Reasons to Buy Property in Dubai

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If you are wondering about reasons to buy property in Dubai, get ready to be convinced. Dubai has numerous reasons that promote ideal real estate investment opportunities for anyone interested. Dubai is a popular choice among investors and homebuyers because of its strategic UAE location and well-developed infrastructure. Dubai, a sought-after destination for expatriates and holiday tourists, also stands out for excellent facilities and world-class properties But reasons for ideal property investment stretch further than expat living and tourism stats. There is no other city like Dubai, and the urban landscape ranks among the world leaders to easily matching Rome, Milan, Paris, and Istanbul. So let’s look at why your money will be well spent when you buy Dubai property.

Reasons to Buy Property in Dubai

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1: Multi-cultural Community and Various Languages

One thing every foreigner wants to do is settle in quickly. Whether this is into a new job or simply making friends. In Dubai, estimates say 85% of the population are foreigners. These demographic impacts daily life to blend everyone’s culture, beliefs, and preferences into one big pot. Whether eating different cuisines every night or learning new languages, foreigners get along and find it easy to make friends and settle in.

2: Dubai Job Market

One reason for the large foreign population is that the job market attracts many foreigners looking to relocate. Many move to Dubai for their work or business, whether in construction, economy, or finance. There are rules and regulations for foreigners to work legally in Dubai, but if a new career or a change in business direction is what you want, the real estate market in Dubai is the stepping stone.

3: Leisure Amenities in the UAE

Dubai built a global reputation based on the pursuit of leisure and pleasure. Think large shopping malls with shops, eating and entertainment establishments under one roof. The city even has its indoor ski run. Other opportunities for the whole family to enjoy themselves include ice rinks, gardens, cinemas, tours, and of course, those pristine and gorgeous sandy beaches. Of course, you can always expand your wings and explore further into the UAE.

reasons to buy property in dubai

4: UAE Weather and Climate

We are sure we do not need to mention this, but the weather and climate will suit anyone looking for sun and warm temperatures. Even during winter, temperatures rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius, and that summer weather is perfect for exploring or sunbathing on beaches. But, of course, part of any gorgeous weather climate is the alfresco dining scene which Dubai does with style.

5: Investment and Taxes

The Emirates fairs well for lucrative tax laws. Most individuals don’t have to pay income tax, and likewise, a majority of sales, services and goods are VAT free. Naturally, this sounds good, but almost everyone asks what the catch is. Well, oil producers are taxed 55%, and since the UAE is heavily into oil, this generates much income. Likewise, certain businesses must pay heavy taxes as well. But overall, for the lone expat settling down in a job, the move pays off in the bank.

6: Safety and Crime in the UAE

You would think such an enormous tourist destination would attract its fair share of crime; however, the crime rate in Dubai is meagre. According to the Numbeo number-crunching database, the crime rate ranks as 12.34, which is very low. Additionally, they rank Dubai as 91% safe, which is exceptionally high. Indeed, career criminals won’t get very far.

7: Top-Notch Amenities in Dubai

Dubai puts public amenities as a top priority. They have invested billions into transport, education, and health facilities. The metro is an easy way to get around, but expect to pay low fuel prices and enjoy top-quality roads and highways if you are a car driver. Additionally, many private, international schools teach in various languages and follow curriculums with internationally recognised qualifications.

8: Property, Rent and Architecture in Dubai

Another thing Dubai is famous for is architectural standards, as seen in large lifestyle residences like Palm Jumeriah. Architects push boundaries when designing modern living properties with the latest trends. Additionally, property buyers can expect a healthy portfolio of villas and apartments. Those looking for rental income will also benefit from the large rental market by people worldwide coming in for work.

9: Investment Hotspot

Dubai knocks every other global city off the podium for international real estate investors. The latest bulk of international real estate investors is from China, the UK, Canada, and India. This proves that Dubai real estate’s attraction doesn’t just suit one nationality but instead is a worldwide favourite. Dubai is an investment hotspot with reasonable mortgage rates and many developer incentives enticing foreigners to purchase a property.

10: Tourism Market

Dubai’s tourism market maintains keen levels of participation, and this only looks set to grow as more foreigners arrive to see precisely what all the hype is about. Moreover, since tourism features highly in the GDP, property buyers are guaranteed Dubai will continue to invest in its domestic and global reputation to ensure the city keeps its top spot.

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