13 Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai for Expats

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Considering the pros and cons of living in Dubai, make it is easy to see why this destination is an expat haven. Despite being typically stereotyped by many foreign nationalities, over the last ten years, Dubai has reached massive popularity for its real estate market and living standards. Working professionals and couples move to Dubai to further their careers and enjoy a culturally rich lifestyle but with the benefits of modern living in apartments or villas. Dubai is more modern than many other global destinations that count as international cities. If you are considering moving, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dubai.

Pros and Cons of living in Dubai

1: Job Prospects and the Economy

Many people think oil drives the economy of Dubai, but for 60 years, Dubai city has been one of the world’s largest trading ports. Additionally, for 20 years, Dubai has attracted much foreign investment thanks to various incentives for overseas companies. This means that for working professionals looking to further their careers, there are many job opportunities. In addition, Dubai’s economy is thriving, especially when compared to other global cities. Additionally, for many professions, for those who live and work in Dubai, there are tax incentives.

2: Ultramodern Architecture

One reason Dubai stands out globally is the ultramodern architecture that has put this city on the real estate map to be reckoned with. Just look at Jumeriah or the Burj Kalifa to understand the impact of buildings and famous landmarks on the city’s horizon. From the Dubai opera to Jumeriah Mosque, individuality and innovation stand on every street corner. Read more about famous buildings in Dubai.

3: Leisure and Pleasure

Whether it is the beach, shopping malls, water parks, adventure sports or themed activities, Dubai delivers in bucket fills. Leisure and pleasure are at the forefront of life in Dubai, so do not think life is about work and no play. Big malls are a typical day feature for everyone since they include eating out, entertainment, shopping, and kids’ facilities under one roof. But one search of Google throws up plenty more opportunities to enjoy yourself.

pros and cons of living in dubai

4: Luxury Lifestyle for Expats

We have all seen the photos of Dubai residents driving down the high street in BMWs and Lamborghinis. Add the large number of five dining restaurants, including Gordon Ramsey’s and upmarket boutique clothes stalls for luxury vibes in abundance. Indeed, when splashing cash, living in Dubai is perfect for emptying your bank account.

5: International Expat Community

An estimated 70% of Dubai’s residents are foreign, and global cultural influences combine to form tolerance, learning, and understanding. Many people think life for expats is strictly conservative Islam, but Dubai is more liberal than other cities, and there are still places to grab a drink or go clubbing. However, don’t push the boundaries too far by kissing in public or going topless.

6: Getting There and Getting Around

The Dubai owned airline Emirates has boosted its profile over the last ten years with massive TV and media publications. This one airline makes getting to Dubai easy. Granted, once you are there, the traffic overwhelms most expats, but the Dubai metro is fast, efficient, and a smooth ride to get to where you want to go. If you are in a rush, taxis are also cheap and readily available at many points.

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7: Living in a Family Friendly Atmosphere

Despite the glamorous profile of Dubai and the fast and ready lifestyle, the city is also an extremely family-friendly place to raise kids. Private education schools are some of the world’s best, with pupils gaining international recognised qualifications. In addition, there are many themed activities for kids, and most tourist attractions also cater to the young.

8: Real Estate Market and Rental Properties

Dubai does well with overseas and UAE rental investors who want high rental yields. This is thanks to the number of working professionals who rent in business districts. Additionally, the Dubai real estate market is predicted to fare well for capital appreciation now that the COVID crisis is over. To gain an idea of real estate in Dubai, browse our listings of apartments and villas and fill in the enquiry form to receive more details about any property via email.

9: Internet Censorship

So, we have looked at the advantages of living in Dubai, which are plentiful, but as with anywhere in the world, we need to know the disadvantages. The first is internet censorship. Dubai bans any websites simply because of their offensive nature. There is no getting around this one, but many agree that censorship does not affect their daily lives.

10: Driving in Dubai

As mentioned before, traffic is overwhelming for pedestrians, but imagine driving in it! The ride is not for the impatient drivers among us. The traffic is the same as any global city. Many say they would not drive in Istanbul, Rome, or Paris. If you need to get about, there are plenty more ways to get about.

11: Weather and Climate

They say one man’s poison is another man’s delight, and for some people, the height of summer gets too hot. So they stay indoors or head to other places for cooler climates. So expect temperatures of roughly 50 degrees Celsius. On the plus side, the months of November to March are cool enough to walk around.

12: Money Management & Living Costs

Living on a budget in Dubai can be challenging simply because the city is also one of the UAE’s most expensive places. This should not be a surprise given the luxury Dubai promotes, but many working expats who don’t watch their finances find their monthly wages eaten up by the cost of living.

13: Red Tape Galore

This is not specific to Dubai because expats worldwide complain about red tape. Simple processes can be long and drawn out, and often, the legalities seem pointless. However, you cannot change the system. The best thing to do is give yourself time to get red tape legalities performed and research beforehand to find out what to do and where to go.

Also About Dubai

Best Area To Live in Dubai: Asking about ideal areas to live in Dubai for ex-pats is quite common. While Dubai has been a long-term favourite for Asian and Middle-Eastern overseas investors, the city is still relatively new in western circles. Now, remote working and heading overseas to further your career are common, so Dubai’s rising global status attracts more expat foreigners.

Reasons to Buy Dubai Property: So we hope we have given you a fair idea of what to expect regarding the pros and cons of living in Dubai. If you are considering buying real estate when you move, be impressed by what is for sale. Dubai has numerous real estate investment opportunities and is a sought-after location for expatriates and holiday tourists.

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