Which is the Best Area to Live in Dubai for Expats?

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Asking which is the best area to live in Dubai for ex-pats is quite common. While Dubai has been a long-term favourite for Asian and Middle-Eastern overseas investors, the city is still relatively new in western markets. Now, remote working and heading overseas to further your career is quite common, so Dubai’s rising global status attracts more expat foreigners. The rapidly-rising population includes many overseas nationalities looking to become permanent ex-pats of this luxury villa and modern apartment destination. Potential ex-pats will be glad to know there are many residential areas when moving to Dubai. Everyone finds somewhere, including single professionals, families, pet-friendly friends, beach lovers, budget-conscious couples, or simply those looking for peace. So, let’s look at the best neighbourhoods in Dubai for potential ex-pats.

Guide to the Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Expats

1: Dubai Marina Area

Single professionals and young couples feel right at home in Dubai Marina, a district with modern apartment towers boasting fantastic sea views. Since Dubai Marina is in the beating heart, all social amenities are nearby. The marina is not the most affordable place to buy or rent property in Dubai, but ex-pats get an exclusive lifestyle with plenty of top-notch dining and entertainment choices.

dubai marina

With good transport links to many other places in Dubai, the marina area attracts many ex-pats with the convenience and benefits of a great lifestyle. Putting aside fun, several medical establishments are on your doorstep. Families who choose the marina area will find several top accredited nurseries, whereas further schooling is a short drive away.

2: Live in Emirates Hill

This Emirates area attracts families who want a decent residential area with luxury property and easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and other social amenities like restaurants and malls. One reason the gated community attracts families is highly accredited schools, and in addition, the area welcomes your four-legged furry friends. Emirates Hills is based on the exclusive Beverly Hills in the USA; hence, the area offers social status. Ex-pats who want to rent or buy a villa here should expect to pay top-notch prices, but for peaceful, friendly vibes.

3: Expats in Palm Jumeirah Island

While the above two areas focus on families, couples and single, anyone who wants to live in an idyllic place loves Palm Jumeirah Island. The upscale manufactured Jumeirah Island, in the shape of a palm tree hence the name, offers stunning Persian Gulf views and ultra-villas. As expected from Dubai, leisure is at the forefront of social calendars, and residents of Jumeirah enjoy seaside living. Expect high flying socialites as neighbours and an ultra-modern marina for those who enjoy yachting. Palm Jumeirah helped put Dubai on the map when attracting wealthy, influential global people. And that is precisely what the architects and development companies set out to do and achieve.

4: Live in Bluewater Complex Area

Bluewater ranks highly as a desirable place to live in Dubai. With apartments and townhouses, the area offers stunning sea and city views. Additionally, this area stands out for exclusivity by featuring the famous seafront observation wheel, Ain Dubai.

blue waters island

Expect the best in shops, bars, restaurants, and kids’ activities like swimming pools and playing areas. Disabled friendly activities feature highly on social calendars. As another manufactured area of Dubai, there is another additional price for exclusive ambience, but once you see the area for yourself, you will understand why.

5: Downtown Dubai – Home to Burj Khalifa

Along with the marina area, this area is the beating heart, with luxury hotels, office spaces and apartment living. With plenty of cash to spend, Ex-pats adore Dubai mall, which counts as the world’s second-largest shopping mall hosting more than 50 million visitors. Of course, the location means paying more for your home to live in, but this nets quick and easy access to leisure facilities.

burj khalifa

Expect top-notch transport services, and alongside modern touches of day-to-day life, do seek out the cultural heritage parts reflecting Dubai’s colourful history and traditions. This touristic area features the Burj Khalifa, so anyone looking for buy to let property should start here.

6: Excellent Mirdif

Think family-friendly ambience with top-notch schools when considering popular Mirdif. Property hunters find that despite the upscale lifestyle, prices are surprisingly good. Many say Mirdif is Dubai’s second most affordable place to rent. Additionally, if villa living in Dubai is what you seek, Midrif is an ideal place to search for property, especially with gardens. Sitting near the airport, residents benefit from easy access to flight schedules worldwide, but the downside is the noise. When looking to shop, head to the renowned city centre, Arabian Mall Park and Etihad mall. Also, tap into the delights of Dubai Festival City, which features a shopping mall and golf course.

7: Residential Arabian Ranches

Whereas Emirates Hills compares to Beverly Hills, think Bel-Air when looking at Arabian Ranches. This gated home area of Dubai is nothing short of spectacular, with villas and apartments sitting near an equestrian centre, international schools, shopping malls, and an 18-hole golf course. Sitting just off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Arabian Ranches offers high scale living, set across 6 million square meters in the theme of ranches. To be in the heart of the city, drive the short distance to Downtown Dubai in next to no time. Despite belonging to a high-profile city, Arabian ranches does not promote urban or tower living.

8: High-Rise Business Bay of Dubai

Business Bay, sitting near Dubai International Financial Centre, is as to expect for young working professionals. Think apartment living, with fantastic city views, and for retail therapy, downtown Dubai is right next door. Most buildings display innovative architecture that reflects Dubai’s status as a significant world player, but the advantage is living, working, and playing hard all in one district for professionals.

9: Popular Al Barsha Community

This popular area of Dubai separates into two distinct parts, each featuring either spacious villas or apartments. Al Barsha does well because of the list of international schools, including the American School of Dubai and GEMS Wellington International School. In addition, the Al Barsha area has two health hospitals and famously features ski Dubai and the main Emirates Mall, so all leisure amenities are in proximity. Sitting next to two major roads, the area is a quick commute for ex-pats into the heart of Dubai, and just 25 minutes from the airport and near to the marina. Al Barsha is not an affordable place in Dubai, yet anyone living here is pleased.

10: The Best Jumeirah Beach Residence

Sitting next to the popular Jumeriah beach and near schools, families would do well to look at this residential community of beachfront apartment living. The Jumeirah area ranks highly for leisure, with the beach being one, but restaurants, shops, and cafes fair well.

jumeirah beach residence

Developers of the Jumeirah residence preserved green spaces, and healthcare is a top priority with four establishments offering services. Sitting opposite Bluewater’s Island, residents enjoy typical beach lifestyles in Jumeirah, which many ex-pats looking to live in Dubai dream of.

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which is the best area to live in dubai for expats

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