About the UAE Golden Visa to Live, Work and Study

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The UAE Golden Visa sparks many foreigners’ interests because it allows them to study, work and live in any seven UAE emirates. The main benefits are a five- or ten-years duration and no need for sponsors. Additionally, holders can also sponsor their family members and domestic staff. While benefits are easy to see, requirements are high, and the type of residence permit depends on how applicants contribute towards social society or UAE economies. So, let’s look at who can apply and the requirements.

About the UAE Golden Visa

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1: Public Investment Requirements for the Golden Visa

Anyone applying via public investment must own the invested capital and provide proof of medical insurance for themselves and their family if they sponsor them. Applicants are eligible for a ten-year UAE Visa with the following

  • Proof from a UAE-accredited investment fund proving an AED two million deposit, or
  • A valid commercial licence or industrial licence and an association memorandum proving the investor’s capital is not less than AED two million
  • A Federal Tax Authority letter proving the investor pays the government no less than AED 250,000 annually.


2: Real Estate Investment – 5-Year UAE Visa

  • Submit a land department letter proving they own one or more properties worth 2 million dirhams in the UAE
  • Purchase a property with a loan from specific local banks approved by the competent local entity.

3: Entrepreneur 5-Year Visa

Entrepreneurs may apply for the golden visa if they own a technical, economic, or future project based on risk & innovation. In addition, they must submit an approval document from…

  • UAE Auditor confirming the project value of at least 500,000 dirhams
  • Emirate authorities confirming the project is of a technical or future nature
  • Accredited UAE business incubator to establish proposed activity in the country.

4: Outstanding Special Talents 10-Year Visa

This Visa applies to doctors, scientists, artists, inventors, specialist scientists, executives, athletes, doctoral degree holders and engineering specialists. Subjects relating to engineering and science include epidemiology and viruses, artificial intelligence, data, computer engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, genetics and biotechnology engineering.

  • Doctors and scientists must submit approval from the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention to practice medicine, a letter from the Emirates Council of Scientists, or approval from the Secretariat of the Mohammed bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence stating the applicant received the Medal of Scientific Excellence.
  • Inventors must submit a Ministry of Economy visa document stating their invention has added value to the country’s economy
  • Artists need an approval visa document from the culture and art department in the UAE emirate where they plan to live.
  • Executive Directors need a university degree accredited by the Education Ministry with no less than a bachelor’s degree, a letter of 5 years of experience in that position, and a salary certificate proving an income of AED 50,000 and a valid work contract.
  • Athletes must need visa recommendations from the General Sports Authority or sports councils.
  • Specialists in engineering and science need a copy of a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree certified by the Education Ministry and a visa work contract.

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5: Outstanding Students – 5-Year Visa

High school students and national-level toppers with a minimum 95 per cent grade in public or private secondary school must obtain a visa recommendation from the Education Ministry (Emirates Schools Establishment). The Student Golden visa may be extended if the student enrols in studies that will last longer than five years.

6: University Students – Ten-Year Visa

  • The UAE Education Ministry must rate the university as either Class A or B and among the top 100 global universities.
  • The student must have a university approval visa letter, accredited graduation certificate, or academic record proving a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 for Class A universities and 3.8 for Class B.
  • It has been less than 24 months since graduation.
  • The student must have a graduation certificate accredited by the Education Ministry


7: Pioneers of humanitarian work 10-year UAE Visa

Applicants must fit into the following categories to qualify for a visa

  • Members and employees with an established 5-year record of working for international and regional organisations.
  • Members and employees with a five-year record of working for civil associations and public interest institutions.
  • Recipients of appreciation awards from local, regional or international humanitarian organisations.
  • Funders of humanitarian work worth at least two million UAE dirhams or equivalent.

8: UAE Frontline Heroes Visa

The UAE has an office called the Frontline Heroes office, and anyone receiving approval from them may apply for a UAE visa. These people have acted with courage during public times of need, including nurses, medical assistants and technicians, pharmacologists and other professionals.

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9: About the Seven Emirates in the UAE

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi, the largest UAE emirate, occupies 84%, which is a staggering amount. This includes 200 islands and a 700-kilometre-long coastline making up 67,340 square kilometres. In addition, Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s federal capital.

Dubai: Dubai, the second largest UAE emirate covering 4,114 square kilometres, is 5% of the UAE. Dubai’s older districts cover 1500 square meters, and Dubai is called the ‘Gulf Pearl and ‘Jewel of the world because of its strong cultural heritage and history.

Sharjah: Sharjah, the third largest UAE emirate, covers 2,590 square kilometres, accounting for 3.3% of the UAE. Boasting picturesque landscapes and seascapes, the prestigious educational institutions also encourage and teach fresh talent with the latest knowledge in engineering, science, technology and economics.

Ajman: Ajman, the smallest UAE emirate, measures 259 square kilometres, about 0.3 per cent of the UAE without islands. Ajman’s main characteristic is the Hajjar mountain range. Although Ajman city is modern and provides up-to-date services and facilities, it reflects traditional charm.

Fujairah: Fujairah, the only UAE emirate on the eastern Gulf of Oman, extends from southern Fujairah city to northern Dibba and covers 1,450 square kilometres.

Ras Al Khaimah: With a historical timeline dating 7,000 years, Ras Al Khaimah has 1,000 archaeological sites, making the emirate a historical gem. The emirate’s diverse topography ranges from the Hajar mountains to rolling dunes and beaches. Ras Al Khaimah has welcomed 38,000 businesses operating in 50 different sectors from 100 countries for ten years.

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More About the UAE

Property in the UAE: The United Arab Emirates property sector is experiencing growth and interest from both national and international buyers. If you want to apply for the visa based on real estate investment, browse our portfolio of property for sale in the UAE and simply use the contact details to find out more via email, telephone or to arrange a viewing.

Retire in Dubai: Over the last two years, the government-run “Retire in Dubai” scheme has gained more attention as the trend of foreigners enjoying their retirement abroad becomes the new norm. In recent polls by Veolar, Dubai ranks as the world’s 14th best city for retirees. This position was based on living standards, but the UAE ranks number one regarding financial security.

Why Buy Property in Dubai: If you are wondering about reasons to buy property in Dubai, get ready to be convinced. Dubai is a popular choice among golden visa investors and homebuyers because of its strategic UAE location and well-developed infrastructure. There is no other city like Dubai, and the urban landscape ranks among the world leaders to easily matching Rome, Milan, Paris, and Istanbul. So, if you are looking at the UAE golden visa, here is why Dubai could be the perfect fit.

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