE cost?

    Villas in the UAE are definitely not the cheapest. The average villa price in Dubai is anywhere between $300,000 and $400,000. Some villas go up to $1 million depending on the location, size and amenities. Despite the high costs, property in Dubai is still booming since many people want to live in the city.

    Most people choose to live in a luxury villa due to its spaciousness and luxurious interiors. The average villa size is 600 square metres divided into several separate rooms with different layouts which include a bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining area and sometimes even a home theatre room or library. There are also many different types of luxury villas from one story chalets to multi-story penthouses with private elevators and swimming pools on the roof.

    Villas for sale in Abu Dhabi

    Truly, if you want to live in luxury, then Abu Dhabi villas can fulfil your desires. Available at reasonable rates, these homes offer state-of-the-art amenities that you will surely appreciate.

    Choose from a variety of attractive villas including individual villas and attached villas. The attached villas have a wide range of amenities that include swimming pools, saunas, gyms, spas, etc. Villas in Abu Dhabi are truly beautiful creations that have been designed to offer you the best living experience ever.

    Villas for sale in Dubai (including Dubai Marina)

    There are many villas in Dubai that vary in size, quality, cost and location. The villas vary from large luxury villas to small cosy villas, depending on the client’s taste and requirements.

    The three most sought after locations for villas in Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Emirates Hills and Umm Suqeim. All of these locations are close to schools, universities and shopping malls and beaches. These locations also provide easy access to highways that lead you to other points in Dubai without any trouble at all. Explore our portfolio of villas for sale in Dubai to see if any catches your eye, then get in touch for follow up.

    Villas in Ajman

    The villas in Ajman are beautiful architectural designs. The villas offer you a luxurious lifestyle. The houses are constructed in such a way that they offer privacy to their residents. The residents enjoy a scenic view of the Arabian Gulf and various leisure activities.

    The villas offer their residents a wide range of facilities like 24-hour security, round-the-clock water supply, car parking area, laundry area and so on. Browse listings here.

    How is the property market in UAE?

    The property market in UAE is booming. The population is also rising at a very fast rate, thanks to the influx of expats. This has forced the investors to look for newer markets and they have invested heavily in Dubai.

    There are various factors driving the growth of the property market in Dubai, including government policies and initiatives, increased international exposure, robust investment climate, and increased foreign investments.  Moreover, there is no doubt that Dubai has become one of the most important financial centres in the region that attracts a large number of expatriates looking to make profits from property investments. All these make Dubai in particular, and the entire UAE, a perfect destination for property investments.

    How do you buy a villa in UAE?

    If you’re looking to buy a villa in UAE, there are many things you need to know about. You will also have to visit property agents who will show you different properties, and you may have to wait until they can arrange for a viewing or inspection. You could end up travelling all over the city with no luck. It is much better to let an expert handle the process for you, as they will be able to give you all the information that you want as well as provide details on costs and prices, and even how much you could earn if you chose to rent a place out. They will also be able to finalise any real estate deals with the seller and complete paperwork.

    You should always look for a reputable agent who has experience in this area. Before listing any property, they will carry out extensive research, including looking at similar properties that have been sold recently, to ensure that they are priced correctly. They can also advise on whether a property type in the area is selling well, so that they can get an idea of how much properties of a similar size and age have sold for.

    Once they know what price range your budget is, they can help you find the ideal property for you. They will also consider important factors such as location, amenities nearby and transport links.

    To buy a villa in the UAE, you can speak to Spot Blue, find out the average price for the type of villa you want, and see what the highest price you should pay in different locations. We have the tips and information to stop you making a wrong decision on your villa purchase. We know how much that sea view is worth. We have an experienced team of experts to handle all your real estate search needs. Our extensive knowledge of the UAE real estate market makes us an ideal partner for anyone considering buying a villa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the Emirates.